Top 10 DIY Magic Tricks for Kids

Magic tricks are one of the thrillers that can never go wrong with kids. You do not have to hire a psychic or a wizard to provide a little bit of fun through different DIY Magic Tricks for Kids. You can be your kids’ Wizard of Oz just by learning and performing some simple DIY magic tricks. Here, we put you through top ten DIY magic tricks that will get the giggles out of your kids and make you super cool before them.

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10. Draw a Boy Out of  “Boy”



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There are many DIY Magic Tricks for Kids and this one is different from other this interesting and very simple DIY magic trick involves drawing the head of a boy with the word “boy”. Write out the word boy on a paper, and then use the “b” and “o” to for the eyes by placing dots in them. Then join the tail of the “y” to the base of “b” and the branches of “y” to the top of “b”. It is easy to demonstrate and enjoyable that why it is the holding position 10 in top 10 DIY magic tricks.

9. Pull a Pencil Out your Head

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This DIY magic trick involves sliding the pencil down your hand as you pretend to push it up your nose. Then, pull the pencil out of your hand when you claim to pull it out of the side of your head (See DIY video at for more details).

8. Make a Packet Fall and Rise in a Bottle

First, make sure you use a packet that can float. Drop the packet into a bottle of water. Hold the bottle with your right hand and softly squeeze and release the bottle to make the packet rise and fall. To distract your kids’ attention from your right hand, use your left hand as the “control magic wand” by moving it up and down.

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This DIY magic trick involves sliding the pencil down your hand as you pretend to push it up your nose. Then, pull the pencil out of your hand when you claim to pull it out of the side of your head (See DIY video at for more details).

7. Move a Ring with your Eyes

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Show your kids you can levitate objects by trying this DIY magic trick. Cut a rubber band to make it straight like a string and suspend a ring on it. Then carefully stretch the rubber band without your kids noticing while making gestures with your eyes. The stretching and elongation of the string give an illusion that the ring is moving up the string. This can be a great DIY Magic Tricks for Kids.

6. Pre-Slice a Banana

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This DIY magic trick is really catchier than any other DIY Magic Tricks for Kids. Carefully stick a pin into an unpeeled banana and wriggle the pin with your hands back and forth to cut the banana into slices. Then peel the banana to give your pre-sliced banana. The back and forth movement of your hand should be convincing enough as a magic wand. This is our number 6 trick in top 10 DIY magic tricks

5. Transform Water into Ice as it Pours

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This type of science-based DIY Magic Tricks is simply amazing if properly done. Put a bottle of water in the freezer and leave till it reaches an almost freezing level. Place an ice cube in a container and pour the water on it. This turns the water to ice instantly as you pour. You may want to try alone before taking it to your kids.

4. Crack an Apple with your Bare Hands

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Become a super mom or dad by using your bare palms to crack an apple into 2 halves. Remove the stem of the apple. Then place the base of your thumb at the stem position. Wriggle the base into the stem and allow the rest of your fingers to wrap around the apple and the bottom. To be sure you have the correct handling position your thumbs must be hanging out. Then use the base of your thumbs and your thumbs to tighten, add pressure and squeeze. The apple will rip into half as the grip hardens.

3. Detach and Re-Attach a finger

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A little “horror” could be necessary for a perfect magic trick. Remove and replace your pinkie (little finger) by carefully folding it behind your index finger. Hold out one hand with your fingers positioned straight, then use the thumb of your other hand to fold your pinkie to the back. Ensure the other fingers are covering the thumb while folding. Replace by pulling out the finger in a similar manner. Make sure you fold as firm as possible to avoid untwisting.

2. Pick a Card from the Deck

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This trick is even used by most professional illusionists or magicians from many DIY Magic Tricks. Thrill your kids by finding a hidden card in a deck. You have to memorize the cards at the bottom of the deck. Then carefully place the cards (one or two will do) in the middle of the deck. You can slide your finger slightly by the side of the new position. At times you can re-shuffle the cards by just removing the card underneath your magic card and placing them back as fast as convincingly possible. Then, spread out the cards and pick out the hidden card. Gain their trust the more by showing your empty pockets and palm at every stage.

1. Read their Minds

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Kids are to a large extent very predictable- you can guess 8 out of the 10 things in their minds. You have to be very careful not to spill, though. Tell them what is in their mind by asking indirect questions and keeping it simple. Some safe lines are “I think your mind is saying you love mummy”, “I can hear your mind requesting for a toy” etc. Kids are very sensitive to emotions, be sure to put up a good drama to pull this off. This is our number 1 magic trick in top 10 DIY magic tricks that can attract kids more than any other DIY magic tricks for kids.

The above-listed DIY magic tricks are easy to do and very convincing if done appropriately. So go ahead and have magical fun with your kids.

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