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Apart from clothing, a purse or handbag, whatever you wish to call it, enhances the fashion statement of every woman. Designers realized this a long time ago and took full advantage of the situation by creating the most expensive purses money can buy. Perhaps it is the thrill of showing off how moneyed they are or simply a matter preference; women cannot get enough of expensive purse brands. And when we say expensive, we do not mince our words; these things cost a fortune for an average individual. To get a glimpse of what we are talking about, check out ten of the most expensive handbags in the world.


10. The Carolyn Crocodile Bag by Marc Jacobs. Price: $38,000

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Marc Jacobs is a consistent name in the world of fashion. He has designed some of the greatest items for both men and women and scooped a number of rewards for his exemplary work. For a number of years now, his Carolyn Crocodile Bag has appeared on every list of bags for expensive wallets. Many women love it because it is made from crocodile skins and has a nice metallic silver color. The inside of the purse also has separators and a number of pockets which ensures more space in the purse.

9. Gadino Bag by Hilde Paladino. Price: $38, 470

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Next on our list of the beautiful and elegant women purses is the Hilde Paladino bag which can only be found at high-end stores like Harvey Nichols and Goodman. Like the Marc Jacob’s expensive brand, this one is also made from crocodile skin. There must be a big reason for the crocodile skin craze- we will soon find out why this is so. The Gadino Bag fits the profile of expensive purse brands because apart fro-m having clasps manufactured from white gold, it also has 39 quality diamond embellishments on it.

8. LV Tribute Patchwork Bag by Louis Vuitton. Price: $45,000

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You may have noticed these expensive purse brands being clung on by some of the big names in America such as Naomi Campbell, Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Jeniffer Lopez and Beyonce. The design of the Patchwork Bag was done by one Marc Jacobs using 15 pieces extracted from earlier Louis Vuitton purse designs. It looks odd to some people but a greater number of the general population seems to be excited by the artwork.

7. Precious Rose Bag By Leiber. Price: $92,000

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As the name suggests, the Precious Rose Bag is molded to the shape of a rose flower in full bloom. As much as the design sounds pretty simple, Leiber uses high quality raw materials including metals and leather. What really makes the Rose Bag to be among the most expensive purses is the amount of precious stones used on it-800 tourmalines, 1,016 diamonds and 1,196 pink saphires.

6. The Crocodile Birkin Bag by Hermes Matte. Price: $120,000


$120,000 for one purse is no joke for most people. But when you discover you are paying tribute to the famous British actress and singer Jane Brikin, it makes sense to purchase one of these most expensive purses. Apart from its perfect crocodile leather, the bag is also decorated with 10-Karat quality white diamonds.

5. Urban Satchel Bag by Luois Vuitton. Price: $150,000

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Louis Vuitton definitely makes the most expensive purses but when they manufacture water-proof handbags, expensive wallets find it easy to make it rain on them. The Urban Satchel bag is the most expensive item in the brand and is made from quality fine leather and other creative materials such as cigarette boxes and water bottles. It also comes in different colors like blue, pink and red.

4. Cleopatra Bag by Lana Marks. Price: 250,000


Cleopatra bag designs are some of the most expensive purse brands perhaps because Lana Marks creates only one design every year. With half a million, you can have your own piece made from alligator hide and a metallic silver hue. The magic doesn’t end there; these bags made for expensive wallets feature a clasp created from 18-karat white gold including 1,500 white and black diamonds.

3. “Diamond Forever” Chanel Bag Price: $261,000


The third position on our list of most expensive purses goes to the classic “Diamond Forever” Chanel bag which is priced at a cool $261,000. The high price is totally worth it as seen by the detailed art, design and quality of materials used to manufacture it. It is created from crocodile leather and decorated with 3.65-karat of 334 diamonds. This is not forgetting its straps which are adorned with white gold.

2. The Birkin Bag by Hermes and Ginzer Tanaka Price: $1.9 million


We are realizing a pattern with expensive purse brands-they are decorated with some of the most precious stones available in the world. The Birkin Bag, which is a combined creation of both Hermes and the Japanese design icon Ginza Tanaka is fashioned from platinum metal and decorated with 2,000 diamonds. The bag also features a breathtaking diamond sling which can be detached and used as a necklace or bracelet. At the front of the purse sits a pear-shaped 8-karat center diamond which can also be removed and turned into a brooch. Expensive wallets do not just splash money on this one-every penny is worth it.

1. 1001 Nights Diamond Bag by Mouawad. Price $3.8 million

Expensive Purses

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According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this is the most expensive handbag in the world. We are not surprised about this discovery because apart from the fact that 10 professional artisans worked on the Diamond Bag, the time required to complete the task was 8,800 hours to be exact. In addition, the purse, shaped as a heart, was hammered from 18-karat gold with more precious diamonds on the surface including 10 yellow diamonds, 4,356 colorless diamonds and 56 pink diamonds.

Sometimes we think expensive wallets are an answer for every woman’s problem. They are just so adorable and loyal, you are happy when you have one piece. However, money is the only key to having these expensive bags in your closet-when you have it, just say the word and you have it.

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