Top 10 Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

There is no denying the fact that plastic bottles find use in almost every part of our daily lives. We use them to package a wide range of products including jelly, milk, bottled water, soft drinks, vinegar and many other things. Imagine if we could find a way to reuse plastic bottles or recycle them after use? Our environment would be the first beneficiary followed by human beings, animals and the other living creatures. The good news is that such methods have been discovered by some creative minds among us. What’s more, these techniques are quite simple to employ. So without further delay, let’s take a look at ten of the easy ways to reuse plastic bottles.

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10. Chandelier

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Instead of buying expensive chandeliers for your house, why don’t you change things a bit and reuse plastic bottles? All you have to do is collect your used bottles of the same kind, preferably the colorless ones, arrange them in a chandelier shape, hang them up in a decorative manner, light them up and boom! You have the most creative lighting in your house. This is one of the interesting ways to reuse plastic bottles as it enhances the uniqueness of the overall interior décor while maintaining a clean environment.

9. Jewelry Stand

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Did you know the bottom part of a rugged plastic bottle could be cut and made into a trendy jewelry stand? You know now. After consuming whatever was inside the bottle, clean it and use a sharp tool to cut an inch of its bottom part. You will notice a fan-shaped piece that is very attractive to the eye. Use a screw to make a hole through the center of the stand from where a holding pin goes through to ensure stability on the surface it will stand on. Repeat this process for a couple of other bottles then combine them using a long pin to make a stand. When we tell you that there are simple ways to reuse plastic bottles, we mean just that.

8. Paint Stamp

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If you are into DIY décor, you must have an idea what paint stamps are. When you want to get artsy around your house by drawing and painting certain elements, reuse plastic bottles as much as you can. It is also quite simple to do. Take a white paper, draw a tree or whatever on it, pour some paint in a plastic bowl, dip the rear of the rugged plastic bottle and press it on the paper to make wonderful shapes. We guarantee your guests will always think you purchased the wall hanging on the most expensive store in your area once you hang it up.

7. Parking Canopy

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This is perhaps one of our favorite ways to reuse plastic bottles ever. It entails the design and creation of a canopy full of used plastic bottles in parking lots. This one-of-a-kind technique features hundreds of bottles neatly arranged and stacked together over a wire rack to create a shade for parked cars. Really amazing! You can even apply some paint at the bottom of the holes to add a design element.

6. Bouquet Lamp

Image source: Obvious Fun

Closely related to the chandeliers, one of the easy ways to reuse plastic bottles is to create a bouquet lamp. Begin by chopping them as you did when making the jewelry stand, assemble a dozen chopped pieces and glue or tie them together into a ball-like shape. You can add some other fine décor elements at this stage then place the ball over a source of light which is still and standing.

5. Planters

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You do not require a garden to get down to planting flowers. You only need to understand how to reuse plastic bottles to your advantage. No skill is required here; only cut the bottle to a size that can hold enough soil and the plant while promoting growth. Play with these planters by painting their outsides or creating funny and stylish shapes with them.

4. Christmas Tree

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With Christmas being days away, make sure you make your own plastic tree from all the used plastic bottles you have been keeping since the year began (hopefully, you have been keeping them). Use a hot knife to cut off around the ends of the bottle so that you remain with a smooth sort of pipe that forms the middle of the bottle. Slice the round piece into two halves then begin making thin slices on each of the pieces. You should end up with flower-like chopped bottles which can be fitted into a wooden stick and made into a perfect Christmas tree. Walk around the town with your decorated tree and let people appreciate the easy ways to reuse plastic bottles.

3. Elegant Purse

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Ladies, plastic bottles can also be turned into cute plastic purses. How do you do it? Chop the bottom parts of two rugged plastic bottles and put a zipper around them to create a purse! That’s about all you need to do. This is one of the easy ways to reuse plastic bottles that ensures a durable purse for you and gives you the satisfaction of being an environmentalist.

2. Vertical garden

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Have you ever thought of having awesome plants around your home but cannot due to space issues? Having a vertical garden is one of the ways to reuse plastic bottles while achieving your dream for a green and well-decorated house. Slice holes on the sides of your plastic bottles, fill them up with soil and plant your desired items in there. Hang as many planters as possible horizontally along the wall to create a touch of style.

1. Solar Light Bulb

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Installing a light bulb is definitely first on the list of the ways to reuse plastic bottles. Light up some of the dark room around your house by making use of the excess and sustainable solar energy from the sun. After making a hole that fits the bottle, place the bottle through it so that the top peeps outside but the bottom part is inside the room. Add bleach + water and watch it illuminate your room.

These easy methods should inspire us to reuse plastic bottles as often as possible. The interesting truth is that the finished products of these techniques do not look boring at all. They actually look expensive and elegant. It is up to us to find more easy ways to reuse plastic bottles and put them into practice.

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