Top 10 Dishes That You Must Taste if you are in USA

American cuisine is best known for its processed, junk and fast food. However, there is a quite impressive list of dishes that you need to taste while you are in the USA. There is something delicious which would suit everybody’s diet. Food recipes USA are rich in carbs yet delightful. Forget your diet plan while you are indulging in food recipes USA.

Here is a list of top 10 dishes that celebrates the endless culinary creativity of American cuisine.

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10. Apple Pie

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This sweet treat is a classic favorite of Americans. This simple combination of tart sliced apples, buttery states as well as sugar can produce a dessert that is extraordinary in its taste. Americans have spent their lives in perfecting this dessert. It would be a sin not to try Apple Pie while you are in the USA. Apple Pie tops the chart if you are looking for food recipes USA anywhere.

9. The Hamburger

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You would find the hamburger in the menu of a fast food outlet as well as a fine dining restaurant in New York. However, the Library of Congress is considered to be a haven for hamburger fans. Burgers made from a blend of five-meat is cooked in cast iron grill that is a century old and still served at the place. Make sure not to miss this one.

8. Bagel and Lox

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The bagels and lox is a staple dish served at Manhattan tables during the weekends. New York’s bagels are famous all over and considered to be supreme over other forms. There are a lot of options offered ranging from cream cheeses to smoked fish.

7. Drop Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

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The definition of a biscuit is not the same in America. Here, it usually refers to flaky scone made of buttermilk and lard. Biscuits are eaten for breakfast by smothering in thick white gravy topped with sausages in places such as Montana where people burn a lot of calories working on ranches. Do not miss the Drop Biscuits experience when you are in the USA. This is one of the delicious food recipes of America that is famous all over the world. You would find Drop Biscuits and Sausage Gravy when you are looking for delicious food recipes USA.

6. Texas Barbecue

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Texans live and die by the practice of gorging on barbecue delights during weekends. Tenderizing rubs and mesquite smoked meats are common obsessions in the cities of Texas. It is not an uncommon sight in Texas when people get their entire ranges to the parking lots during football games. Head to Dallas Farmers Market for tasting the most delicious briskets in the world! You will get to learn the most delicious food recipes if you happen to hit any barbecue stand in Texas.

5. Corn Bread

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Corn Bread forms the pillar of American cooking. This is the soul of Native American cuisine. This quick easy recipe is served by several mothers across the country tables still today. Hit any stand to try dishes flavored with herbs, jalapenos and cheese. You can undoubtedly encounter one of the most delicious food recipes of America if you happen to visit any family serving corn bread for lunch or dinner.

4. California Roll

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This delicacy is not for wimps. Most of the people in Los Angeles begin their day with a California roll. This is one of the most delicious food recipes of America. This roll is available in almost every grocery store in the country.

3. Key Lime Pie

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This is the official state pie in Florida which is one of the USA taste dishes. This sassy tart has earned itself a worldwide reputation. The credit for making the first Key lime pie is given to Aunt Sally who is a cook for the first self-made millionaire of Florida. This amalgamation of sweetened condensed milk, egg yolks and key lime juice makes it one of the most delicious food recipes of America.

2. Sourdough Bread

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This is one of USA taste dishes and the sourest that you can have from San Francisco. This delicacy is a part of Napa Valley cuisine. This became a staple during the gold rush days. Settlers and miners carried this starter in pouches around their belts or necks during the period and survived on this dish. This has now become a favorite of all and you must indulge in this delight while in the USA.

1. Twinkies


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There is nothing that can beat the Twinkies when it comes to food that you need to try in America. This one of the USA taste dishes among many others. This golden sponge cake with a creamy filling was invented at the Continental Baking Company by James Dewar in Illinois during 1930. Twinkies originally had a banana cream filling. However, there was a scarcity of bananas during World War II which resulting in vanilla cream filling replacing the former one. As if they were not delicious enough, the twinkies were deep fried during the Texas State Fair. These come with a shelf life of 25 days. You will find variations in ingredients of Twinkies while looking for food recipes of USA. Nevertheless, you will end up indulging in delicious food recipes.

American cuisine is generous when it comes to the usage of carb rich ingredients. The rich delicacies served across America would be nothing less than a treat to your taste buds. For more food recipes USA, you can check out other blogs present on the website.

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