Top 10 Catchiest Lyrics of all Time

This is one of those articles that are quite tricky to write because the matter of greatest song lyrics is a relative one. Songs may be catchy for one and a total fail for another. Nonetheless, we shall take a journey into all-time catchiest lyrics which gained fame and found their way to the top of the charts. Then and only then will we come close to listing down genuine catchiest lyrics of all time. Ready? Here we go.

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10. Heal The World By Michael Jackson

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More than 50% of the general population in the world agrees that Michael Jackson was a music legend. Not only did he invent some of the killer moves of all time but he also wrote greatest song lyrics ever. Heal the world is a song that seeks to send a message to the people in the planet to support each other and make the world a better place. Some versions were sung with a number of other artists during the Haiti tragedies with the motive to seek support from financially able individuals and corporate to assist the victims of these natural disasters.

9. YMCA by Village People

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We all remember the disco group of the 1970s known as the Village People because of their mellow tunes and all-time catchiest lyrics. YMCA spoke about how a young man with no clue of where he is can rise up and become anything he wants to. The lyrics are a total encouragement with deep assurance that you shouldn’t give up however desperate your situation is; walk around and see the number of opportunities available to you.

8. I Will Always Love You By Whitney Houston

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Love songs also contain catchiest lyrics of all time; especially those written by the beautiful and talented songstress, Whitney Houston. You can easily relate to these lyrics if you have had a relationship with the person you deeply love only for the union to come to an abrupt end. The words are deep bringing out all the emotions love songs are meant to bring out.

7. Just Dance By Lady Gaga

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Just Dance is a song loved by party lovers who get so drunk they have no idea what is going on around them but manage to get on the floor and dance anyway. This is among the greatest song lyrics composed by the American beauty always played in clubs to have people enjoying themselves immensely on the dance floor.

6. We Are The Champions By Queen

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Back in 1977, the British rock band, Queen released one of the all-time catchiest lyrics in their song, We are the Champions. The moment it was released, it gained fame and went on to become a worldwide success reaching the second position in the UK Singles Chart and fourth position on the Billboard Hot 100. What makes this one of the greatest song lyrics is the cheer message it carries which is why this is a popular theme is many sporting events.

5. It’s Now Or Never- Elvis Presley

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This is yet another love song with catchiest lyrics of all time. Elvis takes his time to describe the right moment to do something about chemistry between two people who have had feelings for each other for so long. Each line of the song has words so full of meaning and emotions.

4. The Eye Of The Tiger By Survivor

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One of the catchiest lyrics of all-time was released in 1982 with their tune, The Eye of the Tiger, by the American rock band, Survivor. After its release, it didn’t take long for it to reach number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 where it claimed the position for six consecutive weeks. The song was written by the bands guitarist, Frankie Sullivan and the bands keyboardist Jim Peterik and went on to the theme song for the film Rocky III Star.

3. Lose Yourself By Eminem

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The number 3 spot on the list of all-time catchiest lyrics goes to Eminem’s Lose Yourself. He might have written it down to talk about his life as a rapper and the challenges on his journey but most people draw inspiration from it. This song is among the catchiest lyrics of all time winning a number of awards including a Grammy for the best rap song, best solo performance in 2004, and an Academy award for best song in 2003.

2. Livin’ On A Prayer By Bon Jovi

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Bon Jovi’s signature song Livin’ on a Prayer is yet another song among all-time catchiest lyrics released in 1986. The song exposes the story of a couple that struggles to make ends meet while holding on to the love they have for each other during the process.

1. Wannabe By Spice Girls

Catchiest Lyrics

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Spice Girls write the greatest song lyrics than any other all-girl group. They boast of being the best selling female group in the history of all time. Wannabe speaks about women empowerment and the meaning of female friendships as opposed to heterosexual bonds. All girls love the song for this reason- perhaps this is the reason this track is at the top of our list!

Spice Girls concludes our list of genius lyrics of all time. Catch us on the comments section below and let us know if this list is satisfactory for you or not. Otherwise, we appreciate you reading it and hope you can read the other articles on this website as well.

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