Top 10 Most Desirable Characters in Literature

First, it must be said that no matter how well we try to appeal to the entirety of our readership, it would be impossible to satisfy all. The entire literary universe is so vast that it is certainly an unfathomable task to have a go at ranking the most attractive characters in literature without any cultural bias. Well, this is our humble attempt at ranking the best characters in literature. We will try our best not to offend you – too much.

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10. Sherlock Holmes

The Complete Novels of Sherlock Holmes

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So distinctly English – isn’t he? Despite the innate depth of the contest for the best literary detective, Sherlock stands out as the genre’s ambassador and one of the best characters in literature. With his uncooperative attitude towards order and authority, Sherlock ironically earns respect for his uncanny ability to make sense out of an uneasy puzzle. For Sherlock, everything is elementary. Always recognizable by his signature hat, this recluse is all that symbolizes this list of desirable characters in literature – a standout character.

9. The little prince

The Little Prince (Pocket Classics)

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Here goes who is probably literature’s wisest character. The Little Prince, the lead character in the book by Antoine De-Saint-Exupery, on the surface, seems to be a little naïve boy with a lovely mop of flaxen hair, wandering out in space helplessly. Rather, in actual fact, he is pondering about life’s greatest rhetorical question – what is the purpose of our existence? This gardener, astronaut and prophet, is one of the more desirable characters in literature. He would certainly get you thinking.

8. Lolita

Lolita (The Penguin Vladimir Nabokov Hardback Collection)

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You may call it one of the most repugnant relationships in literature, but Lolita is a character that has been a resounding influence on pop-culture than we would probably wish to admit. From the Kardashians to Lille Rose-Depp, Lolita may be the underlying influence, with a downright disturbing prioritization of youth and beauty. For her timeless nature, Lolita is certainly one of the best characters in literature.

7. Hamlet

Hamlet (Pocket Classics)

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Dear Lord, where would this list have been without one of the most resounding characters the legend Shakespeare could ever have created? Whilst the vengeful nature of Hamlet would not put him on everyone’s list as one of the most desirable characters of literature, it certainly has its appeal in terms of the character’s indecision and psychic torment which still prevalent till today. It remains one of Theater’s most challenging roles.

6. Atticius Finch

The Dark Between Stars

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Atticius Finch is one of the most attractive characters in literature for his masculine appeal. He embodies everything that is sought after in a man. He is heroic, bold, noble and honorable. Define a role model for all young boys to take after and Atticius would be the answer. This makes him one of the most desirable characters in literature.

5. Sir John Falstaff

The Life of Sir John Falstaff

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Did this name ring a bell when you thought about the most attractive characters in literature? If no, why? Sir John Falstaff is a quintessential representation of what a rogue is supposed to be. This larger than life character, a classic Shakespeare memento, could eat drink and be merry for all of England. Sir John Falstaff is certainly one of the most desirable characters in literature.

4. Dr. Frankenstein

The Strange Life of Dr. Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a classic whose tremendous impact on literary culture has not been abated by the internet, modern advancements in medicine, and particle physics. Her literary genius in producing one of the best characters in literature has had its sway over the ages without any thought of slackening any time soon. Dr. Frankenstein’s actions are as incoherent with the laws of physics and natural science today as they were when he first appeared. This is the reason why he takes a significant spot on this list of the most desirable characters in literature.


3. James Bond

The James Bond Omnibus 003

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Decades have passed since Ian Fleming created the flag bearer of a bad guy. Despite this, James Bond still remains one of the most desirable characters in history, a significant source of income for the movie industry. Whilst we do admit Ian Fleming’s creation is born out of his work in espionage, James Bond is one of the most attractive characters in literature. He is an avid description of what is cool today – a playboy, a bad guy capable of seducing the hottest women and flooring the toughest men out there.

2. Humbert Humbert

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No character on this list is as controversial as Humbert Humbert. The egregious sexual appetite of this statutory rapist would only be on this list of one of the most desirable characters in literature for his plain malevolence. There is no reason to avoid him.


1. Romeo and Juliet

Romeo & Juliet (Pocket Classics)

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We couldn’t round off this list without pairing up these two best characters in literature. This love stricken pair, so willing to take their love with them till death, has inspired many similar love stories over the centuries.

These are the most attractive characters in literature. They have stood out for various reasons – from their defining impact on modern literature and the generation today, to basically the income they have generated. Feel free to pass on your comments to us. We love to read from you.

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