Top 10 Female Comedians Ever

It can be really tough to find comedians worth your attention and time. And that’s the reason why female comedians are gaining much popularity nowadays. There’s no point of having your favorite comic list start and end with the prominent Amy Schumer. She’s definitely a spot on the roster, but there’s an endless list of funny women you can choose from.

So use our list of some of the most popular female comedians as your jump off the point to discover new, interesting shows to watch. Whether you are a stand-up comedy enthusiast or simply love to watch those comic TV shows, this list features a wide range of female comedians from various spots.

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10. Naomi Ekperigin

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She is a queen of stand-up comedy and has appeared on several shows including the Adam Ruins Everything and Late Night with Seth Meyers. Ekperigin has also been featured on Broad City as a writer and recently recorded a half an hour special of stand-up comedy for Comedy Central. If interested in watching popular female comedians perform stand-up comedy, she’s is your catch!

9. Tina Fey

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She is a comedienne, actress, writer and a producer, having been awarded 7 Emmy Awards, 3 Golden Globe Awards, 4 Writers Guild of America Awards and 3 Screen Actors Guild Awards. She was mentioned as a performer with the greatest impact on entertainment and culture by Associated Press in 2008, where she was awarded the AP Entertainer of the Year Award. From the many awards she has won, Fey is actually one of the most famous female comedians in the US.

8. Whoopi Goldberg

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She is actually one of the most popular female comedians ever, playing many other roles other than comedy, including radio hosting, acting, TV personality, author, TV hostess and more. Goldberg is one among the only ten persons who have won a Grammy, an Emmy, a Tony and an Oscar Award.

7. Ellen Lee DeGeneres

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DeGeneres is one of the most popular female comedians of all times. She is a TV hostess, actress and a stand-up comedienne. She is the host of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, a TV talk show. She also joined the American Idol during its 9th season as a judge. DeGeneres has also hosted the Primetime Emmys and Academy Awards. As an actress, she has featured in EDtv and The Love Letter, Mr. Wrong and voiced Dory in the animated film, Finding Nemo.

6. Kathy Griffin

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Kathleen Mary Griffin is an actress, writer, producer, comedian and TV hostess. She is among the few funniest female comedians that make lots of fun about celebrities. No one makes fun of the celebs better than she does. During her performances, she gives hearty facial expressions and can get any one’s ribs aching with her skits.

5. Roseanne Barr

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Roseanne Cherrie Barr is an actress, TV producer, writer, director and a comedian. She also became the nominee for the 2012 presidential elections for the Peace and Freedom Party based in California. Her sitcoms are hilarious and stand up comedies unapologetically cranky. Barr uses comic wits that match some of the famous female comedians of all time.

4. Sarah Silverman

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She is an actress, writer and a comedian. Sometimes referred to as Big S, her comedy mainly revolves around topical satire and humor, controversial topics like religion, racism and sexism. Silverman is not only funny but she is also very cute. Her attitude and wits towards life are very amusing. She is among the few popular female comedians that actually speak their heart and make laughter out of it.

3. Carol Burnett

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Burnett is an actress, singer, writer and a comedian whose career has span 6 decades of TV. She is a truly an amazing and famous female comedian with some of the most hilarious performances ever. Her wits are particularly charming as she can take a simple statement or quiz and turn it into 4 minutes of fun. She was not only one of the most popular female comedians of all time, but she also had a great voice with brilliant facial expressions. Burnett created characters that were easy to make connections with and were also outrageous.

2. Wanda Sykes

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She is a writer, voice artist, actress and comedian. Sykes was first recognized as a writer for her work on Chris Rock Show in 1999, in which she was awarded Primetime Emmy Award. She was also named one of the 25 most hilarious people in the US by Entertainment Weekly in 2004. Sykes truly deserves more attention than she is given. Her comedy is rather funny, just like a dude. She is among the socially conscious and smart female comedians of all time.

1. Betty White

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Betty White Ludden is an actress, author, radio hostess, singer, TV personality, animal rights activist and a comedian. Betty White is arguably the funniest and most famous female comedian over the years. As she ages, her comedic timing is still great. She has given the Americans a half century of laughter yet she still goes strong with her comedy even today.

Do you think that there are other top female comedians who ought to be on the list? Well, there are perhaps many more comedians of all times that can create humor out of absolutely nothing! Feel free to give your suggestions and comments about the funniest and most popular female comedians that get your ribs aching with laughter.

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