Top 10 Most Exciting Criminal Autobiographies

It´s quite common for politicians and athletes to write memoirs after the end of their careers. But there are other professionals who like to put their experience on paper and share it with the world – criminals. And because the world of crime is quite attractive to the people, a criminal autobiography written by an outlaw is usually very popular. Here is the list of some criminal memoirs which we can recommend to you.

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10. Eight Years in Southern Prisons by Beecher Deason

Eight Years in Southern Prisons

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A Very strong book about real life in a prison written by a former prisoner Beecher Deason. It is a fascinating description of a prison life in times when a small mistake could mean a death. “By giving a true description of prison life and the after effects of prison, I hope to show many young men the utter folly of crime” – Beecher Deason.

9. A Man of Honor by Joseph Bonanno

A Man of Honor: The Autobiography of Joseph Bonanno

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The story of Joseph Bonanno is an archetype. He was born in Sicily, Italy and came to the United States to fulfill his dreams. It was the time of prohibition, the 1920s. The time we all have connected with mafia stories. He was living such a story. In the age of 26, he became a Don who gained control over the New York underworld. It´s like reading the Godfather, but this is real. One of the most exciting criminal autobiographies ever.

8. A Life Inside by Erwin James

A Life Inside: A Prisoner's Notebook

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Erwin James was sentenced to life imprisonment for double murder in the 1980s. In this book, he describes the closed universe of the prison world and his personal journey to an understanding of the loss he caused and also of the loss he caused to himself with years behind bars.

7. Starve the Vulture by Jason Carney

Starve the Vulture: A MemoirImage Credit: Amazon

This story is not a typical story of a natural born criminal. First, it was his childhood defined by his abusive father on one side and desperate young mother on the other. Then Jason Carney describes his early life full of violence, addiction and despair. In his life, he was abused as well as he abused others – it was a very dark life until the day of light which saved him. This book has an happy-end. However, many similar stories don’t have the same luck.

6. The Death Instinct by Jacques Mesrine

The Death Instinct

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Jacques Mesrine was French criminal celebrity who spent all of his life within the criminal underworld. He was famous for his violent exploits and his book is one of the most famous criminal biographies ever written. He wrote the book while serving his sentence in the prison and it was smuggled out, quickly making it a bestseller. While Mesrine himself was killed in 1979 in a shootout with the police, his life was an inspiration to several movies. This book is a must.

5. Freeway Rick Ross: The Untold Autobiography by Rick Ross

Freeway Rick Ross: The Untold AutobiographyImage Credit: Amazon

Rick Ross was born to the poverty of the Texas family. An ending school without any real options, he turned to drug trafficking and in the 1980s, he became a Los Angeles drug kingpin who earned hundreds of millions. His criminal biography is not only a personal story, it is also a story of a country. There is a historical and social layer in the story. Truly, one of the most exciting criminal autobiographies.

4. El Sicario: The Autobiography of a Mexican Assassin by Molly Molloy

El Sicario: The Autobiography of a Mexican AssassinImage Credit: Amazon

This criminal biography is one of the scariest ever written. The personal story of a Mexican hitman who was trained by the FBI, served as a commandant in Mexican police who for twenty years was kidnapping, killing and torturing people on orders of Mexican drug cartels. He is one of the few who get out this environment alive. But he is paying the price as he must live in the US and there are big rewards for his head in Mexico.

3. Bad: The Autobiography of James Carr by James Carr

bad-the-autobiography-of-james-carr-by-james-carrImage Credit: Amazon

I’ve been struggling all my life to get beyond the choice of living on my knees or dying on my feet. It’s time we lived on our feet.” This criminal autobiography is brutal, straightforward and reveals the flaws of American penal system. One of the most exciting criminal autobiographies, definitely.

2. A Few Kind Words and a Loaded Gun by Razor Smith

a-few-kind-words-and-a-loaded-gun-by-razor-smithImage Credit: Amazon

Before Smith gained his Honors Diploma from the London School of Journalism, he was a full-time gangster with 58 criminal convictions. Unlike other famous criminal biographies, this is not a memoir of an outsider who was forced to turn criminal. Smith is highly intelligent and had many opportunities to exit the path of crime. That´s why this book is an extremely interesting criminal autobiography.

1. Crime: The Autobiography of a Crook by Eddie Guerin

Booking the Crook (A Bookmobile Cat Mystery Book 7)

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Published in 1928, this criminal autobiography became classics. Eddie Guerin named himself as the “king of the underworld” in both Chicago and Paris. His “masterpiece” was the robbery of the American Express office in 1901.

As you can see, there are many famous criminal biographies out there. Each of them is interesting in its own way. If you are in a mood for further reading about villains, try this interesting article: Top 10 Most Weird Facts About Historical Villains

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