Top 10 Da Vinci Inventions

One of the greatest ironies was how Leonardo who was one of the greatest inventors of all time could not have impacted on inventions during his lifetime. The probable reason is that they were made for centuries later. Most of his inventions only began to appear 400 years after his death. Out of respect to this visionary inventor, we have created a list of the top 10 Da Vinci inventions.

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10. The Helicopter

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Whilst the first actual helicopter was not built till the 1940’s it could be said that Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions helped make it a reality. Leonardo Designs required that the wingspan exceeded 15 feet and was powered by four men turning cranks from a central platform to rotate the shaft. Materials for production of this helicopter included reed, linen and wire. Modern day research however, shows that the helicopter may have never been able to take flight.

09. Ball Bearing

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Leonardo da Vinci inventions are quite numerous but there are a few that stand out in modern science today. One of these inventions is Ball Bearing. While this invention may not seem attractive to the eye, its usefulness can be found everywhere – even in your home. Thanks to Ball Bearings, shafts can rotate goods along factory or store ramps. Whilst the Romans may claim the first designs it was one of the Da Vinci inventions that were the most practical.

08. Parachute

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We all know the purpose of the parachute but what of its history? What if we told you that the parachute was Fausto Veranzio and Leonardo da Vinci inventions? Leonardo’s designs were to help a person who fell from great heights survive the fall. All tests conducted have proven that the designs would have worked just as he said he would.

07. Clock

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The clock was not one of the Leonardo da Vinci inventions. Leonardo however, helped design a more accurate clock. This worked using two mechanisms that worked separately for hours and minutes. The uniqueness of this innovation was that the clock was operated by springs instead of weights. He also made provision for metals and other elements that could be used in making the clock.

06. Self-Propelled Cart

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This is probably one of the more interesting Leonardo da Vinci inventions. The reason – he created this when cars were yet to be conceived. The purpose of his design was that the cart would be able to move without being pushed. This invention has been considered by many scientists to be the world’s first robot with experts noting its semblance to the Mars Land Rover. In 2006, a working model of Da Vinci’s invention was built in Florence, Italy.

05. Machine Gun

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This is not the modern day machine gun. Leonardo da Vinci’s “33-barrelled organ” was not capable of firing multiple bullets in a single barrel. However, this gun could have been capable of mowing down approaching infantry. By mounting side by side, 11 muskets on rectangular boards with a shaft in the middle. The mechanism was to ensure that a set of 11 guns could go off while another set cooled and a third set got reloaded.

4. Scuba Gear

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It has been said that the reasons Leonardo was a great inventor and artist were the same thing. He was fascinated by the world around him. Leonardo’s inventions spanned land, air and water. The scuba gear is arguably, one of his most noteworthy inventions dealing with water. Vinci devised the scuba gear to be able to sneak up under water and attack opposing ships. This leather diving suit was equipped with a mask and a pouch for the diver to urinate in.

3. Flying Machine

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One of the interesting aspects of the Leonado da Vinci was the fascination with nature and in particular, birds. Da Vinci was fascinated by flight and it is unsurprising that he designed a flying machine. The design for the propelling of this medieval was motivated by the flight of winged animals such as kites, bats and birds.

2. Revolving Bridge

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The Revolving Bridge is one of the most fascinating of the Leonardo da Vinci inventions. This is for good reason too. The purpose of this revolving bridge was to assist moving armies. The bridge could easily be packed up and assembled armies when crossing bodies of water.

1. Colossus

Da Vinci Inventions

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Our number one, on this list of top ten da Vinci inventions, is probably one of the more painful ones. In 1482, the Duke of Milan commissioned Leonardo da Vinci to build the world’s largest horse statue, a challenge da Vinci readily accepted. He immediately set to work and created the clay model. The next step was to cover the entire statue with 80 tons of bronze. Another of Leonardo’s designs, a unique and one-of-a-kind oven, made this uneasy task possible. Painfully, the 1494 invasion of Italy by France and the bribing of King Charles’s army with Leonardo’s horse put an end to that ambitious project.

These are the top ten inventions by one of the greatest inventors in human history. Another fascinating fact – his ideas were found to be worthy of $30.8 million by Bill Gates.

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