Top 10 Best Comedy Movies of All Time

This is the year that is when we’ve seen several movies that are way too out of the league as far as the best movies of the year are concerned. Reviewing the last 10 months down the line makes it clear that cinephiles were spoilt with blockbuster hero sagas, sterling movies and dystopian comedies. Actually, some of these movies make up the list of 2016 top comedies, yet only a few filmgoers can actually fathom that. But 2016 isn’t the only year that has produced best comedies. We take a peek into some of these movies that will always be part of the list of the Best Comedy Movies.

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10. Ride Along 2 (2016)

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The looks of Kevin Hart and Ice Cube don’t really portray funny characters, but that is only until you’ve watched them play Atlanta cops in Ride Along 2, a movie that will live to be one of the best comedy movies of all time. Ben (Hart) is a jumpy and fast talking police academy graduate recently joined the Atlanta P.D with a burning desire to become a detective someday. Grumpy James (Cube), Ben’s brother-in-law in waiting isn’t satisfied by his moves and gets overly annoyed every time he makes a stupid move. Prior to joining ties in marriage with James’ sister, Ben and James are assigned a case where they are to coordinate to bring down Bratt, a powerful drug lord in Miami. The synopsis of the movie is all about fun and if you are an enthusiastic Hart fun, you are definitely going to love this.

9. Dad’s Army (2016)

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It features an old century theme, typical of best comedy movies of all time released during the 90’s. Dad’s Army has a World War II storyline where the Brit Home Guard stands to defend UK against invasion by Germans, despite the fact that they are merely bumbling pensioners with no eligibility for service in military. By the year 1944, the men of Captain Mainwaring (Jones) continued to cope with low morale till a dazzling journalist (Zeta Jones) sets in to report the exploits of the platoons. This movie is a great choice for cinephiles who are curious about historic occurrences but would also like to experience some laughter.

8. Central Intelligence (2016)

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We are used to seeing Dwayne Johnson play superhero in movies such as “Hercules”. Here, he is taking part in an action-comedy movie with the ever charming buddy Kevin Hart. Hart talks so excessively in several scenes that it becomes extremely difficult to resist him by the time he yells at last. Johnson, on the other hand, is very winning with his awkwardness. The chemistry between these two characters is absolutely unmistakeable. The list of 2016 top comedies wouldn’t be complete without Central Intelligence.

7. Dirty Grandpa (2016)

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This movie takes the fans of Robert De Niro into a whole new phase of emotional change. The ability of De Niro to play a comic character is debatable, as we’ve always seen him as an action star. He plays the role of a grandpa whose life unravels after becoming a widower. After the funeral of his wife, he decides to take a ride to Florida with his grandson (Zac Efron) where it becomes very clear that the grandpa is an outrageous bachelor yearning to make it with the girls at Daytona Beach. The movie has lots of “dirty” scenes which are tremendously hilarious if you get to imagine how a grandpa ought to behave with his grandson. It will always be part of the best comedy movies of all time as the years go by.

6. Deadpool (2016)

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Just when we thought Marvel was out of steam for its lackluster villains and formulaic storytelling, then they decided to be part of 2016 top comedies with this release. , Deadpool. Deadpool is created with a moderately simple plot. After he’s been diagnosed with cancer, Wade Wilson (Ronald Reynolds) leaves his girlfriend to try and find a cure for himself through an experimental gene therapy. Through his endeavors, he undergoes lots of events that bring out the humor out of the movie to make it an honestly funny action-comedy. 

5. Spy (2016)

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Melissa McCarthy has featured in some of the best comedy series before but we never thought she could play an action star like in the Spy. Susan Cooper (McCarthy) switches from her mundane job to join the CIZ hoping to meet an exhilarating life as a field agent. Unfortunately, she got stuck at a desk just like in her old job but gets an opportunity to join the field when a list comprising of all the active agents lands on the wrong hands. She becomes the only option viable for CIA to work as a field agent, and that’s when all the fun unravels. If you love Jason Statham movies, how about seeing him play a comic character? 

4. Lucifer

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This is actually one of the best comedy series in 2016, yet also an action series. From the look of the movie’s theme, it’s quite difficult to figure out that it’s actually a type of comedy. The movie features Satan (Lucifer) deciding to give in after boredom in hell and comes to live in L.A, city of angels. Through his abilities and experience he tries to assist humans, in his perspective view, bringing out their deepest desires and inner thoughts. Lucifer, of course, wouldn’t be himself he didn’t land into trouble. He gets involved with a girl he met at a nightclub who guides him to become a police force consultant. 

3. The Overnight (2015)

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Jason Schwartzman, Taylor Schilling and Adam Scott feature in this hilarious movie. Emily and Alex are new in Los Angeles and think that they’ve landed new friends when they are invited by an eccentric couple for a playdate. When the kids pass out, their night get more interesting as it is fueled by lots of pot and booze. This movie features lots of rib cracking awkward scenes, shocks and twists throughout. Even though it looks more like a drama than a comedy, it will continue to be one of the best comedy movies of all time.

2. Bad Company (2002)

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Chris Rock is not only popular for some of the best comedy series on American TV, but he is also good in action-comedy movies. He is always a funny character and here he is starring in an action comedy movie about a city that’s threatened by explosion from a stolen nuclear device. Rock has a twin brother, Jake Hayes whom they are separated with after birth and never got a chance to know about each other. The first twin brother is adopted by a wealthy family and finally joined CIA. Jake, on the hand is a chess hustler and ticket scalper who madly loves a nursing student. The real enjoyment in the film comes from autopilot action scenes.

1. Jackass: The Movie (2002)

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This comedy’s opening disclaimer that the stunts in the movie were performed by professionals is indeed hilarious. Are they saying that someone trying to snort a wasabi is a professional? Whether it’s professional or not, the Jackass team did great. This movie tries to elevate the prank genre to a high level art with intangible brilliance and an amazing degree of boldness. It’s actually more evident that it’s one of the best comedy movies of all time, yet a few cinephiles may not agree.

If you are among those cinephiles who actually never thought these movies are actually comedies, now you know. These movies are, arguably, some of the best comedy movies of all time that the action-comedy industry will ever have.

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