Top 10 Dumb Rules That Make Your Best People Want to Quit

The only way a company gets to keep their employees is by treating them like great employees. This is hardly achievable when the companies place dumb rules for hiring employees who are hardly any wiser. After hiring, they then introduce one of these 9 stupid office rules that would end up driving the best employees away. Are you are a CEO of a company and do you want to stop filling the same position over and over again with different people? Or, are you just a curious individual? Either way, these are ten dumb rules and 9 stupid office rules that make your best people want to quit.

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Companies make dumb rules for Internet users in their company such as limiting the number of sites to visit, or even preventing the use of the Internet completely. Now, here is why this is one of the 9 stupid office rules. If these dumb rules for Internet usage are enforced in the workplace, it only slows the efficiency of the job done because the human brain needs to rest a little. Give your employees the freedom to surf the Internet at will, and they will stay happy and free to give you the best. Alternatively, keep implementing these dumb rules for Internet users in your office and they will certainly trickle away.


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Let’s face the truth – no one really cares about these reports. As long as the work is done, that is. Some companies take it as far as imposing a daily report submission rule on its’ employees. No one actually sits down to read pages upon pages of a report and that’s why, this rule on the list of 9 stupid office rules – requiring daily or weekly report submissions – is one of the major reasons employees may be faced with no other choice that to depart. Aside from the dumb rules for Internet users in the office usually face, reports are another major reason your workforce keeps leaking.

8. ATTENDANCE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Image credit: EYPS Teaching Supply                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

An office is a workplace and not a high school. Some employers fail to remember this. Why take a roll call at a workplace? Not only is there an attendance sheet but also the time of arrival and departure. Keeping these kinds of tabs on your employees wears them out. Then on the days absent, pay gets cut. Though this is not one of the dumb rules for hiring, this makes the list for one of the 9 stupid office rules that strike out your employees faster than a lightning bolt. Sadly, employers just throw it in their employees’ faces and the next paper they may fill up is a resignation letter.


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Humans love power and they get to abuse the power whenever they get hold of it. The workplace is no exception to this rule, as people tend to clamor for titles to exert power over their subordinates. If there is no need for an office hierarchy, it is best scrapped out. Why make up positions that do nothing to improve the work system rather than help drive your best people to quit? The people occupying these needless positions are usually the ones who make some of these 9 stupid office rules and tabled out dumb rules for hiring people. Take out the hierarchy and treat everyone equally and your best people will stay right where they belong – with you.


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At the height of these 9 stupid office rules that urgently needs to be scrapped out is the no cell phone policy. The cell phone has formed an integral part of our 21st-century existence. It is a necessary means of communication with the outside world. What if there was a family emergency involving one of the employees and he couldn’t help because HIS CELLPHONE WAS NOT ALLOWED? Do you expect such a person to stay afterward? Except you are running a prison, there is absolutely no need to ban the use of cell phones in the office. Banning cell phones is intricately connected with the no Internet policy, another of the dumb rules for Internet users outlined above. And it usually bans the best hands from helping your business grow.


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Some companies maintain the rule that an employee must work for six months before being eligible for a promotion. This selfish rule does not help the company grow. If an employee has to be chained to a company for six months before being considered for a position he deserves, that pill may get too hard to swallow at some point and they may decide to quit and go somewhere else where their talent will be appreciated.


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It would be absolute torture for employees to have to go through their seniors in the workplace to get approvals for everything they need to get done. When applying for a leave or any other usual work process, excessive bureaucracy is a turnoff. This process is not only time-consuming but also completely unnecessary. Your best people may get wary of having to wait on a senior to sign off a document. They may simply decide they have had enough and quit. Sadly, most will only apply the same dumb rules for hiring persons who will fill up those vacant positions.


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The workplace is not high school. Some employers have decided to turn it into one by introducing ridiculous break time limits. Restroom breaks, lunch breaks, and tea breaks are all chains hanging down an employee’s neck. They might as well have employed robots. Humans, however, do not like being put on a leash and if this rule on our list of the 9 office rules is being implemented, we foresee a shortfall in staff.



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This makes up one of the dumb rules for hiring. During interviews, potential employees are judged by what they wear. When employed, they are then required to maintain a particular dress code and that is often too much to bear. Rules prohibiting clothing, length of outfit amongst others may drive employees nuts.


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It is not a necessity to have a pile of company policies. If some Company policies are, in any way, restricting your employees from having their freedom, feel free to curb some of them. Some employers make countless company policies that do more harm than good to the organization. Employees find themselves in a tight situation because of company policies. 9 out of 10 times, these company policies are nothing less that a number of sentences put together by an overactive imaginative person, who wants to feel a little more superior and have a number of people to abide by his active imagination.

These are just a few of the dumb rules that make your best people want to walk out the door, never to return. These ten fails are the most likely reasons your best people may be walking out of your door. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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