Top 10 False Ideas About Telekinesis

Do you think that it would be cool to have the abilities of Neo from Matrix or Star Wars´ Luke Skywalker? Don´t worry, you are not alone. It can be useful to know how to stop a bullet with your mind or to lift up your X-Wing space fighter from the swamp (wait, did I say useful?). In our world, similar abilities are not called “the force” or “rewriting the matrix”.

In our world, we call them telekinesis – the ability to move or affect physical objects. It is not the purpose of this article to target dispute over this parapsychic phenomenon between believers and skeptics. Rather than that, from time to time, we will try to look into it with eyes of those who take it real. So, what is the telekinesis powers secret? And what are the biggest myths about it?

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10. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – proven user of telekinesis?

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The second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century was a golden era for various spiritualistic societies. Telekinesis was widely discussed and presented by many members of these societies. Truth is that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – author of the most famous detective Sherlock Holmes – was impressed by these presentations and convinced that it is real. However, there is no evidence or even a mention that he was able to do it himself.

9. It is possible to move even large objects like cars or buildings with your mind

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Sorry, but this is not the case. Even if you are a believer, you have to admit that this is nonsense. There are no people who can do this. Whirling with cars in the air is a nice scene for the movie but in reality, this can´t withstand the reality check.

8. Telekinesis is natural and it is not necessary to train it

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Even those who are convinced about the reality of telekinesis state that it is opened to use only by hard and long training. In other words, telekinesis for beginners is not a piece of cake. According to believers, concentration is the key to success as you need to fully concentrate on one and only subject for more than 5 minutes. Normal mind is able to fully concentrate for only 20 seconds.

7. People use only 10% of their brain


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It is often said that people use only 10% of their brains and therefore, there is plenty of room for special abilities which are not fully known so far. In fact, this is only a myth. We are using all of our brains. Modern medical methods were able to prove that there are no “sleeping areas“ in our brains. We leave it up to you to formulate a conclusion of this…

6. You can read someone´s mind thanks to telekinesis

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No, it´s misunderstanding. As written above, telekinesis is the ability to move or affect physical items with the power of your mind. Ability to read someone´s mind is called telepathy. These are not the same things. Luke Skywalker vs. Spock – can you see the difference? Telekinesis powers secret is of a different kind than that of telepathy.

5. Stephen King´s Carrie is based on actual character

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OK, let´s admit it – Stephen King is one of the most influential propagators of telekinesis as his book “Carrie” is well known all around the world. The main character of the book is high school outcast Carrie White, who gained telekinetic abilities. Surprisingly many people believe that there was a model for Carrie White. Truth is that there is none.

4. You can forecast the future with telekinetic abilities

How To Make A Real Fortune Teller Step By Step

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Ignorance of the definitions once again. To forecast the future is completely different ability than to move objects. The difference is surely being covered in telekinesis for beginners, lesson 1. You will have to go somewhere else if you want to see tomorrow.

3. One with telekinetic abilities can summon the Poltergeist

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Unfortunately, Poltergeists are not so easy to communicate with. They are doing what they want. But telekinesis is not the same. It´s the ability of the people move things with the power of the mind. But although there is no connection between telekinetic ability and Poltergeist, I admit that it can look similar because of furniture flying without a touch. But no, telekinesis is not about summoning ghosts, Poltergeists or others.

2. Telekinesis is given to people by some evil force


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No, this is not true. Telekinesis powers secret is considered to be the natural yet undiscovered ability of our minds. It is not a gift of some supernatural boss to help you terrorize the neighborhood.

1. Telekinesis was proved by science to exist

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Unfortunately not. There is not any scientific evidence of telekinesis powers secret. All the attempts ended without success either because of provable faking or because of lack of any observable telekinetic action.

It seems that telekinesis will remain a mystery for some time. It is not probably that courses of telekinesis for beginners will be soon available at ordinary high schools, but who knows…

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