Top 10 Fashion Shows of the 90s

The 90s are considered by many to be the decade of fashion. The fashion utopia is where many of the designers achieved their masterpiece collection. This era saw the runway taken up by top fashion shows. What was particularly interesting about these 90s fashion shows was the sheer courage and audacity with which the top designers explored, innovated and created fashion trends that have formed the foundation of many designs and styles used even today. Fashion shows in the 90s were, therefore, epitomic collections of top fashion shows, not to take away anything from fashion shows of 2000s and 2010s, 90s fashion shows were simply revolutionary and were perhaps the most illuminating ones. If you are interested in knowing about the best of the best of fashion shows in the 90s, sit tight and read our top 10 list.

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10. Between (Hussein Chalayan: Spring 1998)

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This collection, tagged “Between” took the entire fashion world and runway by storm. The London-based Hussein Chalayan; was able to combine, quite intelligently and exotically, wood and cloth to bring out a never seen before runway experience. Hussein Chalayan did not stop there, his collection, aptly named, traipsed through various religions, continents and styles.

9. Body Meets Dress, Dress Meets Body (Comme des Garçons: Spring 1997)

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The award for brilliance with a touch of unconventionality and sheer cheek goes to Rei Kawakubo for her 1997 Comme des Garçons collection tagged “Body Meets Dress, Dress Meets Body”. Her dresses were baggy and oversized (often called deformed) but the combinations were so brilliant, you stopped to notice after the first glance.

8. La Poupée (Alexander McQueen: Spring 1997)

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Alexander McQueen’s La Poupée is one of those top 90’s fashion shows that everyone could not stop talking about even years after it was done and gone. The Doll, as the collection was also called, which exposed the models’ rear end in what McQueen describes as an attempt to showcase the beauty of the backside of the body from the lower spine to the bottom.

7. Helmut Lang (Helmut Lang: Fall 1994)

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Helmut Lang of 1994 showcased a collection of work that made one of the most captivating fashion shows in the 90s. His simplistic yet intriguing designs were what made his collection one of the most successful and memorable 90s fashion shows.

6. Chanel (Chanel: Spring 1994)

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Chanel is Chanel and Chanel only! This was shown in the spring of 1994 with the runway showcase tagged “Chanel”. The showcase was out to promote pop-culture and Karl Lagerfeld did it effortlessly with this particular collection.

5. John Galliano (John Galliano: Fall 1994)

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Who brought the forties back to the nineties with a definitive oriental touch; John Galliano. This was a man and designer previously thought to be out luck, but Galliano pulled out one of the decade’s top fashion shows out of his art with its creativity, innovativeness and respect for the past.

4. The Grunge Collection (Perry Ellis: Spring 1993)

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What did 90s fashion shows have that stands them apart from the previous decades and those after, sheer audacity. “The Grunge Collection” was not lacking in this, so much so that the collection’s designer Marc Jacobs was fired from Perry Ellis but the collection was still a massive hit. Perry Ellis, thanks to its top fashion shows and The Grunge most of all, became a byword for quality fashion in the 90s, especially in the music industry.

3. Gucci (Gucci: Fall 1995)

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The set was a runway in Milan, the cast included the foremost supermodels Kate Moss, Amber Valletta, and Shalom Harlow and the viewing was Gucci 1995 fall collection. This was definitely one of the top fashion shows in the 90s. Gucci was able to combine the good ole’ west styles with modern hip creating a blend never seen before. The acceptance was massive and all the Hollywood and music stars of the time could not wait to jump on the band wagon

2. Prada (Prada: Spring 1996)

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After all, the devil does wear Prada, also this same devil is in the details. Well, the detail is that Prada is all about and elegance, style and chic were the by bywords for the Prada Spring of 1996 collection. The Barbie-inspired collection makes number two on our top ten 90s fashion show list and this is because most of the other fashion shows in the 90s don’t even come close to it in the rankings.

1. Freedom (Versace: Fall 1991)

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The Versace “Freedom” collection was a master piece of masterpieces. Although one of the oldest in this list, it still remains one of the freshest in the minds for those who witnessed the outstanding showcase. In the fall of 1991, Gianni Versace put on the runway some of the topmost supermodels of the decade. The likes of Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford stepped on stage holding hands in tribute to “Freedom! ’90”. It was magical as the designs they wore themselves.

And that is our list of the most influential and successful fashion shows of the 90s era. These top fashion shows still have many designs that have been copied, replicated, adapted, modified and used today and this is why they all standout.

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