Top 10 Exercises for Beginners

So, have you decided to exercise? Congratulations on taking this important step. Exercising regularly is beneficial to you. Not only does it help maintain your health, but also it helps to improve your energy. Exercise also helps to reduce your stress level, promote concentration, improves your immunity and helps people suffering from arthritis.

There are many different types of exercises for beginners that you can engage in. The first thing that you need to do is, to find a routine that you can keep up with and maintain. Taking time to work with a fitness instructor will help you choose the right type of exercises.

If you are looking exercises for beginners that you can choose to engage in, listed below is a list of the different workouts that you can consider:

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10. Running on the Treadmills

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This is one the best exercises for beginners that you can engage in. This is a cardio related exercise and it works out the quadriceps, calves, glutes and the hamstrings. Most of the treadmills that you choose are manually operated and you need to log in your details like weight and age. Treadmills are more effective than running outside as you will be able to lose more calories.

9. Leg Press

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This is a beginner’s workout that helps you improve upon your strength. It helps in improving the different muscles like hamstrings and quadriceps.

Here is one of the beginners exercise tips: You need to always ensure that you secure the platform when you are re-racking the weight.

8. Lying Leg Curls

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As a beginner, you need to take caution when you are engaging in exercise. It is the type of exercises that help to improve upon your strength and hamstrings.

Beginners exercise tips: You should not put or use too much weight when you are exercising. If you put a lot of pressure on the legs, you may risk a lower back and hamstring injury. You will be involved in three types of leg exercises. You need to, therefore, concentrate on the different exercises. These are exercises that you can do with a dumbbell.

7. Butterfly

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This is one of the exercises for beginners that can help you build the chest muscles. With this type of exercise, you will be able to increase your general body strength.

There are different variations that you can use to enhance the performance. You can choose to use the pulleys to perform the different movements.

6. Machine Biceps Curl

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If you want to build your biceps, this is the right beginner’s workout that you can engage in. You need to ensure that the machine is well adjusted according to the height and weight.

Beginners exercise tips: When you are using the machine, you should not return the weight all the way down. You need to build the tension in the different muscles.

5. The Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

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The main muscles that you will be working on are the lats. However, the different exercises will help in building other muscles including biceps, shoulder muscles and middle back. You need to spend a few minutes working on this routine.

Beginners exercise tips: When you are working out, you need to concentrate more on squeezing the muscles of your back.

4. Triceps Pushdown

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This is one of the exercises for beginners that you can choose to work on your triceps. You need to work out with caution so that you reduce the risk of damaging your arm muscles.

3. Sit-Ups

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These are the type of exercises that will help you strengthen your abs. If the sit-ups are not done in the right form, they can cause pain in the lower abdomen. The right way to do the exercise is to lie down with a flat back and then with your arms around the head, rise up. You can continue this for a couple of repetitions.

2. Abs Machine Crutch

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This is the type of exercises that will help strengthen your abdominal muscles. You need to be careful when you are using the machine. Ensure that you choose the right weight for your body size. Too much weight will lead to injury.

1. The Bike Exercises

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This beginners workout is best for you if you want to build your core and abdominal muscles. You need to concentrate on the exercise routine as you will not have machines to pull you and make the effort to build the muscles.

These are just a few exercises that you can begin with if you want to increase your strength. Most of these exercises will require a machine. You need to, therefore, ensure that you go to the gym.

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