Top 10 Fictional Horror Literature Characters

This list of fictional horror literature characters is meant for the lovers of mystery, horror and bizarre. Some of the fictional horror characters we have listed below are so scary that your worst horror movie will sound like child play. So let’s delve into them and prepare to be petrified!

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10. The Giant Squid – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

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This is one of the most thrilling fictional horror stories. It is an account of a ship under the commandership of captain Nemo on a voyage in the deep French waters. Even though they had on board, the most advanced weapons of the 18th century, they were no match for the giant octopi that had tentacles 27 feet long. When one of these sea monsters gets caught up in the ship’s propeller, they have no choice but to dive into the water to attack it with harpoons, axes, and knives.

9. Lady Macbeth

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Shakespeare isn’t famous for fictional horror literature characters. We all know Shakespeare for his romantic and poetic work but he also came up with some fictional horror literature characters that would scare you out of your wits. Once such example is lady Macbeth who apparently only showed fear when she appeared before the ghost of Bangoo. Apart from that, she was conniving and murderous.

8. The Dancing Clown (Aka Pennywise)

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If you do not like clowns, author Stephen King has given you one more reason not to. Even though a film has been made based on this book, most critics agree that fictional horror literature characters appear creepier in books than in their movie renditions- and this is no exception to the rule. Pennywise loves eating people but the people apparently taste better when they are totally scared.

7. Cruela De Vil

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The movie titled the Hundred and One Dalmatians is based on this very book and because it has a lot of humor in it, the scary part is thoroughly avoided. For the ultimate thrill, read the book and see how Dodie Smith’s fictional horror literature characters conspire to kill very cute puppies to use their fur for making winter coats.

6. Bill Sikes

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Oliver Twist has not been left behind in the creation of fiction horror literature creatures. He achieves this by portraying Bill Sikes as a monster who is hell-bent on not only maiming but also killing anyone that comes close to him – including his girlfriend and dog.

5. Scylla the Odysey

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Scylla the Odyssey is one of the Greek mythologies that was largely popularized by author Homer in his fictional horror stories. It is an intricate plot of a story but the main metaphor is the importance of staying on course on your journey or else you will have to deal with the dire consequences.

4. The Dementors

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The dementors are some of the scariest fictional horror literature characters. Found in the Harry Potter fictional horror stories series of books, these creatures do not punish their prisoners by beating, maiming or anything else like that. Instead, they literally suck their victim’s souls for fuel.

3. The Witches

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Dahl Ronald’s book, The Witches, is one of those fictional horror stories that you should not read at night – unless you are trying not to sleep! It is so scary you will not want to close your eyes. Dahl does a good job portraying the witches as the best fiction horror literature characters that you could ever imagine.

2. The Balrog

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In case you were wondering, no we have not forgotten the fictional horror stories in Lord of the Rings. Few authors come close to the artistic imagination that Tolkien achieves in his fictional horror literature characters. In Lord of the rings, a scary looking demon that lives in the fire and wields a long whip is indeed the scariest of the creatures in the book.

1. Beowulf

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And at the top of the list of fictional horror literature characters of all time is the petrifying Grendel’s Beowulf. Grendel says the creature was terrible to look upon and describes it as a descendant of Cain, who committed the first ever murder in the Bible. As a punishment for this grievous sin, God proclaimed a curse on Cain’s descendants of physical deformities and Grendel insinuates that the Beowulf was a result of that curse.

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