Top 10 Enthralling Movies of All Time

We have sifted through millions of enthralling movies to come up with just ten of the best. This was no easy task because there are hundreds if not thousands of exciting and captivating movies. If you are curious to know which ones made it to the top ten list of all time enthralling movies, read on to the end of the article.


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10. Biutiful (2010)


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Biutiful did not win two Academy Awards back in 2011 for nothing; many people agree this is one of the most enthralling movies on TV. It is a Mexican-Spanish film featuring Uxbal, an interesting person who knows when he will die and so he lives every day with that thought in mind. His moves are so calculated and thought out that the movie takes you to another world without your knowledge.

9. Once Upon a Time in America (1984)


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Who knew some of the all time enthralling movies were produced in the 1980s? Once Upon a Time in America is definitely one of them as seen by the reviews it has garnered over the years. The plot is centered on a former Jewish gangster who lived in the prohibition era. He find his way back to the Lower Eastern side of Manhattan almost 30 years after the era but despite the time that has passed, ghosts from his previous life show up once again causing him to discover ways he can control them.

8. The Dark Knight (2008)


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Epic movies such as The Dark Knight steal away the attention of many because of their creativity in giving us a picture of how ancient life was. The Dark Knight is one of those enthralling movies that showcase strength and aggressiveness during injustice. Caped Crusader must fight hard so his people in Gotham find peace again.

7. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)


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This is yet another example of most enthralling movies released before most countries had attained independence yet most of us cannot seem to get enough of it. The story is quite something. In the beginning, there is a scam concerning bounty hunting. Three strange men form an uneasy alliance determined to bring back the gold fortune and win the race. Their activities depict a well-written and directed film which is why it makes it home to all time enthralling movies.

6. Star Wars: Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back, 1980)



In all honesty, the Star Wars movie series are among the most enthralling movies ever created. Fans over the world remain dedicated to them even after other enthralling movies are invented. Episode V is a favorite to many because the rebels have been wiped out by the Empire. More drama unfolds when the empire’s base Luke Skywalker is being pursued by Darth Vader who begins with Luke’s friends first.

5. Pulp Fiction (1994)


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Pulp Fiction is a popular film based on redemption as well as violence. The main cast includes two mob hit men, a gangsta wife, a boxer and 2 diner bandits whose paths cross as they all tell different tales of violence and redemption. The uniqueness of the characters as well as the quality of script writing makes Pulp Fiction one of the all time enthralling movies.

4. 12 Angry Men (1957)


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This is the oldest film in this list of most enthralling movies but the suspense and thrill is on another level. The plot features a 12-man jury responsible for giving a verdict on the fate of an 18-year old man involved in capital murder. All jurors except one vote guilty and decide to give death sentence but are stopped by juror 8 who feels they should reconsider the evidence and see if there’s a chance the boy can be saved.

3. The Godfather Part II (1974)


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The Godfather Part I was amazing but it has nothing on the second film in the series. Vito Corleone, a business owner of a drug family business in the 1920s shows his dramatic life in the film while his son Michael steps up to the plate and becomes serious about the management of the family’s wealth. You only need to watch it to discover why we have placed it third in the list of all time enthralling movies.

2. Shawshank Redemption


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We love Morgan Freeman movies which is probably why this one features on most enthralling movies of all time. The main reason however is the drama surrounding Andy Dufresne who killed his wife and his lover and thus lands himself in Shawshank Prison to serve two life sentences. Inside prison, Andy meets Red (Morgan Freeman) and his life takes on unexpected twists and turns.

1. The Fountain (2006)


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To say The Fountain is one of the enthralling movies would be an understatement. This film is on its own league. The story is an emotional one. Doctor Tom Creo (Hugh Jackman) cannot believe his wife Izzy (Rachel Weisz) is dying of cancer. Instead of sitting by her bedside and watching her die, Tom goes out to find a cure for her.

Which of these enthralling movies have you watched and you agree they deserve a spot here? Let us know on the comments section below. Otherwise, thanks for the read. Find time to go through this website for more interesting reads.

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