Top 10 Comedians With Sick Humor

Comedy is big in TV, Comics and even standup comedy shows. Some comedians are drifting away from the traditional approach of telling normal day to day stories in a bid to be unique and carve out their own niche in the overcrowded comedy field. This world has given birth to a lot of diverse comedy and there are now lots of comedians with sick humor. The following are the top ten names in sick humor comedy.

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10. Stewart Lee

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Lee has earned a right to be featured as one of the comedians with sick humor due to his cut-throat anti-populist comedy style that often leaves his audience in stitches. As proof of his popularity, his BBC 2 standup comedy video was downloaded by at least 1 million people on the BBC iplayer. His sick humor script is often so controversial that Christians once sought to have him arrested for blasphemy.

9. Doug Stanhope

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Doug Stanhope is one comedian that cannot be left out when talking about comedians with sick humor. His content is often so controversial that it leaves lots of people in his audience fidgeting uncomfortably in their seats. He is a self-proclaimed anarchist and he once said he might run for president but he is yet to make good his promise. Probably a good idea since his sick humor might not fly well in Washington.

8. Richard Pryor

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Richard Pryor passed away but watching his comedy on Youtube will make you realize what a fine comedian the grave robbed us. Critics believe he was the inventor of a style that is still used today, in which he would give a long tale that is punctuated with comic relief here and there. His sick humor was so full of cursing that he preferred to have his TV show canceled than tone down on the cursing.

7. Bill Hicks

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Bill Hicks is another comedian that left us too soon. He makes it on the list of top controversial comedians because of the way he openly supported marijuana and smoking and in the same breadth was pro-life yet openly against Christianity. He openly expressed his views, thoughts and ideologies without fear of the implication on his audience.

6. Bill Connolly

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Bill is one of the most celebrated British standup comedians. He first took his sick humor on TV in the mid-70s and is still on television sending ripples of laughter across the world. Bill often gets very candid and open and is not afraid of using his private life experiences for purposes of comedy.

5. Jimmy Carr

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Jimmy Carr is popular for his hilarious one-liners. He is one of the few comedians with sick humor that can leave you in stitches with clever and witty one- liners. He doesn’t fear dark comedy and his audience is often unsure of whether to gasp in surprise or burst out in laughter- or do both at the same time.

4. Daniel Tosh

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Tosh does his comedy on his own internet show. Apart from the deadpan humor, Tosh’s NSFW series of jokes makes him one of the comedians with sick humor worth watching. His jokes are mainly taboo and tailored to target the subjects and personalities that are often ignored by other comedians.

3. Frankie Boyle

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Frankie can easily pass for the most controversial of comedians in the UK. He has branded himself as the comedian that is not afraid of making offensive and foul jokes. Some of the jokes Frankie makes are often too offensive for airing on TV but his sick humor seems to resonate with an audience that is out for exactly that and that is why his shows are always sold out.

2. Steve Wright

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Steven Wright is mostly known as the master of understatement. He had an interesting way of making his jokes to somewhat fall lazily out of his mouth. This seemingly effortless way of comedy made him one of the most popular comedians of his days.

1. Jeselnik Anthony

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Anthony is one of the comedians that are currently trending in America. His dark humor often leaves his audience squirming in between the laughter. His approach to comedy seems to have caught on as he was seen on his most recent comedy central roast of Donald Trump.

So there you have it – the top ten list of comedians that have made their name in dark comedy. Some of the comedians on the list are so controversial that their content would not be aired on mainstream media. However, they still leverage on several technologies like YouTube, SnapChat, and Facebook etc. to make their content available to the world. Don’t forget to share this link on social media to see what your friends think.

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