Top 10 Fashion Lines Coming Back to Life from the Past

Fashion is always changing and designers are trying to keep up and come with unique and fresh new looks, but they always have collections that are based on past fashion trends. This part of our lives can change drastically. Last year you could see a piece of clothing on everybody, everywhere, while the next year most people would ask themselves what were they thinking to wear that. Before throwing away your old clothes think about how trends come back to life and are still rocking. Further on, you will find a top 10 fashion lines based on past fashion trends.

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10. Acid Washed Jeans

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If you take a look at fashion over the years timeline, you can see that the 80’s acid wash jeans came back to life a few times now during the past years. If the 80’s kids and also adults were wearing them proudly and we can do this again today. Even though for a long period of time we kept asking ourselves how could we were those jeans, now they are rocking again.

9. Jelly Sandals

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Despite the fact that there are some fashion trends from the past that will remain in the past, jelly sandals style is not part of them. After people stopped wearing them in the ‘90’s, they have made their comeback through IG fashion sites. Why wouldn’t they? They come in many colors and models, they are easy to wear, light and comfy. Moreover, children love them.

8. Baby Doll Dresses With Floral Prints

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These new type of dresses that you see all around you today are based on past fashion trends like floral print baby doll dresses. They were popular in the late 1900’s, but they have suffered a remarkable make over today as they have dropped waist, sport or fitted bust cute, whimsical and fresh prints. For instance, the latest creations of Victoria Beckham are inspired from this past style trends. They are great to wear on summer or spring and they give you a fresh and innocent look.

7. Mod Inspired Looks

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This fashion style was born in the 60’s in London, on Carnaby Street, to be more specific and Moschino brought it back alongside other fashion trends from the past. The mod style had a huge impact on the 2012 fashion lines of all great designers. If you are a fan of this fashion style you will definitely have to learn how to accessorize your outfit and what clothing pieces are a must have in your wardrobe. For instance, as a mod woman you will need a shift dress.

6. Overalls

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This year another fashion over the years timeline style has recovered and regained is position in the newest and coolest trends, overalls. Overalls are comfortable and very easy to wear on a casual day, no matter if it is spring or autumn since you can find a lot of different prints and materials. You can find an overall with short pants from cotton, or jeans long overall that you can wear with a sweater and boots. Although the classic overalls were only jeans made, now you can find overalls in different forms, sport, classic, jeans, cotton, elegant or even leather.

5. Jean Catsuits

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After 10 years of absence jean catsuits have made a powerful comeback easily earning back their spot in every woman’s wardrobe. This is one of the sexiest fashion trends from the past that can give women a lot of confidence, personal and unique style and the possibility to accessorize it in different ways on different occasions. For example, a jean catsuit can be worn on a night out in the club with a pair of high heels, or when going to play pool with a pair of snickers.

4. Off the Shoulder Shirts

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Off the shoulder shirts have a long fashion over the years timeline history do to their versatility. They can be worn on a walk in the park on a sunny summer day, at a pool party, on the plane, on a drive to the seaside or on a romantic dinner. It can be worn with jeans, with a pair of more elegant pants and high heels as this type of shirts also come in different models, from basic to elegant.

3. MC Hammer Pants

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This type of man pants are based on past fashion trends from the 90’s. They disappeared till about 4 years ago when they came back to life. Back then, this pants were usually worn by rappers, hip-hop singers or other artists on the stage during their shows. If 10 years back boys found them quite hilarious, now they have changed their minds and wear them proudly, because they are not for everyone.

2. Housewives Dresses

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The premiere of “Mad Men” seems to make women come to love this outfit again. This fashion trends from the past, from the 50’s to be more specific, were very glamorous and highlight almost any type of silhouette and shapes. Today, these clothing pieces are considered to be classics.

1. Wedge and Platform Sneakers


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This type of shoes appeared in fashion over the years timeline under different forms, such as the wedges in 1930’s. They had cellophane straps and no distinct hell as there was one thick piece with the sole. In the 90’s the new releases based on past fashion trends, wedge sneakers first appeared. They were first seen at celebrities like Spice Girls. Besides the comfortability they provide they are healthier than heels.

To sum up, fashion trends from the past can always come to life and can even be more successful than what it was in the past. When you’re cleaning your closet and you have some old fashioned outfits that you still love but you feel uncomfortable to wear, think twice before throwing them away. You might be surprised when all of your friends will be looking to buy something that you already have.

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