Top 10 Environmental Hazards Around the World

We cannot deny the fact that our planet is undergoing negative changes which have adverse effects on plant, animal and human life. We no longer pay attention to our environment. All we do is throw litter around, burn as much coal as possible, release toxic industrial gases into the environment, use our water bodies as dumping sites and many more environmental hazards. It is believed that by 2050, some of the readily available natural resources, like water, will be scarce. Nations will fight to retain water supplies. It is a matter of concern for everybody.

The subject of global environmental hazards is one that is sad to write about. The reason is because humans are solely to be blamed for environmental degradation. Take some time and go through these top 10 environmental hazards just to get a clearer picture of what we are doing to contribute to damaging our planet.

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10. Deforestation

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Over a century ago, the earth was filled with forests. Different species of trees, animals, insects, rodents and birds had plenty of room to live and thrive in. The story is different now. More trees are cut down daily with little or no replacement at all. This is one among many global environmental hazards that will ensure the absence of oxygen and rain. Timberlands cover only 30% of the earth’s surface with the figure dropping every single year as people look for homes and food in the forests.

9. Ground Water Contamination

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Some of the environmental hazards that lead to contamination of ground water include septic systems, road salts, landfills, fertilizers, pesticides and hazardous waste sites. When the oil, gasoline and chemical components reach the groundwater the consequences that follow are deadly to all living creatures.

8. Overfishing

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Human beings must be the most selfish creatures ever made. Word about overfishing being one of the top 10 environmental hazards has reached every corner of the globe, yet the situation seems to worsen as time goes by. It won’t be long before the earth’s waters will be devoid of fish. Overpopulation causes the fish demand to go up hence overfishing. This devastating truth can only be tamed if the responsible authorities restricted the actions of fishermen around the world.

7. Gold Mining

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We love gold jewelry; they are elegant and beautiful. Mining gold on the other side is among the deadly global environmental hazards. This is because of the mercury released during the mining process. Mercury affects the immune and nervous systems as well the enzyme and genetic systems.

6. Genetic Engineering

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It is no secret that genetically modified food is everywhere nowadays. Using biotechnology, some genes can be added to a target plant to fasten the ripening process or enhance its yield. These genes are pure toxins that cause diseases to those that consume them. Apart from this, this is one of the top 10 environmental hazards because these modified crops can be toxic to wildlife as well.

5. Global Warming

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Global warming simply means the release of greenhouse gases into the environment. The environmental hazards contributing to global warming include fossil fuel utilization and burning of oil and natural gas. When CO2 levels rise, the atmosphere traps heat which warms up the planet. These top 10 environmental hazards are worth looking into. We can shift to using renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermal energy to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that reaches the atmosphere.

4. Depletion of the Ozone Layer

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The ozone layer is a blanket that protects the environment from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Unfortunately, too much chemical pollution leads to the release  of bromide and chlorine gases into the environment. As this happens, this blanket’s molecules break apart forming holes in it. The Antarctic area has the biggest hole around the globe. The UV harms living tissue. Burning of CFCs by industries has been banned to protect this phenomenon.

3. Waste Disposal

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Of all environmental hazards in and around the world, waste disposal is heartbreaking. Most people find it alright to throw litter anywhere they please. What is more disturbing is that even after litter bins have been generously provided, these people tend to enjoy being agents of environmental degradation. Plastics, rubber, packaging wrappers, electronic wastes and fast food papers are a danger to the health of human beings.

2. Pollution

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Water, air and soil pollution cannot miss on the list of the global environmental hazards. Pollution affects the stability of the ecosystems. When toxic substances find their way into the soil, plant life is compromised. When plants fail to germinate and produce fruit, animal and human life suffer the most and so will birds of the air and the fish of the sea.

1. Overpopulation

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Overpopulation comes in first place of the top 10 environmental hazards list because as the level of the global population increases, more natural resources are required. People must eat, drive, and breathe which means the soil is over fertilized, overfishing occurs, more coal is burnt, more chemicals as a result of industrialization is released to the atmosphere and more vehicle emissions reach the environment. If the population increase is regulated, all other global environmental hazards will be easier to manage.

More environmental hazards affect our planet; these are just a few that need immediate action. We have to do something so that other generations who come after we have left may find a clean and habitable environment. Thank you for your time. For more articles of this kind and more, go through our website.

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