Top 10 Disgusting Insects that are Good to Eat

For a good number of us, eating insects is just out of question; we’d rather die than shove them down our throats. Well, as we fringe at the thought of ingesting disgusting insects, some people somewhere in the planet survive on them. They eat insects for breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and dinner and they live by without any issues whatsoever. In case you had no idea, there are tens of insects that are good to eat-proven to be highly nutritious and perfect for your body. Here is a list of edible insects in and around the world- they may look disgusting but they sure taste delicious.

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10. Grasshoppers

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If you always suffer from problems arising from low calcium in your body, you might want to consider eating insects of the grasshopper type. Their torsos are full of calcium and other healthy nutrients. For every 100 gram of grasshopper, you receive 20.6 grams of protein. Its grams and wings have little nutritional value so you can pull those out easily; or consume them as well, absolutely nothing wrong with that.

9. Locusts

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Like grasshoppers, locusts are among the insects that are good to eat with rich calcium and protein nutrients. They are easier to catch as they travel in swarms so you can build a trap and collect as many as possible. This may come as a surprise to you that in many parts of the world especially the Sub-Sahara Africa, locusts make up most diets and nutritional staples.

8. Termites

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The next time you are sitting under a tree and notice termites going about their daily activities, find a way of collecting them because as it turns out they fall in the list of edible insects. Decaying logs, downed trees and stumps have an abundance of these protein-rich bugs. The only secret to getting the most from these edible insects is to eat quite a number because they are small in size.

7. Scorpions


Eating insects sometimes calls for consuming even the most toxic kinds. Although scorpions are poisonous, they are among the edible insects in the world. They are mostly found in the American deserts and other rugged terrains of Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona. Use a glass bottle to harvest these insects so as to avoid their venomous stings then cook them over open fire for a tasty treat.

6. Cockroaches

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Cockroaches living in the wild are also insects that are good to eat at anytime of the day. Since they feed on fruits and vegetables, you are guaranteed of a nutritious meal for you and your family. Like the home roaches, wilderness roaches live in dark and damp environments so be on the lookout in these areas. Once you have caught these edible insects, be sure to boil, fry or sauté them for that greasy chicken-like taste and feel.

5. Centipedes


Residents of North America will tell you the rainy season calls for eating insects known at the centipedes which are often found under rocks. Centipedes make it home to the list of edible insects because they are tasty, nutritious and unlike their cousins, the millipedes, they do not have toxins. The best way to ensure safety from centipede bites it so boil or steam them before digging in.

4. Crickets

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Crickets cannot miss in the top ten list of edible insects. Just like grasshoppers, they have large amounts of calcium and protein. Mix the torsos with the other parts of their body to achieve a crunchy and tasty dish. These noisy creatures are often found under large boulders, rocks and large hogs located near fertile pastures and meadows.

3. June Bugs

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June bugs belong to the category of edible beetles technically known as Phyllophaga. They thrive in arid climates although many other regions also have an abundance of these insects that are good to eat. Since they move at a slow pace, you should be able to catch them quite easily and enjoy a delicious treat of these rather disgusting insects. Grilling and slow boiling over a fire are the most common methods of cooking June bugs.

2. Snails

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You are not allowed to call yourself adventurous until you have cleared a plate full of snails. They are second on the list of edible insects because they are easy to catch, cook and offer over 16 grams of protein. They are a little toxic from eating toxic fungi and vegetation so it is prudent to steam them while they are under the shell then later removing the tender body. If you are interested in tasting a snail meal, lookout for them during Spring as their numbers multiply in this season.

1. Maggots


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We don’t imagine any insect is as disgusting as a maggot. The feeling of disgust worsens with the thought of consuming these insects. They belong to the dirtiest of environments like rotting corpses and pit latrines. Food nutritionists however say that maggots have a ton of carbohydrates and proteins and falls in the category of edible insects that are good to eat.

After reading this article, do you feel the need to consume some of these insects or you don’t want anything to do with them forever? Let us know in the comments section below. Beware that eating insects requires skill both in catching them and cooking them; you want to be ready for this. We appreciate your time here and hope you will find some more to read the other articles on the site.

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