Top 10 Most Followed Politicians on Twitter

Politics is closely related to social media in the present times. The world’s top leaders are now topping the list of the most followed influential people on Twitter with millions of followers with active accounts. Read on to find out if the leader of your beloved country features in the top ten list of Twitter most followed politicians in the world.

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10. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, UAE foreign minister

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We begin the list of top followed politicians on Twitter with the young and energetic UAE prime minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan. His 1,608,831 followers follow him because he is witty and very relatable. It has only been five years since he opened the account and his followers keep increasing daily.

9. Mateo Renzi, Italian Prie Minister

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It doesn’t matter the exact time you entered the digital world; as long as you hold a high position like the Italian prime minister Mateo Renzi, you are poised to become one of the most followed politicians on twitter. He has over 1.7 million followers, a number that enlarges with the passage of time.

8. David Cameron, UK Prime Minister

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Like the Italian Prime Minister, David Cameron knows how to attract masses on his social media platform especially Twitter. Before the Brexit, He was number one on the EU top list of the top followed politicians on Twitter with more than three million followers.

7. Juan Manuel Santos, Colombian president

Nobel Prizes 2016: Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos


Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos is also among the Twitter most followed politicians.When he joined twitter back in 2009 he had no idea, he would attract a following of over 3.6 million followers and enter the list of the most followed politicians on Twitter. People love Juan because apart from being active on his social media platform, his tweets to speak directly to the masses.

6. Enrique Peña Nieto, Mexican president

Mexico's New President Has Ties to Cartels

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Mexico also boasts of having one of the most followed politicians on Twitter. Enrique, the Mexican President is very technologically savvy compared to other Latin American leaders with over 3.89 million followers on Twitter. He has a way with words as seen through his tweets concerning the country or any other topic for that matter so his fan base keeps increases with each passing day.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger, former US governor

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Even before he entered the political scene, Arnold was already a big name on Twitter. The moment he became “The Governator” as his fans referred to him following his starring roles on the popular film Terminator, he quickly became one of the top most followed politicians on twitter. He is no longer a politician but he is still quite active on Twitter mostly promoting his upcoming film, his various appearances and his immense passion for bodybuilding.

4. Paul Kagame, the Rwandan President

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Perhaps it is because Paul Kagame has seen Rwanda through the healing process following the 1994 genocide or the guy is just a natural social media enthusiast, he is no doubt among the Twitter most followed politicians. Of all African top politicians, Paul Kagame appears to be the favorite of not only his citizens but the entire world at large. We suspect that one of the reasons he manages to be one of the top politicians on Twitter list with 8,420,260 followers is his talented and creative social media managers.

3. NarendaModi, Indian Prime Minister

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The third position of most followed politicians on Twitter goes to the Indian Prime Minister, NarendaModi. We are not certain if this is caused by the high number of the general Indian population or the simple fact that he is playing his cards well but the truth is that he is a downright influential man. He was elected in 2014 and didn’t take too long to become one of the top followed politicians on Twitter.

2. Pope Francis, the Vatican President

Pope Francis gestures upon his arrival in St Peter's square


We were very surprised to learn that the respected and celebrated religious and political leader of the Vatican nation and the Catholic Church actually appears second on the top list of Twitter most followed politicians. His nine Twitter accounts, which represent nine different languages, have 9,580, 910 followers all eager to keep up with the Pope’s daily activities, both in politics and in ministry.

1. Barrack Obama, United States President

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And the Award of the Twitter most followed politicians goes to none other than the US President, Barrack Obama! We just enjoy reading his tweets about charity projects, state functions, his adorable family and many other events. By 2015, Twiplomacy (Twitter’s measurement tool) reported that the most powerful man on the face of the earth had a Twitter following of 56, 933, 515 people.

Now that you have more knowledge about the most followed politicians on Twitter, we hope you will appreciate the social media efforts of your own leaders more. It takes a little more than a cute face and a convincing tongue to have a great following. These world leaders are not only big on words but big on actions as well. Thank you for spending your time reading this article. We have other interesting reads on this site so you can catch those as well.

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