Top 10 Endangered Animal Species

Picking up the 10 most endangered animal species is a tough job. When you select any of the dangerous animal species, you leave hundreds of others. You must know that our world is still full of endangered animal species and giving shelter to a wide range of crazy animal species. However, the risk of being extinct of these animals have reached to peak. So following is the list of dangerous animal species.

Get to the crazy animal species which are under threat according to the WWF.

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10. Giant Panda

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The international symbol for the conservation of panda is WWF. It is one of the crazy animal species which numbers very less now. The face of Panda is likely to get extinct in the coming years. WWf is contributing a lot to conserve the Panda. The animal is very loving and lazy.

9. Monarch Butterfly

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Every year hundreds of butterflies migrate from North America to Mexico. These are well preserved and protected. They suffer from extreme weather and threats. It is likely to get extinct in the next years because the monarch butterflies have to go through many climate changes.

8. Tiger

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One of the dangerous animal species whose subspecies has already gone extinct. They are extinct because of the hunting of humans. The five species are still alive but are very rare. The tiger organs help to make folk medicines.

7. Sea Turtle

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This crazy animal species is very rare and an amazing largest turtle. It is known as the leatherback sea turtle which has swim from the tropics to the sub-Polar Regions. The leatherback extinction occurs because of illegal hunting, eggs by humans and the erosion of beaches because of climate change.

6. Chinese Giant Salamander

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It is one of the dangerous animal species and the largest amphibian in the world. It is 6 feet in length and mostly found in Southern China. This amphibian lays 500 eggs at a time, and the eggs were guarded by the male. Due to the exploitation of the food source, the Chinese giant salamander is very rarely seen or might have disappeared.

5. The Asian Unicorn

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You might not have heard about this endangered animal species because it was concluded extinct in 1992. Later in 1999, the team of wildlife spotted one Saola. The Asian unicorn is very rare, and only several are left in the tropical forest. They resemble the antelope and are adamant. They fight with their horns which are strong.

4. Amur Leopard

Photo Credit: World Wildlife

The Panthera Pardus Orientalis is one of the endangered animal species which is known as Amur leopard. The leopard is very rare and is only found in eastern Russia or the snowy northern forests. The former range was also in Korea and China, but it is extinct from these countries now. Only 14 to 20 Amur leopard would be left with the 6 cubs. The species will be extinct in the upcoming years because of loss of lodging, encroaching civilization and road building.

3. Orangutan

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You simply cannot list it as the dangerous animal species because this animal is truly unique and intelligent. It is listed here because the species will soon go to be extinct in the upcoming years. It is known as the person of forest which shows that it has many cognitive abilities. This animal can handle a variety of tools just like a human. The great ape is left few in the Southeast Asian islands of Sumatra and Borneo.

2. Tasmanian Devil

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In 2008, the population of this crazy animal species reduced to 60%. The species was suffering from cancer. It is only found on the Australian Island of Tasmania. There will be only 10,000 left. The animal is well known because of its wild behavior, and you just cannot consider it friendly.

1. Ivory Billed Woodpecker

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It is the most critical and endangered animal species in the list. It is found in the Southeastern part of the world and mostly in Cuba. The species of the woodpecker was to be thought an extinct till 2004 but the reports of sightings of this species we found in Florida and Arkansas. However, if the population of the bird still continues then the tiny species is extremely vulnerable.

All of these animals are highly endangered species. So it is our duty to conserve the environment.

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