Top 10 Food that are More Expensive than Gold

In this tough life where atrocities often surround us, many people have come to the conclusion that there is only one loyal best friend in this world; one who never fails to fuel frenzy their feelings, and stirs incessant jubilation in their hearts. You’ve guessed it! It’s that very word that can instantly throw away all the negative thoughts and stress within a fraction of a second, it’s none other than the beloved food. We all need not be reminded of how valuable food is, but were you aware that in some places in the world, there is special food that outweighs gold in price? Below is a compiled list of the top 10 foods that are more expensive than gold. (We recommend you attempt to suppress your appetite before going through this one, it might be a little tough; and this is definitely not for the weak-hearted).

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10. Matsutake Mushroom

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Japan is not only talented at gathering anime fans all over the world but is also famous for having the very unique, Matsutake Mushroom. Also found in parts of China and Korea, the rare Matsutake Mushroom (meaning ‘pine mushroom’) is sold at about $1000 per kilogram And sometimes, at its highest price is $2000 per kilogram. Known for its distinctively spicy odor and somewhat rusty appearance, the mushroom is first dipped into soy sauce, then roasted, and can be added to stir-fried dishes, rice and chicken broth.

9. The Westin Hotel’s Bagel

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Having earned the glamorous title of ‘The World’s Most Expensive Bagel,’ this fashionable bagel was the invention of Chef Frank Tujague, who came up with the exclusive idea of having golden leaves adorn the white truffle used to make the bagel, thus giving it a cost of $1000. This beauty was displayed at the Westin Hotel in New York and has made its way to fame as it gained a vast amount of attention on social-networking sites, with many people debating as to whether or not they would endeavor to buy this bagel and taste it if they were granted the opportunity to do so.

8. The Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata

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With a fancy name and an eccentric recipe, the Zillion Dollar Frittata has been titled as ‘The World’s Most Expensive Omelette.’ First featured in Manhattan’s Le Parker Meridien Hotel in New York in the year 2004, this special breakfast is worth 1000 dollars. Surprisingly, however, this famous frittata was not initially intended to be an actual breakfast. The director of public relations, Malisa Zafran, was reported to have explained: ‘[The omelet] started out as a joke, we were playing around because it’s very on-brand for us.’ (Reference: Daily Mail)

7. Wagyu Beef

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Yet again, Japan strikes with its highly costly yet mesmerizingly delicious, rare food. The Wagyu beef, also known as Wagyu steak, ranks as one of the most expensive foods as it may go up to a price of $2800. The word Wagyu translates to ‘Japanese cow,’ and the Wagyu beef stands out for its quality and taste. However, it has been a common subject of debate as it was said to contain a high quantity of unsaturated fats, making it not a very healthy food to eat. Nonetheless, a little Wagyu beef every once in a while wouldn’t harm anyone, would it? (If we could afford it, that is.)

6. Samundari Khazana

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Can you guess why ‘The World’s Most Expensive Curry,’ served in India and costing $3200-$3500, was created? Samundari Khazana, meaning ‘seafood treasure,’ was made for the celebration of the movie Slumdog Millionaire. The reason behind the cost of this curry is the extravagant ingredients that were used in its making, which include a lobster with gold coatings, a Devon crab, quails’ eggs, and some expensive white truffle. In addition to this, the dish is adorned by some flabbergasting gold leaf, making it one of the most expensive foods known.

5. Pizza Royale 007

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Hold your breath, for we’re about to introduce to you this valuable masterpiece, known across the world as ‘The World’s Most Expensive Pizza.’ Why have a typical birthday cake on your birthday when you can eat this tantalizing 12-inch pizza that was the invention of the creative Domenico Crolla? You definitely should consider replacing your cake with this royal-looking pizza, except that one problem may be that it costs about 4200 dollars. However, let’s consider the reasons that made it achieve this rank. The pizza consists of smoked salmon, caviar, lobsters, balsamic vinegar, venison medallion and last but not the least, a personal additional touch of some 24-karat gold flakes.

4. Densuke Watermelon

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With its shining black color being one of its most prominent attributes, the Japanese black watermelon, called the Densuke Watermelon, is one of the most expensive healthy foods known to humans. Marked for their exceeding sweetness, the Densuke watermelons are harvested and produced in Hokkaido, a Japanese island, where this scarce type of fruit grows. Weighing about 11-17 kilograms, this extraordinary type of watermelon was first sold in 2008, at an unbelievable price of 6300 dollars.

3. Yubari King Melon

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From its name, this unparalleled type of cantaloupe, present in Japan, is the most expensive fruit and is, therefore, the most expensive healthy food available in the world. Since the Yubari King Melon is an extravagantly rare species, its exceedingly high cost of around $16000 – $20000 is justified. A supermarket, named Amagasaki, once purchased a pair of Yubari King Melons using the money earned from a winning bid, which was about 3 million Yens (equivalent to 28,500 dollars).

2. Caviar

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Those fancy fish eggs are credited for their health benefits as they help in reducing symptoms, due to being rich in Omega 3s. The Beluga Caviar, located in the Caspian Sea and known for its black color, can have a price that ranges from $7000 – $10000 per kilogram. The Almas Caviar, on the other hand, is a type of caviar fitted into a 24-karat gold tin and is imported from Iran at a price of about $25000; hence why it’s known as one of the most expensive healthy foods in the world.

1. Italian White Alba Truffle


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Remember that white truffle that was used in the making of the world’s most expensive bagel? This white truffle has been crowned as not only the King of Fungi but also as the most expensive food the world has ever known. Being very hard to cultivate, the Italian White Alba Truffle was once bought by an investor and his wife for a price of about 160,400 dollars. It was also reported that a truffle weighing 2 pounds was recently sold for $300,000 dollars in Europe.

There you have it, the top 10 foods that are more valuable than gold. Would you ever consider buying one of them? Did you feel slightly hungry going through this list or were you able to successfully suppress your appetite? If you’d like to go through another mouth-watering list of colorful and appetizing food, make sure you check out our other food-related articles. (links below)



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