Top 10 Cases Of Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

ESP or Extrasensory Perception has been given various names. Otherwise referred to as the sixth sense, this is perception that occurs independent of any of the five senses that the average human inhibits. Referred to by some as psychic powers, it is a talent that only special persons are said to inhibit. There are many types of extrasensory perception, and throughout history persons have known to inhibit one of the various types of extrasensory perception we shall list below. It is our hope that this article enlightens us all to the paranormal abilities that some of us posses as we state the case for ESP.


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10. Bi-Location


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Making the case for ESP is very difficult when we have to explain that indeed some humans are capable of being in more than one location at the same time. While we might find this hard to believe, a case in point is that of Vladimir Lenin who was found handling official documents in Moscow while critically ill in Gorki. This was in 1923. What of Aleister Crowley, an English Occultist who people believed was capable of bi-location. However, Aleister had no realization that he possessed one of the most mysterious types of extrasensory perception.

9. Clairvoyance


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Another of the mysterious types of extrasensory perception is clairvoyance. This ability while being possessed by many, is often viewed by many as an impossibility due to the numerous instances in which persons have claimed such psychic powers for undue advantage. Nonetheless, clairvoyance is one of the most important of the case for ESP. These types of Extrasensory Perception comprises of precognition and retro-cognition. This is the ability to see events of the future and see events that have happened in the past and events of the future. The earliest reported clairvoyant was Victor Race in 1784.

8. Telekinesis


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Telekinesis is simply the power to move things about without physically touching them. This has been the subject of research by various organisations such as the Princeton Anomalies Engineering Research. After 130 years, they still believe that these powers exist and there are people out there in the world we live in that possess them.

7. Telepathy


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This is probably the most common of the case for ESP. Talked about by many authors and script writers and a major feature in many movies of today, telepathy is certainly the most well known types of Extrasensory Perception. Notable possessors of this power are Stuart Cumberland and Washington Irving Bishop.

6. Automatic Writing


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Automatic Writing is the ability to write without consciously realizing that you are. The common believe behind this case for ESP is that the writer is getting his information from supernatural sources. Often times, this type of extrasensory perception has been attributed to Ouija Boards and Planchette. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has also stated his believes on when and how this case of extrasensory perception can occur.

5. Empathy


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This is the ability to feel what others are feeling, more than the average human would. While humans are known and empathetic towards each other, some are so sensitive to the emotions around them that they can suffer a rollercoaster of unknown emotions without any recognition of their source. Many have attributed this to the past live experiences that that entity, or soul may have undergone prior to the present life and the experiences of others bring back memories.

4. Astral Projection


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First Astral Projection lets you realize that there are other planes above the physical body we posses and that our body is made up of more than one body. Thanks to Robert Monroe, a lot of studies have been carried out on altered states of consciousness. Despite disagreement by science, many believe that extrasensory perception such as Astral Projection does exist.

3. Psychometry


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Psychometry is the ability to read information from objects. A psychometrist is capable of taking a look at a persons possession – such as his wallet – and gathering information about the persons past, present or future. This is usually common with mediums or psychist who usually ask for a persons possession to be read and has be portrayed in countless movies till this day.

2. Aura Reading


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Aura Reading is the ability to read another persons aura. An aura is a field of energy that persons give off. It is a common believe that everything, animate or inanimate possesses an aura that can be seen or even captured using Kirlian Photography. The ability to see auras is one of the most common types of extrasensory perception.

1. Postcognition


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This is one of the most used aspects of extrasensory perception by law enforcement agents today. The case for ESP has only been made stronger thanks to the recognition by law enforcement that certain psychics possess the powers to see into events after they have occurred to understand what actually took place. Despite the immense success postcognition has had in criminal investigation, it is still considered by a few to be a hoax or fraud by those who have done extensive research on the case.

These are the various top ten cases of extrasensory perception in our world today. Are they any notable examples you think we should have omitted or suggestions? Let us know. You may also read our list of Top 10 supernatural abilities for insight into special abilities that some humans in our midst today may possess.

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