Top 10 Businessmen in the World

The business world is ever-changing and so does its players. There are however some great businessmen that have managed to stay on top of their game for a good number of years garnering tremendous success in entrepreneurship. Here is a list of the top ten famous business people whose influence is felt across the globe. Read on and discover who they are.

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10. Michael Dell

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Michael Dell shares a few common things with some of the famous businessmen in the world such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs-he dropped out of school to chase after his passion. This rather careless move was what Michael needed to build an empire in the computers industry. Before it was called Dell, the company bore the name of PCs Limited. In 1996, it was the most successful and profitable PC manufacturer and still finds a soft spot in the hearts of many to date.

9. Walt Disney

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This is yet another man who ditched school at the age of 16 in order to pursue the Walt Disney’s career. Right now, he is one of the famous business people with the greatest number of awards and nominations for his impeccable business record. His passion as we are well aware is in animation. Cartoons and theme parks are also part of the entire Disney Company whose annual revenue is at $30 billion.

8. Henry Ford

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The story is the same one this time too-dropping out of school at a tender age to fulfill a lifelong dream of being one of the great businessmen. For Henry Ford, his mind was inclined to machines, which is why he went ahead and began Ford Motor Company- an enterprise responsible for manufacturing automobiles. Among its initial successes includes Model T which paved way for the corporation allowing it to even begin an assembly line.

7. Howard Schultz

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Howard Schultz is also one of the amazing businessmen in the world who saw it fit to venture in restaurant business especially in the category of coffee menus. He is the leader of Starbucks in case you are still wondering. If giving up was an option for him, he would have done that a long time ago considering the fact that he came from such a poor background. With determination, hard work, resilience and courage, he became one of the famous business people worldwide.

6. Jeff Bezos

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Amazon owes all its success to one of the great businessmen by the name of Jeff Bezos- the Amazon founder. This brilliant guy took advantage of the internet and used it not only for his advantage but for everyone’s as well. We cannot imagine life without Amazon -it just makes online shopping very convenient.

5. Larry Page

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Larry Page is an influential and successful business leader whose brand speaks for itself. Google may be the greatest and popular search engine of all time but what you may not know is that Larry and his team had to endure uncommon challenges for it to be where it now is. They faced criticism from all corners but like all other famous business people, they fixed their eyes on the prize and truly, their efforts paid off.

4. Tim Cook

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Steve Jobs may have set a high standard when it comes to entrepreneurship but Tim Cook seems to be catching up quite well. He has already found a spot in the list of businessmen in the world through his unique wisdom in running Apple. Rather than following Steve Jobs’ blueprint of being one of the great businessmen, Tim has different ideas altogether but he is nonetheless good at his job.

3. Sir Richard Branson

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Apart from Virgin Airlines, Sir Richard Branson owns over 400 other companies. His worth is in billions which is why he features on the top 10 famous business people. One of the qualities that make Richard an amazing entrepreneur is his tenacity and willingness to take calculated risks. He is a remarkable human being who will always be spoken about when success is the main topic of discussion.

2. Warren Buffet

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Warren Buffet is an example of businessmen in the world whose life teaches you the importance of patience and slow but steady wealth. When he ventured into the stock market at a time everyone was running away, many laughed at his “stupid” mistake. Little did they know he would eventually win the race by billions of dollars while they watched in utter shock.

1. Bill Gates

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When the world ranks you as the richest person for 11 consecutive years, you have to be the first on the list of great businessmen. Gates’ breakthrough came as a result of the biggest computer software company known across the planet as Microsoft. We don’t know if he knew when he dropped out of college that he would gain this much success in his life. We will certainly ask him when we ever come face to face with him.

That’s it for the list of businessmen in the world. Is there someone you wished to have seen his name here? Tell us on the comments section below. Otherwise, thank you for reading through. For more interesting reads, browse through this website at your free time.

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