Top 10 Most Expensive Places to Live in the World

Lists of the most expensive places to live are not only interesting but also very important for people who consider moving and also for companies who want to send their workers to work abroad. There are several possibilities how to judge the level of cost of living, different parameters like the price of renting a place to live or average retail prices can give slightly different results but in general, we can create a list of the world most expensive places. The following list is one of such lists and if you are planning to move, read it first!

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10. Beijing, China

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The capital city of China and the third most populous city in the world is not a cheap place to live in. And except it is expensive, it is also polluted overcrowded. So why so many people want to live in there? Well, because it´s in China which turned from an emerging market into a global superpower and the second biggest economy in the world. Beijing is one of the centers of Chinese economy so it´s surprising that this 20 million megapolis is also expensive for a living.

9. N’Djamena, Chad

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The largest city in Chad with one million inhabitants is a little bit unexpected item in the list of world most expensive places to live. However, Africa´s economy is quickly emerging and is attracting a lot of foreign investment money. That´s why the cost of living in this African city is so high.

8. Geneva, Switzerland

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This beautiful city on the lake Geneva is definitely not cheap, the same as Switzerland itself. The country has one of the highest standards of living in the world and as it usually goes hand in hand with the high cost of living, the position of Geneva in the list of the most expensive places to live is no surprise.

7. Shanghai, China

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24 million Chinese city is a new technological center of China. A lot of people are still coming and it means that the flow of money is still significant. For a foreign visitor, the first impression of Shanghai is stunning – skyscrapers, high-speed trains, super modern buildings… it´s today´s Shanghai.

6. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

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Another of African emerging markets is being boosted by huge Chinese investments in the region. Kinshasa may be the symbol of African poverty but it´s the perception from the past. Times are changing and we should count with Africa from now on. Kinshasa has more than 13 million inhabitants and you should expect its increase so it will probably hold its position in the list of the most expensive places to live.

5. Tokyo, Japan

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The high cost of living in the capital of Japan is notoriously known and also its visitors have a first-hand experience with high prices which are driven also by the strengthening yen. Taken into account that Tokyo is one of world´s three main financial centers, its position in the top five of most expensive places is pretty expectable.

4. Singapore

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This small city state is usually named to be the „easiest place to do business“ and because of that, new and new companies comes there which creates the ideal conditions for constant pressure on the price increase. And the sky is the limit… Singapore is beautiful and worth the visit but living in it is only for those who don´t have a deep pocket.

3. Zurich, Switzerland

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Zurich is at the top of the most expensive places to live in Europe. Switzerland is perceived as a country of elite banks, world´s best (and an incredible expensive) watches and other top-level products. It´s true and it´s logical that you have to pay a lot for anything there.

2. Luanda, Angola

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Did you expect to find this 6 million African city on this spot? I guess that you did not. But it is the same as in the case of Kinshasa or N’Djamena – strong inflow stream of foreign investments drive prices incredibly high and is marking the new global reality. We should expect more cities from areas described as „emerging markets“ to appear in the list of the most expensive places to live.

1. Hong Kong, China

Most Expensive Places

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Thanks to its special status, Hong Kong is still more or less independent from rules applied elsewhere in China and have absolutely free market. It is a major business hub and financial center. It also occupies a top spot in the list of the world most expensive places to live. To find a flat in Hong Kong is almost impossible for anyone who is not really rich and flats as small as 12 square meters (but still very, very expensive) are being sold in the city.

It is possible that you have found a destination you wanted to visit on this list and now you canceled your trip because you want to stay on budget. Don´t worry, there are many interesting destinations all around the world which won´t ruin your wallet.

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