Top 10 Most Expensive Dresses

How you dress communicates a lot on who you are. It is therefore very important to take considerations on what you wear. Women are very cautious when choosing their dresses with the aim being to look outstanding, elegant and beautiful. There are many designs from affordable dresses to unimaginably very expensive dresses. In this article, you shall discover the top most expensive dresses in the world you have never heard of.

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10. Princess Diana Dress


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It is the most outstanding outfit designed for the princess of Wales. The dress was designed by Catherine Walker who is a famous designer known for designing most of Princess Diana dresses. The dress is made of Silk Chiffon which makes it a very expensive dress. The cost of this dress is estimated to be $125,000. The Princess only wore this dress twice; in 1997 during the Canes Film Festivals and in the year 1989 at Miss Saigon.

9. Swarovski Dirndl Dress

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This great design cannot be left out on any list of expensive dresses. It was designed by German designers and was inspired by medieval designs. The dress was made with Corset and filled with Swarovski crystals on its surface. This Expensive dress was seen in Munich, Germany for the first time in the year 2006. The dress price is $127,000.

8. Golden Evening Dress by Ginza Tanaka

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This one of the most charming and appealing expensive dresses you will come across. Designed by a Japanese leading designer and jeweler Ginza Tanaka, the dress is made of translucent gold wire. The dress weighs 1.1kgs and is worth $245,000.

7. Golden Coin Dress

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It is another entry of very expensive dresses to fall on this list designed by Ginza Tanaka. This expensive dress was first shown in 2007 Fashion week in Tokyo, and is made of 15,000 Australian Gold coins and weighs about 10kgs. The price of the dress is $268,000.

6. Marylyn Monroe Birthday Dress

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On #6 of our most expensive dresses is a 1961 design by Jean-Louis Berthaulto. The dress was worn by Marilyn Monroe for the first time during president’s John Kennedy birthday on May 1962. The dress is made of sewn in silk gauze sequins that shine like diamonds. Its original price was $12,000 but the current price is $1.3M.

5. Maria Grachvogel’s Precious Dress

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On our top #5 very expensive dresses is a precious maroon outfit. The dress is made with 2000 diamonds with features of a silk corset, which brings it to the top of expensive dresses. This dress is worth $1.8M. It was shown on Maria Grachvogel’s fashion show.

4. Black Diamond Dress

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The dress was designed by Debbie Wingham, a fashion designer from London. This dress was first shown at Kev’s Fashion show and took a period of six months to be ready. The outfit is designed with 1,000 diamond pieces, both black and white. The most amazing fact is that it weighs 29 pounds. In the list of very expensive dresses, this costume goes for $5.5M.

3. Diamond Dress by Scott Henshall

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The costume is outstanding and unique among all expensive dresses ever designed. This dress was designed by Scott Henshall a fashion designer. The dress used more than 3,000 pieces of diamonds. It was first worn by a singer, Samantha Mumbai in the year 2004 during the premier of the film Spiderman. With its spider web-shaped design, the dress was definitely appropriate for the occasion and more so, a must on any list of top most expensive dresses. The price of the dress is 9M.

2. The Abaya Dress

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The Abaya dress is designed by the British designer Debbie Wingham. She was inspired by the Arabic and North Africa’s women dressing code to design the dress. The Abaya is a loose and a very simple design that is embedded with red diamonds which are very rare to find. This makes the Abaya to be among the top two very expensive dresses in the world. The price of this dress is $17M.

1. Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur

Expensive Dresses

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Here you go now. The Worlds most expensive dress is designed by Malaysian, Faisol Abdullah. The gown has a 6 meters long trail, decorated with small diamonds. The gown goes for $30M. There numerous expensive ornaments used to make the dress that are worth the price. This iconic gown is encrusted with 750 pieces of diamond and Swarovki crystals, with 70-Carats of pear shaped diamonds. The Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur is made with taffeta, satin, chiffon and silk. It was first revealed to the sight of public in the year 2009 during STYLO Fashion Grand Prix with the former Malaysian Beauty queen Kavidha Sidhu.

There you have it, the top 10 most expensive dresses in the universe made by man. You can also view our top 10 expensive shoes.

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