Top 10 Creepiest Music Genres

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If you thought music is for pleasure, what about some of the creepiest music genres? What drives people to listen to songs about violence, murder, rage, rape, racism and other such unpleasant stuff? Maybe ‘pleasure’ is not the right word here. Maybe for some, listening to the creepiest songs EVER is the equivalent of smashing a plate after a bad day at work. It’s probably like watching horror movies, for others.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, our list of the scariest music genres around might enlighten you. We won’t blame you if you don’t get past the first genre below.

10. Witch House

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Witch House is one of the creepiest music genres in the electronic wave, that came out of the 2000s. With bands named Salem, Ritualz and Creep, you kind of know where this is headed. The subject matter could be the occult, murder, demonic possession, drugs, rape, self-harm and other unpalatable things. If you were around in the nineties, you might see the influence of hit cult drama Twin Peaks on the music, which is eerie, heavily altered and probably an acquired taste.

9. Gabba

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This angry techno music came out of The Netherlands in the ‘80s and the ‘90s. You’d be surprised by what some people used to enjoy dancing to! Delta 9’s Shooting Rampage is probably one of the creepiest songs EVER on the dance floor, with lines about shooting and killing everyone. The sound is abrasive, full of distortion and screaming. Violence is common in gabba music. Here’s interesting trivia: gabba comes from the Dutch word ‘gabber’, meaning buddy. You make the connection.

8. Rock Against Communism

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This punk genre coming out of England is straight-out racist and homophobic. Bands like the white-power Skrewdriver, No Remorse and Skullhead were highly political. Nazi punk can be scary if you’re non-White.

7. Black Metal

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Black Metal is a large genre of many different sub-genres, and all of them, in their own way, are extreme, shrieking, atmospheric and feature heavily distorted guitars. Some artists, like Dead of Mayhem, would dress up as a corpse during performance and even cut their arms while singing. Others have been responsible for burning Churches in Norway, out of their pagan beliefs. Yet others have neo-Nazi ideologies. In general, it’s probably a good thing Black Metal remains in the underground.

6. Horror Punk

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Horror punk is obviously inspired by horror movies, many of them old and forgotten, and punk rock. The imagery is morbid, the lyrics are gruesome. But unlike brutal metal, the songs can be quite melodious. So, you could unsuspectingly get lulled into listening to a song like Skull (by The Misfits), about a serial killer bathing in the blood of his victims, until its too late!

5. Powerviolence

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Powerviolence gets part of its power and violence from the heavy beat of drums that it uses. But it makes it to the Scariest Music Genres list because of its loud, shouty punk vocals and abrasive breakdown. The genre came out of California.

4. Brutal Death Metal

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Out of Brutal Death Metal have come some of the creepiest songs ever, if you actually knew about them. If we had to point you towards something that might really shock you and might give you nightmares – we’d say, Gnaw Their Tongues. Once you’ve heard the sounds that this Dutch studio band produces – sounds of people choking for example, and hideous cover art – you can take on any kind of brutal death metal band. The genre is generally characterized by lots of screaming, lots of distorted guitars, and very rudimentary lyrics.

3. Crack Rock Steady

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Of course, this has to be about cocaine, right? Crack Rock Steady can be one of the scariest music genres for what it can do to a lost and confused teen looking for meaning. The genre is a mix of punk-rock and hard-core metal. Songs are anti-authoritarian, often about drugs and sometimes saying shoplifting and vandalism are okay. This was a popular genre in NYC in the mid-’90s. Bands like Choking Victim and Morning Glory came out of it.

2. Pagan Black Metal

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This one’s clear. Pagan Black Metal sounds like heavy metal with pagan influences, and that’s what it is. Subject matter can include anti-Christian feelings, animal sacrifice, blood loss. Some bands sing in ancient languages no one really understands. Others use ancient Viking instruments and Scandinavian symbols that look like the Swastika. This may reek of neo-Nazism to some people. The lyrics aren’t always as gruesome as some of the other creepiest music genres here. But in general, Pagan Black Metal may not be pleasant for those who like their music to be humane, melodious and pleasant.

1. Juggalo

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Juggalo tops the list of scariest music genres not just because of its violent subject matter – there are other genres that aren’t any less violent and gross. But it’s the lives of the juggalo fans themselves. Juggalo is the fandom of a hip-hop group called Insane Clown Posse, and others on Psychopathic Records. Some of these fans seem to take inspiration too far, including being involved in gang violence, drug trafficking, robbery, shootings and even murder. Wearing horror clown makeup is the least of it.

If you made it through this list, you probably have some of your own opinions about the creepiest music genres ever. Do you agree with our list? What are your thoughts on the creepiest songs ever? Tell us below.

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