Top 10 Creative Ideas for Making a Crafts Workshop at Home With Your Kids

It does get boring at times and you struggle as a parent to keep your kids engaged in fun activities. Then comes the thought of crafts and subsequently, the type of crafts to do. It is important that the choice of the crafts should be simple so that you can do the crafts workshop at home, creative and above all as fun as possible. Crafting helps to nurture a child’s creativity. Thus, it is essential to have some surprise skills up your sleeves as a parent. Here are ten great ideas for making crafts workshop at home with your kids.

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10. Sculpture

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Kids enjoy constructing images. You can try sculpture ideas and projects like matchstick sculpture, toothpick construction and cardboard building which can be easily done through your Crafts Workshop for your kids. Create images using matchsticks, toothpick, and shredded cardboard. The outcome is usually very enticing and cool. Your kids will surely love it and will continue to work in crafts workshop at home.

9. Print-making

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Crafts with kids at home don’t have to be “just fun”. You should, as a parent, try to incorporate some educative or vocative activities. You can engage your kids in fabric printing, yarn printing, car wheel printing, string printing etc.

8. Painting

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Kids love painting! Your kids can do a lot of activities with paint. Activities include body painting, temporary tattoos, spin painting and picture painting. You can also paint on different surfaces (your face might just fall on the list). Painting actually engages kids and availability of lots of color perfects all.

7. Drawing

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Drawing with kids has always been a creative idea among the different ideas for making crafts with children for ages. You can ask your kid to draw anything that they see in the environment, family, animals or anything of their interest. More fun comes into the drawing with colored pencils or crayons. Those drawings are priceless.

6. Do Some Science

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Kids are usually amazed to see science projects which they can do in their own homes. You also don’t need a lab to do that. You can do so much with vinegar, baking soda and plastics in making colorful volcanoes (DIY tips at ). You can also create water falls on the wall with hose or tubes. You can do all these things in a crafts workshop for your kids.

5. Do some “Magic”

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Lots of fascinating ideas of making craft with your kid come by wowing their minds. Create unusual outcomes from the usual things they see. For instance, try making colored ice (for more DIY tips cubes, create a picture with food (noodles are great) or create a spy bag from a pencil pouch (see The materials are readily available at home.

4. Create Costumes

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Kids love to imitate. By recycling the waste materials at your home together, you can create costumes in a crafts workshop for your kids. For instance, a mom created a fireman kit for her son using plastic bottles, paint, tape, vinyl tubing and cardboard (See for more DIY details). Masks are also easy to make craft that you can make from simple home materials in your crafts workshop at home.

3. Become Interior Decorators

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A nice creative idea for making crafts workshop at Home with your kids is by “upgrading your services” to an interior decorator. Touch up the look of their rooms or your home with decorations made from toys or plastics. You can create decorations that will carry the theme of their favorite cartoons, games or movies. For example, you can transform plastic dolls into glittering princesses; you can create crafts workshop for your kids with their toy animals. Materials for these include glue, strings, ribbons, fine glitters and of course, the plastic toys.

2. Make “Approved” Mess Together

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You can have lots of ideas for making crafts. There is nothing as fun as creating a fun-mess with your kids. They can be kids for that moment without thoughts of being grounded or punished. Who doesn’t need a flower pot replacement especially when all you need is some clay from the back of the house? Try some molding in crafts workshop for your kids. Another mess that can never go wrong is polka dot slime. To pull this off, you need clear glue, liquid starch and Pom poms. One cool thing about slimes is they can be stored over a period of time.

1. Create Paper Shapes

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It is probably the most enjoyable idea among all the ideas for making crafts. Kids are usually thrilled to have clones of their fantasies. It is always a pleasure to fly a plane or sail a ship in your own home! So, you can kick off the fun-time by building out objects with papers. For instance, you can build an aeroplane or ship in very little time. It is also very simple to learn and replicate by kids. You can also build paper houses, bird nests or fold out animals (e.g. origami frogs) etc. All you need is papers, glue/gum or paper clips to hold your shapes firm. You don’t want to ruin the excitement in a short time. You can make use of colorful papers for more attraction.

Making crafts workshop at home with your kids is a beautiful way to spend time with your kids as well as spark the love for creativity in them. There are lots of ideas for making crafts that are pretty simple and easy to accomplish. Go ahead and have fun with your kids, those moments are priceless!

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