Top 10 Cowardly Acts That Changed the Course of History

There is a thin line between courage and cowardice. Some people appear to be full of courage but are actually complete cowards. A coward tells other people to perform acts he cannot do himself. A good example of a coward is the slain Al Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden. He promoted terrorism but was nowhere to be found when the cowardly acts were taking place. Our world has suffered from such deliberate acts of cowardice planned by some of the villains that walked the face of the earth. Read on as we dive into the top ten cowardly acts in history:


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10. Assault at ST. Nedelya Church


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Terrorism has been experienced in the world since the beginning of time. Back in 1925, a group of communists in Bulgaria known as the Bulgarian Communist Party (BCP) decided to blow up St. Nedelya Church dome located in Sofia during a funeral service of General Konstantin Georgiev . They used their military organization who mounted explosives at the top of the dome killing 150 people and wounding over 500. Prior to bombing the church which supposedly had housed military and government officials, the BCP had killed the General Konstantin Georgiev as a way to eliminate pressure from the present government. These cowardly acts changed the history of the Bulgaria because people lost a lot of loved ones when martial law was enforced after the assault.

9. Wall Street Bombing


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In 16th September 1920, New York’s financial district of Wall Street experienced a blast which killed 38 people on the spot and injured about 143. It is among the cowardly acts in history that will always be spoken about. It was carried out by a group of Italian anarchists known as the Galleanists who were also responsible for carrying out a series of attacks the previous year. The sad part is that these cowardly acts were never followed through to the point of justice; no one paid for the sins. The nation was left to mourn without the fairness it deserved.

8. Beslan Massacre

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Russia has also seen its fair share of cowardly acts in history. On the first day of September 2004, 1100 hostages including 777 children were reported to be in the hands of armed Chechen and Ingush insurgents in Beslan, Russia. These terrorists demanded that the Russian government put an end to the on the military disputes between Russia and Chechnya which had been going for some time. After three days, the Russian officials reacted in kind using heavy weapons, tanks and military force. 334 hostages (186 were children) died during the heavy battle. Russia changed a number of polices following this unfortunate incident.

7. Cinema Rex Arson

The Cinema Rex Fire

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Of all cowardly acts taken out on Iranian soil, the fire at Cinema Rex is one of the worst. The arson, which took place in one of the Abadan cinemas on August 19, 1978, killed 470 individuals. Most of the victims were burnt beyond recognition owing to the extent of the fire. Although the Iranian government reported that this one of a kind attack was performed by a group of radical Islamists, proper investigations revealed the anti-Shah militants were behind the attacks.

6. The Seizure at the Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque Seizure

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Muslims all over the world remember this as one of the deadly cowardly acts in the history of Islam. It took place at the holiest place in Islam called Mecca. Mohammed Abdullah al-Qahtani, the then leader of the responsible insurgents wanted to be the redeemer or “Mahdi” of Muslims. The attack happened when pilgrims had congregated for their annual “hajj”. Hostages were taken in when an attempt to rescue them led to the death of 255 militants and pilgrims with 500 seriously wounded. These cowardly acts changed the history of the Islam religion.

5. Menasha Synagogue attack

Menarsha Synagogue Attack Syria

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Syria has, for the longest time, been a hotbed of war and political unrest. Some cowards take advantage of this situation and launch attacks injuring innocent citizens in the process. One of the cowardly acts that changed the history of Syria is the Menasha attack which happened on the fifth day of August, 1949. The attackers planted grenades in the synagogue located in Damascus killing 12 people (eight of the twelve were children) and injuring 30. This is one among the cowardly acts that were staged to protest against the signing of peace agreements.

4. Beirut Barracks Bombing

Beirut Barracks Bombing

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Lebanon experienced one of the cowardly acts in history on 23rd October, 1989. Two truck bombs which targeted the buildings that housed French and US military forces detonated killing 299 multinational force members. The number of military men who lost their lives in a single day during Beirut Bombing came second after the highest record of the World War II’s Iwo Jima Battle.

3. Mumbai attacks


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India has also been a victim of cowardly acts in history. The famous Taj Mahal Hotel once became a spot of interest for a terrorist attack. This attack took place on 26 November, 2008 and led to the longest, 64 hour, battle between the Indian police/Military and the terror groups. Ten attacks took place in the same day with more than 100 innocent lives being lost. These cowardly acts changed the history of India and may people consider that day as one of the worst ever.

2. Oklahoma bombing

Timothy McVeigh being escorted from the Noble County Courthouse in Perry, Okla., after being charged for his involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing.

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The Oklahoma bombing comes second on the list of acts of cowardice. On 19 April, 1995, terrorists launched bombs in the Alfred.P. Murrah building located in Oklahoma City. 170 people lost their lives while 680 sustained injuries. Timothy Mcveigh who was behind the terrorist attacks received a death penalty after a period six years.

1. 9/11 attack

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11th September, 2001 is the worst day in American history. 2,993 people lost their lives with 8,900 injured when the Washington Pentagon was hit by terrorists. These cowardly acts that changed the history of America were planned by Osama Bin Laden and directed to the World Trade Center in the United States. He brought nightmares to not only the American citizens but the world at large. He organized planes to attack the twin towers in Washington affecting America’s democratic and foreign rules. Recession period followed shortly after.

Cowards are clearly dangerous if not dealt with. Lucky for us, their games always end in death. When you plan evil, the world serves you the worst kind on a platter. Thank you for finding time to read this article. Go through our site for more interesting reads.

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