Top 10 Foods That Kill You Fast

There are foods that can kill you, this is common knowledge. Some food substances contain anti-nutritional agents and toxins that may be harmful to your body system and cause disease, complications and so on over time. What is little known is that some of the more common food substances we attribute to ‘healthy eating’ are also similarly dangerous. In our search for quick fat loss foods, we often put together a fat loss food plan that might be harmful to us. Listed below in this article are then types of food material commonly included in fat loss food recipes which may pose direct harm to your health.

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10. Raw Meat and Uncooked Eggs

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There is a general misconception that cooked animal protein loses all its nutrients and therefore it is better to eat meat raw. Uncooked meat (red, white or seafood) as well as uncooked eggs may contain the harmful salmonella bacteria, which causes some complications like salmonella poisoning, gastroenteritis and bacteremia in humans. So if you want to eat meat or eggs and still maintain its nutrient, please cook but don’t overcook.

9. Potatoes

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A key player in one or two fat loss food recipes but it can be dangerous if eaten indiscriminately. Unripe or green potatoes are toxic. They contain an anti-nutritional agent called solanine. Unripe potatoes, even only partially unripe ones, contain quantities of solanine that are harmful to humans. The symptoms of solanine poisoning include headaches, vomiting, and paralysis or spasms . Also, potato leaves are extremely toxic and dangerous to consume. The leaves contain high concentrations of glycoalkaloids, which is even more toxic than solanine. So you can remove potato leaf tea from your fat loss food plan.

8. Cherries

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So cherries are nice and all that. But did you know that cherry pits as in the seeds within are actually very dangerous. They contain cyanogenic glycosides which when in consumed small quantities causes disorientation, nausea and vomiting, as well as dizziness and headaches. While large quantity consumption causes high blood pressure, breathing difficulty and kidney failure, which in turn causes convulsions, coma, and death. So be careful with cherry pits, avoid swallowing then and never, ever, chew them.

7. Almonds

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Almond nuts, due to their low-fat content and many health benefits are often prescribed in fat loss food recipes, however, one must be careful. Raw almond nuts (the bitter ones!) contain cyanide and are therefore poisonous. For you to consume almond nuts you need to roast it properly.

6. Low-Fat Foods

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Low-fat foods are always number one on the fat loss food plan and are always described as quick fat loss foods. While they are indeed quick fat loss foods, they may not always be entirely safe enough to be included in your fat loss food recipes. This is because many of these low-fat foods are loaded with weight-loss and fat reducing chemicals that are harmful and poisonous to you. Therefore, you really need to be careful when using these food types.

5. Fruit Juice

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Off-the-shelf fruit juices are bad and harmful for you. They contain chemicals like flavoring, preservatives and do not even contain fruit ingredient needed to make up your fat loss food plan. They are also full of simple sugars that cause obesity and other serious health problems like diabetes. So it’s better to either eat your fruit fresh or juice it yourself.

4. Energy Bars

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This remains one of the most recommended quick fat loss foods for people who want to lose weight and achieve body fitness. Most of these food materials are actually not healthy as they often contain ingredients that may cause more harm than good.

3. Apple Seeds

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Apple seeds are also poisonous because, like cherry pits, they also contain high cyanide concentrations. The symptoms caused when consumed are similar to that of those experienced in eating cherry seeds.

2. Tomatoes

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Like the potato leaf, tomato leaves also contain glycoalkaloid in high concentrations. The leaves of tomato have been reported to cause stomach upset, cramping, and anxiety. So tomato leaf tea is probably a bad idea too!

1. Rhubarb Leaves

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Rhubarb is a herb that has so many benefits and is still sweet enough to create a culinary delight. They contain low calories are rich in almost every vitamin and are regarded as one of the key ingredients in effective fat loss food recipes. However, rhubarb bears some risk in that it has got poisonous leaves which often causes respiratory issues, kidney failure, seizures, and even death.

On a final note, in cases where you are looking to formulate a fat loss food plan or one has been prescribed for you. It is advisable to research the nature and danger of the food ingredients been used, especially in the cases of quick fat loss foods.

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