Top 10 Excuses You Can Give For Delays

Let´s be honest, we´ve all been there. Getting out of the bed can be more than difficult from time to time. You know that: one minute more, one minute more… Subsequent rush to work won´t usually change the fact that you will be late this time. And according to the ever-working Murphy´s Law, the first guy you will meet will be your boss. Now, it´s time for a clever excuse. Following is the list of excuses you can give for delays.

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10. Heavy Traffic

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Ok, this is an all-time classic. When you live or work in a big city, getting stuck in heavy traffic is so common that this excuse will sound quite realistic. But be careful, your boss had to get to work as well. So he will probably have a good knowledge of the day´s traffic and if the traffic jam was not the case… you have a problem. Of course, an excuse for being late because of heavy traffic can be used among excuses for being late home as well. However, také into account that wives are usually even better in uncovering lies then bosses…

9. Illness of Family Members

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This one is really good. If you will tell your boss that you have ill children, wife or parents, he or she will probably feel sorry for you and will be probably not investigating it in detail as it would look non-empathetic. Of course, it should be obvious that this can be used among excuses for being late home on a very limited scale.

8. Faulty alarm-clock

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Let´s be honest, this one and similar excuses you can give for delays are quite cheap. Your boss will probably accept this once, but no more. On the other hand, it´s also quite a common and realistic scenario. So he will probably really believe you for the first time.

7. Getting Caught by the Police

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Another universally usable among excuses for being late home as well as among excuses for delays for your boss. Nobody likes to be stopped by cops. So your boss will probably be empathetic but don´t make a mistake… There is a chance that he will want some proof like a receipt for the fine. So tell him that they just stopped you for nothing. It can happen and it can´t be verified…

6. Death in a Family

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The advantage of this excuse is its absolute power – your boss can do nothing but accept it. On the other hand, you can´t use it more than once, maybe twice. Extensive usage of this excuse will be suspicious and on top of that, you have only limited number of relatives. So… And also – it is hardly applicable with your wife.

5. An Animal Attack

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I´m sorry boss, but bear attacked my car and blocked me for an hour. This excuse can work if you live and work in Alaska but its usage will be more difficult if you live in Manhattan. Wolfs, monkeys, crocodiles and other animals can work as well depending on where you live.

4. Locked Indoors


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Perfectly realistic and believable. It can simply happen that you are locked indoors by wife or kids. Then, you must call them back or call neighbors for help and it takes some time. There is a chance that your boss experienced it as well so he can take it.

3. Late Because of Helping Others


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This excuse is in the category of excuses for delays which will not only work as an excuse but it will also gain you few bonus points as you will look as a good guy who helps others. There are various situations you can use for your excuse – sudden collapse of someone on the subway, someone injured after the fall from escalators… It´s all about your fantasy.

2. Bad Weather

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This seems like a perfect reason for being late to work. However, the bottleneck of this excuse is that your boss had to travel to work in the same weather condition as you. And if he was able to make it, why it was a problem for you? Therefore, be careful with this one.

1. Late by an Intention

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OK, this excuse is for real aces only. You will need guts to tell your boss that you are late because you want to tower out from the crowd. However, there is a chance that this excuse will leave your boss standing speechless. Will you try it? But be aware – don´t try this on your wife. Wives are immune to this and you can be in a serious trouble…

That was our list of excuses you can give for delays. Maybe, you have found some inspiration here. But don´t forget that it is just fun. In real life, it´s much better to be at work on time. If you want to read another job-related list, try this one: Top 10 Dumb Rules That Make Your Best People Want to Quit.

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