Top 10 Facts about Roman History

You might have learnt a little about the history of Romans in school but we are almost sure the teacher left out a great deal of information. Worry not. That is why we are going back in time to discover a few more facts about ancient Rome for your entertainment or curiosity needs. Hundreds, if not thousands, of these truths exist in books, movies, published journals and other places. You can look for these at your own time but for starters, here are the top ten facts about Roman history.

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10. Clothing

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Unlike the present Roman citizens, the generation of old had their fashion choices. Tunics were the most common clothing where two pieces of fabric, manufactured from wool, were sewn together at the shoulders and sides with openings for the head and arms. Showing off how wealthy you were was among the interesting facts about Romans. For this reason, the rich in the society wore a woolen shawl known as the togas.

9. Spiritual beliefs

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If you have studied the spiritual inclination of the Romans, you know that they believed in multiple gods and goddesses. Each god or goddess represented a certain area of their lives. Neptune, for instance, was their ocean god and they would ask him for protection when they headed to the sea. Temples also existed in Roman history where offerings and worship of the gods took place.

8. Architectural designs


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One of the amazing facts about Romans is that they experienced tremendous architectural achievements. Some of the wonderful creations in the history of Romans include the aqueducts, the Colosseum, road networks and sewers. People from all over the world visited Rome to have a look at their exquisite buildings or purchase their one-of-a-kind concrete. Researchers who discovered Roman concrete which had been buried in the Mediterranean sea for more than 2000 years concluded that it was indeed solid, durable and environmentally friendly than the modern day types.

7. Shopping

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Supermarkets were invented in Rome. They were the first people to use supermarkets when in all other nations, normal shops were still in operation. In 107-110 CE, Roman history records that a building complex was constructed. This architectural design constructed in Imperial Rome had a complete market with premises, small shops at the front and one huge residential apartment block.

6. Elite food recipes


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Being rich in Rome did not only mean wearing special clothes that others couldn’t afford, it also meant eating good food. An average citizen had a regular diet consisting of staple food options such as barley, wheat, posca and bread. Proteins like meat and fish were reserved for the rich. As mentioned before, one of the facts about Romans is that rich loved to flaunt their lifestyles. The high and mighty often hosted huge dinner parties and hire slave cooks to prepare all kinds of expensive cuisines for their guests.

5. Education

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Education has always been important in the history of Romans. They believed a great deal in educating their citizens formally. Unfortunately, the Roman schools in ancient times were kept for the boy child only. No girl was allowed in the school compound. Some children from the wealthy families were home-schooled by private tutors. Corporal punishment was also the order of the day in Roman schools.

4. Security dogs


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Dogs were the main house guards in ancient Rome. Wall paintings about Roman history depict the use of guard dogs and huge “beware of the dog” signs in front of almost every home. Granted, their security was excellent. These dogs did their job effectively although like always, criminals devised ways around this high-security strategy.

3. Urine


Pecunia Non Olet Boite

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It sounds silly but one of the facts about Romans is that they valued urine and used it as a raw material in chemical processing companies. This took place in the first century under the reign of emperors Vespasian and Nero who issued tax levies on urine. They even had a phrase for it: “Pecunia non olet”, which means “money does not smell”. The urine was also used in tanning and cleaning the woolen togas. We don’t know how true it is but in the history of Romans, urine was also used as a teeth whitener.

2. Gladiator fighting


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Among the facts about Romans, gladiator fighting occupied most of their leisure times. The Colosseum also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre was built for this and other extra-curricular activities. It is believed to have been able to accommodate 50,000 people who were interested in watching gladiatorial combat, an activity praised by the citizens in Roman history.

1. Emperors’ immunity strategy

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The crown of all facts about the history of Romans goes to the ancient emperors who ingested a daily dose of poison as a way to gain immunity. They believed that if they took a small dose of a poisonous mixture known as Mithridatium, they would be immune to attempted suicides via poisoning.

We sincerely hope that some of these facts made you laugh as much as they did us. Needless to say, the modern Rome is a totally different country now. Although some of the facts are true to date, most of the funny, weird and interesting ones are only read about; not practiced. Read some of the other exciting articles in our websites and laugh your way to knowing more about the world’s rich history.

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