Top 10 Brass Statues To Give Your House An Antique Look

Different people like different styles of their homes. The modern look is definitely popular among many people but there is a large group of those who prefer to have as many antiques as possible in their flats or houses. Such houses have a special spirit which can take you to the past. Antiques like statues or paintings from antiquity, middle ages or recent past can make your home very special. However, collecting real antiques can be quite an expensive hobby and only a few of us can enjoy it on an extensive scale. However, with many good-looking imitations, we all can bring a sense of history to our homes. In the following list of nice brass statues, you can find some inspiration for decorating your home.

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10. Large Ganesh Idol

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Among popular antiques, brass god statues are very popular. It is given by the fact that gods are usually widely known and can serve as universal symbols. This 4.1 kg hand-made sculpture of Lord Taj Ganesha with the size of 9.5 inch x 8.5 inch x 4.5 inch is a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

9. Antique Brass Lady of Justice

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This high-quality statute of Lady of Justice is a perfect decoration for all of those who like ancient Greek culture. With the size of 14 inch x 6 inch, it will attract the attention of every visitor to your home.

8. Cow and Calf Statue

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Another piece of beautiful Indian art, this 3.1 kg statue of a cow with calf, has a size of 7 inch x 8.5 inch x 4.2 inch. It is a nice reminder of an ancient culture and will catch the eye of everyone who will enter the room.

7. Venus Statue

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The statue of Venus is a classic piece of ancient European art and can be found in many places. Let your house bet the next one. We are sure that you will enjoy the aesthetical quality of this piece of art at the end of every busy day of yours. Its dimensions are 12.4 inch x 5.4 inch. True classics among brass sculptures & idols.

6. Buddha Statue

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Our list of brass statues can´t be complete without a Buddha statue. There are a lot of positions in which Buddha is being depicted. This one is the most typical one. The statue is 12 inches tall. You can´t forget Buddha when talking about brass god statues and choosing the decoration among them.

5. Brass Candle Holder with Plate

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It is not necessary to look for brass god statues if you want some antique decoration for your home. There are a lot of other items which can evoke the spirit of the old times. This candle holder with nautical decor is such an item.

4. Antique Brass Compass

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This brass compass is the perfect decoration for travelers and adventurers. Brass statues of this type evoke the spirit of the age of exploration and major discoveries of Thomas Cook or Magellan. You will get the feeling of a sailor in your home.

3. Female Ballet Dancer

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Classic statue of a ballet dancer is among those brass sculptures & idols which were originally placed in the aristocracy and higher class manors of the 19th and 20th century. Soft and gentle aesthetics of this statute will add significantly to the calm atmosphere of your room.

2. Vintage Diving Helmet

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Another of brass statues suitable for those with more adventurous spirit. This brass diving helmet with steel elements of size 18 inch x 15 inch will become one of the dominants of your room.

1. Titanic Sextant Replica

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On the top of our list, there will be no item of brass god statues, instead of it, you can decor your house with this replica of sextant from RMS Titanic (it has a White Star Lines logo carved on its body). It is fully functional sextant but can serve as a perfect decoration.

If you are still in the mood for shopping antiques, try our Top 10 Antique Paintings list, the only problem is that it is for real billionaires only. But you can just simply enjoy it.

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