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Since the prehistoric times, jewelry provided its owners the expression of beauty, social status, the source of magical powers and people were wearing it for many other reasons throughout the ages. Recently, we do even have a prove that the Neanderthals were using jewelry 135,000 years ago. The Neanderthals has made their jewelry of animal bones, we make ours with diamonds, precious metals, and several other materials. But we can assume that there is one thing that didn´t change during those 135,000 years. The symbolism of jewelry makes it very expensive. In the following text, we will introduce to you the most expensive jewelry you can own.

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10. The Perfect Pink Diamond, $20.5 Million

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If pink diamonds are really big (i.e. are over 10 carats), they are very rare and makes really costly jewelry. One of them was sold in 2010 for $20.5 million in Hong Kong auction. Such a price was not surprising as it was really perfect pink diamond weighting 14 carats. Can you imagine wearing the $20 million ring? And i tis just a beggining…

9. The Winston Blue, $23.8 Million

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In 2014, almost $24 million was paid for the largest perfect diamond of blue color in the world. The transaction has also set the record for the highest price per carat of a blue diamond ($1.8 million). The buyer was the luxury jewelry company Harry Winston, Inc. (in its interest, we hope that it is also the high cost-effective jewelry).

8. Chopard Watches, $25 Million

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Since 1860, the Swiss company Chopard is the synonym for the high quality and luxury watches as well as jewelry. This wristwatch consist of 874 diamonds the most expensive one of which is the heart shaped pink diamond of more than 15 carats. Concerning the fact that this piece of jewelry can tell you the precise time, it can be the real high cost-effective jewelry. Or not?

7. The Hutton-Mdivani Necklace, $27.4 Million

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In 1933, Barbara Hutton has got a wedding gift from her father – a necklace made of 27 perfectly round jadeite pellets of unknown origin. 81 years ago, the necklace was bought by the Cartier collection for a record sum (the highest amount ever paid for a jadeite jewelry) of more than $27 million making it one the the most most expensive jewelry ever.

6. The Diamond Bikini, $30 Million

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The diamond bikini were designed by Susan Rosen introduced to the public by a photo-set in Sports Illustrated in which it was weared by a model Molly Sims. It is made of 150 carats integrated in a platinum. It is definitely a costly jewelry but one have to ask about its artistic value. This question will be answered by a history only.

5. The Zoe, $32.6 Million

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When Rachel Mellon put this 9.75 carat blue diamond into auction in Sotheby´s, experts estimated that it will be sold for the price around $15 million. The whole world of jewelry experts were quite surprised when it was sold for more than $32 million and became the most expensive blue diamond in history. The Zoe has sealed its place among the most expensive jewelry.

4. The Graff Pink, $46.2 Million

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The pink diamond in this ring is very special because its size well above 24.5 carats and also because its color. The 2010 auction in the Sotheby´s ended with $46.2 million bid which catapulted it into the group of the most expensive jewelry ever.

3. L’Incomparable Necklace, $55 Million

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In 1980s, a little girl has found the greatest diamond without internal flaws world ever seen in the Democratic Republic of Congo. After it travelled through hands of several dealers and jewellers who worked it out into today´s shape, „L’Incomparable“ diamond of 407.5 carat diamond ended in the necklace where it is accompnied by 203 carats of smaller diamonds. It is a piece of very costly jewelry and one must ask how much that little girl got out of it…

2. Pink Star Ring, $72 Million

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59.6 carat pink diamond of African origin is the basis for the ring which is currently evaluated for $72 Million and which is waiting for its buyer in Sotheby´s. If you are interested, there should be no obstacle for you to buy this second item of our list of the most expensive jewelry.

1. Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond, $80 Million

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This deep-blue diamond of 31.06 (after machining) carats was found in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh probably in the 17th century. During its history, it belonged to the families of Habsburg and Wittelsbach. For some time, it was mounted in the Bavarian crown and in 2011, it was sold to Hamad bin Khalifa, then the emir of Qatar for $80 million which made it the most expensive jewelry ever.

So, do you plan to stir the chart and buy some costly jewelry yourself? Or you will rather look for another luxury items? If so, try our list of Top 10 Most Expensive Dresses for an inspiration.

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