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We are living in an era where free to use technologies are peaking and new breakthroughs are made in every field leaving us baffled. There was a time when we couldn’t even think to connect with a person few miles away. But technology has made it possible that we can sit in the comfort of our homes and talk to our loved ones who are miles away from us in few seconds with certain clicks of our fingers.

Humans have been using technology from the time they came to this world and they will continue to use it till the end with a capability to make things happen and with a yearning to achieve the impossible.

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So let’s have a look at some of the free to use technologies that are used by everyone in their daily lives. Few such free to use technologies are:-

10. Wikipedia

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Wikipedia is a software created which is famously known as World’s Encyclopedia which keeps on growing and filling as all you need to do it type your search and find your answers. This software is web-based and can be accessed easily without any charge. One of the best free-to-use technologies for everyone.

9. Dictionary Online

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Free Online dictionary software has made it easier for teachers, student and normal person to just type in the word and extract its meaning. This is one of the free-to-use technologies that have simplified the process of meanings as it was not possible for everyone to purchase a dictionary or to keep one for themselves and this is the best example of technologies free vector.


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E-mail also comes under technologies free vector which has actually lead to shrinking of the world as sending posts turned into a matter of seconds and brought a huge breakthrough for our generation. This one free to use technologies has lead to minimizing distance and time.

7. Online News Update

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Software have been created which keeps updating you with the latest happenings around the world in few seconds that to free of charge. No more waiting for evenings or morning to get your daily dose of news as this fits under technologies free vector, which brings daily bulletin to your hands within seconds. This free use technology has free the person from the clutches of time and slavery of newspapers.

6. Online Games

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The Software industry is thriving with new free online games which are ready to be downloaded free of cost. This free use technology has lead to intelligence growth and improvement in the focus of the new generation as these games are also best to kill your boredom.

5. Free Messaging Applications



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Online Messaging applications like Whatsapp has brought the world in the palms of our hands as this kind of technologies free vector had lead to a breakthrough as everyone feels it is a blessing to connect with people within seconds. Immediate replies and messages had lead to simplification of life and this free to use technologies are flourishing beyond imagination.

4. Social Networks

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Once out of education we all knew that staying in touch with friends was next to impossible but Social networking software like facebook, google plus are also one best example of vector free technologies where you stay connected with all your friends everyday. This free use technology gives one an opportunity to find their friends, stay connected and share their life with them through images.

3. Online Music

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There are many digital software online like Spotify, Jango which makes it possible to listen to your genre of songs from anywhere as this software is updated with all the latest collection. This software also comes under technologies free vector which is easily accessible.

2. Blogs

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Blogs are the new way of sharing your opinions and letting people know their personal views, reviews, ideologies, and mind-set which have paved way to many new trends and it’s like reviews had impacted a lot of decision making done by the people. It’s like receiving a free advice whether to opt for a particular brand, product or service which is free of charge. The free use of technologies has also lead to accessing advices and reviews about an experienced person which can prevent others from facing a loss.

This has brought a lot of awareness and many frauds have been prevented with the help of free-to-use technologies that gave rise to blogging.

1. Web Browsers

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Web browsers are our doors to internet world from where we can access all these web-based free software which allows us to use the internet freely. The web browser like Chrome, Firefox etc are a form of free-to-use technologies that have made a huge impact in creating many more free to use technologies and encourage it a step further. We can even easily sync our details with our files to keep track of everything regularly.

All these free-to-use technologies have made life simpler and I can conclude by saying that these breakthroughs had changed the world for a better place.

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