Top 10 Most Famous Writers Who Got Recognition After Their Deaths

There are Famous Writers who worked for their entire life doing what they know best and yet got no recognition during their lifetime. Then the sudden twist of fate happened when they died. Many great authors also experienced this twisted fate by meeting their deaths before they could get the proper recognition and applause for their works. A posthumous fame does not sound enjoyable to anyone- does it? Although a couple of centuries ago, getting famous during one’s lifetime was almost impossible and there are many writers who were recognized after their death.

Let’s have a brief insight into the top ten Famous writers for whom appreciation came way after their demise.

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10. Stieg Larsson

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He was an efficient journalist during his lifetime but he was also into fiction writing. After his death due to a heart attack in 2004, his compilation of novel manuscripts was found and published. He was among the writers famous after death. There was a prediction that his trilogy novel will be the best-selling novel in the United State by 2010.

9. John Kennedy Toole

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This writer before, committing suicide due to depression, wrote a book titled A Confedereracy of Dunces. He made several failed attempts to get this book published before his death. His mother and a friend ensured that the book was published, eleven years after his death and his writing skills were praised by many and he finally got his name among the writers who got recognized after their death . The book won the Pulitzer Prize in 1981.

8. Sylvia Plath

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She was a prolific writer during her life-time. She published some books when she was alive yet remained unknown. She died shortly after publishing her work, The Bell Jar. She gained considerable attention with this novel several years after her death and become one among writers famous after death. Her husband published a collection of her writings. She also won the Posthumous Pulitzer Prize.

7. Lovercraft H.P.

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This writer, although he lacked recognition for his works when he was alive, his fame has really resurfaced for some years now. His writing expresses horror and other genres. His book, At the Mountains of Madness, is very popular. It is an honor to give him number 7 place among the famous writers who recognized after their death.

6. Edgan Allan Poe

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The American writer born on January 19, 1809, in Massachusetts is known as an American Romantic Movement writer. His writing focused on mystery and he was the first to write a fiction detective short story. After his death in 1849, his works, including The Raven, The Masque of the Red Death, The Black Cat and Anna Belle Lee, became very popular and he got a place with the famous writers after death.

5. Henry David Thoreau

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This writer was born on 12th July, 1817. His writings emphasized on the necessity of oneness with nature and the importance of the natural world. At the time of his death, he had two unpopular published books. However, in the late 1920s after his death, his self-paid published books, A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers which were lying on his library shelves made him one of American finest writers in history. He has a literature society, the International Thoreau Society in his honor. He has become one of the great famous writers after death.

4. Emily Dickinson

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This shy, introverted poet was born on December 10, 1830. Her writing style was personal and self-centered. After she died of Bright’s disease in 1886, her relatives found loads of poems she wrote (over 1800 poems). Although she wanted her poems to be burnt after she dies, her sister and friends edited and published her works. She has a commemorative stamp issued by the United States Postal Service in her honor.

3. Franz Kafka

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Kafka’s case was a death wish turned to fame. He is our number 3 writer among writers famous after death. He born into a middle-class Jewish family on 3rd July, 1883 in Prague, Kafka attended a university where he initially studied chemistry. He then switched to law and developed a strong flair for literature and scholarly writings. In 1924, he died suffering from tuberculosis and starvation. He left a note for his long-term friend to burn all his manuscripts unread. During his lifetime, Kafka published just a few of his unfinished works which were not recognized. His friend went through his manuscripts and decided to publish two books: The Trial and The Metamorphosis. His style of writing was really modern and mostly an expression of his own life in a bizarre way. He has a museum in Prague dedicated to him; also the term “Kafkaesque” is used widely to describe weird concepts and ideas which are major features of his writing.

2. Anne Frank

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Anne Frank is number 2 in our list of those famous writers who were recognized after their death. Anne Frank also known as Annelies Marie Frank- Anne was a German-Jewish teen who became popular through her death and after her death. Born June 12, 1929, Anne was one of the victims of the Holocaust (World War II). She fled and went into hiding for two years with her family to escape the Nazis persecution, during which she documented her experiences in her diary gifted to her by her parent. After she was captured alongside her family on August 4, 1944, she was subjected to hard labor and suffering and she eventually met her death in March 1945 after coming down with typhoid fever. Her diary was later found by her father who was amazed at the level of intelligence, emotions and thoughts of his late daughter. Some selections from her diary were later published in 1947 and titled The Diary of Anne Frank. Till date, she has a couple of organizations including Anne Frank Center USA, to her name.

1. Plato

Famous Writers

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He was an Athenian philosopher who is till this day one of the most revered figures of the Ancient Greece. Plato (428-348 BC) was a student to Socrates and a teacher to Aristotle. He established the first higher institution of learning in Athens as well as the Western world. His writings were underpinned on metaphysics and epistemology. His texts include Apology of Socrates, Protagoras, Euthyphro, Hippias Major, Minor Ion, the Republic, and Theory of Forms. Plato’s writings and ideology till date has a great impact on the knowledge of human nature and its philosophy. Also, he had an inclination toward the necessity and beauty of having a just society with equality among citizens which seems to be the basis for today’s democracy. He is our number 1 famous writer among those writers who were recognized after their death.

It does seem sad that these intelligent and talented famous writers did not enjoy the deserved fame and recognition during their lifetimes. However, these Famous writers have left a legacy and built a foundation for the modern day writers. Their memories continue to linger through their writings.

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