Top 10 Fashion Trends for Women to Adopt in 2016

2016 is almost over but we cannot end the year without giving ladies a heads up on what has been and still is trending in the fashion world this great year. You might need to ditch some of your beloved fashion items so as to catch up with the constantly evolving fashion trends for women. Why don’t you take a break from American presidential candidates’ articles for a minute and gain a few nuggets of wisdom on fashion. Here are the top 10 2016 women’s fashion trends.

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10. Long Vest

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You may have noticed the long vest trend in recent runways around the world. It is a dress with a long jacket and blazer that goes all the way from the neck area to whatever length desired. This is a women adopted fashion in 2016 because it offers a slimming effect to the body, a quality aggressively looked for by women. This trend was big in the 70s and has definitely found its way back in the present fashion industry. You can wear it anytime of the year especially during summer.

9. Saree

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The fashion world this year took a long journey to Mumbai India and stole the saree dresses for their women. Well, you know we are kidding about the theft, but sarees are as big in Hollywood as they are everywhere inhabited by women. They have become great fashion trends for women as they are versatile, elegant and beautiful. You can wear it like a gown or add a touch of your own style to enhance your look.

8. Gypset

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A gypset is a fashion item made from color combinations with orientalism, bold patterns and opulence. It is definitely one of the greatest women adopted fashion for 2016 because it is totally wearable. It has a vintage look to it so it has the ability to spice up your normal outfits with color and patterns.

7. Shirt Dress

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One of the greatest 2016 women’s fashion trends is the shirt dress. It is not really new in the history of fashion but this year has seen it reinvent and become a classic. Designers have taken it and played with it to bring out simple yet gorgeous styles. Women adopted this fashion because they got their hands on shirt dresses with double high slits, drop waists, button-downs, mandarin collars, asymmetric hemlines and drop waists.

6. Trucker Jacket

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All women should have a trucker jacket as part of their wardrobe since it can be worn all year round. It also found its spot on the list of 2016 women’s fashion trends because it adds style to any outfit. You can team it up with khakis, jeans, wear it loose or buttoned and over a pencil dress. It always works to offer a fashion statement.

5. Culottes

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Going for evening walks can be done with the best outfits money can buy. Culottes are perfect for this time of day because they offer convenience. Culottes are flare shorts with no specific lengths. Most designs have lengths below the kneecaps and slightly above the ankle. Its lightweight material which allows for free flow of air is one of the reasons culottes is one of the women adopted fashion in 2016. Finish your look with high boots for the best look.

4. Sporty Look

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Sporty looks have been picked as one of the fashion trends for women this year. Turns out ladies desire to be school girls one more time. This trend is an athletic, old-school style worn in winter or autumn. Some of the items in this category include stripes, gym shorts, tennis skirts, leather leggings and plimsolls. Apart from being really comfortable, sporty looks are fashionable. Polo necks are especially at the top of the 2016 women’s fashion trends.

3. A-line shapes

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Like many other outfits aforementioned, A-line shapes have been present in the fashion industry for generations. To tell the truth however, this is one of the women adopted fashion in 2016 because ladies discovered the best way to wear them. A-line shirts for instance can be worn together with dresses, skirts and jumpsuits. Match up the embroidery of the items you are putting on to get an edge.

2. Kimono Coat

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Girls have been spotted in the streets this year wearing the fancy single colored kimono coats. The coat almost looks like a robe with a medium sized belt at the side for extra elegance. It came into the industry last summer and has totally stolen the attention of women all over the globe. It is easy to wear, looks fashionable and classy. Throw it over anything and you are good to go!

1. Cape

Fashion Trends

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The cape is the most favorite item in the 2016 women’s fashion trends thanks to its style. Wear your normal dress and throw the cape over it to fill in the missing part of that dress. We are serious; it just adds style that way. What’s more, this is one of the fashion trends for women which match practically any dress.

Which of the fashion trends for women don’t you have in your wardrobe? Rush to the store quickly before the year ends. As always, we appreciate you taking time to read our articles. Browse through this site for more interesting reads.

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