Top 10 Freaky Fashion Fads

Fashion has played a defining role in our existence throughout history. It still remains as important today as it has always been. We are propelled by the urge to stand out, distinguish ourselves from the crowd. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, we are here to help you. We have compiled a list of the trending fashion fads 2016 his so far welcomed. Some are sure to catch your whilst some freaky fashion trends are just downright bizarre.

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10. Formal Suit for Ladies

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Whilst this formal ladies suit may not be considered very feminine, few freaky fashion trends of the high-street are as sure to catch your attention in the workplace as this.

9. Draped Skirts

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The greatest, freaky fashion fads 2016 has so far had are asymmetrical clothing. Nothing represents these more than draped skirts. This draped fabric with a high-waist fit that only reveals a leg has been one of the freaky fashion trends of 2016.

8. Button-Down Blouse With an Oversized Sleeve

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Of all the freaky fashion fads this is the most outlandish. But it does have a lot of prospects. Or what do you think of a crisp button-down blouse with an oversized sleeve on one side and a completely normal one on the other? Try this dress by Asos and you may find out that you may be well on your way to redefining the limits of edgy.

7. Maxi Dresses

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Maxi dresses have returned from hiatus in full force. Now maxi dresses are no longer a dress for the summer. The new freaky fashion trends for maxi dresses is to pair them with a cardigan for the winter, or wear them in surreal yet romantic colors for spring and simply wear the patterned maxi dress in autumn.

6. Long Asymmetrical Cardigans

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The winter is coming and the time for coats are at hand. So why not approach the winter in style. That’s what the fashion police have been pushing for inclusion in freaky fashion fads 2016. So to stay in the good book of the owlish eyes of the fashion police, try this burgundy colored asymmetrical cardigans and be a fashion hero this season.

5. Asymmetrical Heels

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Asymmetry has been all that has defined the freaky fashion trends of 2016 from dresses to scarves to heels. For a lovely pair of asymmetrical shoes, try these point-toe pumps by Vince Camuto.

4. Stripes

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Simply because we are focused on the fashion fads 2016 has brought to the forefront does not deprive us of the freaky fashion trends of the yesteryears that still hold sway today. Stripes still remain a classic till this day and are perfect when paired with matching skinny scarves. In 2016, however, classic stripes did get an upgrade – an entire new assortment of colors. So notwithstanding the outfit of choice – from a pair of knit tanks, statement coats, or tops – stripes will add some much-needed color to your wardrobe. To buttress the importance of this we have decided to provide you with a few ideas for an entire outfit. Pair up midi-skirt in bold red stripes by Stella McCartney with a striped cotton top by Stella Jean for a bold statement. Try this and you are guaranteed to instantly upgrade your wardrobe from meh to yeah!

3. Oversized Sweaters

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They are cool. Aren’t they? These oversized asymmetrical sweaters will keep you warm, edgy, trendy and classy at the same time. Contrary to the commonly held belief, sweaters were not meant to turn you into an itchy, ugly monster. If done rightly they can transform your entire outfit into something worth emulating.

2. Micropleats

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Micropleated dresses and skirts are arguably one of the most dominant freaky fashion fads of the year. There is something clearly definitive about micropleats in skirts and dresses. The unstructured shape of the outfits makes it drape very flatteringly on the body. Scooped or v-neck micropleat dresses are perfect for cleavage while ladies with hourglass shape would fit into more tightly fitted dresses. The modern shape micropleats add to any silhouette is one of the reasons why they have been such a trend this year.

1. Sequins

Freaky Fashion

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Summer was a time for fun. Indeed statistically speaking, most of the weddings in the United States occur in June. But December is also an amazing month for festivities. Thanks to the off-season discounts being offered by many hospitality providers, December is slowly becoming a wedding month as well with a steady growth in weddings within that period over the past 5 years. With all the potlucks, dinner parties, and office shindigs, you would look startling in a sequin and sparkle outfit. Well, that is what the fashion police have been saying. What do you think?

These are our top ten freaky fashion fads that we have so far witnessed this year. Did we omit anything? We are all eyes.

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