Top 10 Brain Training Games Important for Kids’ Brain Development

Children at early ages are like sponges, absorbing everything in their environment. This is a good time for performing brain training games with them in order to help their development and learn a lot of things in a fun way. Additionally, their motor and verbal skills develop a lot faster. This helps your kids during their entire life according to many researches done over the years. A remarkable positive difference can be spotted in your child’s responses and perception after only a few days of taking these games on a regular basis. Next, you will find the top ten games that help with Kids’ Brain Development.

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10. Socialising

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One of the most common and used child brain training games is socializing. Kids love the company of other kids, to learn from them and interact with them. They learn everything faster as they tend to push one another to be better. For instance, at kindergarten they learn to eat on their own to ask to go to the bathroom, to dress and undress themselves alone. Socializing may consist playing with each other, dancing, telling stories or just watch a movie together, all activities can be adapted to their age.

9. Singing and Dancing

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Kids’ Brain Development through singing and dancing has a lot of advantages that might not occur to you immediately. For instance, singing develops and stimulates the positive cells of the brain, while dancing helps develop the coordination centers of the brain. A 3-year-old kid can easily memorize short poems, songs or rhymes. On the other hand, teaching him how to play a musical instrument will increase the development level of vocal, motor, visual and coordinating skills.

8. Reading Together

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Reading has always been used as one of the Brain Training Games even though people might not have been aware of the importance of this activity. It is a natural booster for kids’ memory and develops comprehensive skills as well as their imagination. Reading is nourishment for the mind as food is nourishment to the body. Doing this activity with your child, no matter if you read stories, rhymes, numbers or any other thing, will definitely boost their learning capacity, comprehensive abilities, vocabulary and verbal skills.

7. Indoor Child Brain Training Games

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Painting, drawing, coloring, scribbling or even playing chess indoors can also help your child develop his skills a lot faster while having fun. Even if your child does not have a great drawing talent, only dealing with this sort of activity can boost his thinking mechanism and will help him find solutions to other tasks or challenges in his daily life. Only 10 minutes of such activities will make a huge difference in your Kids’ Brain Development giving surprising results over your child’s learning abilities.

6. Outdoor Games

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These simple activities performed outdoor, such as running, bat-ball, hide and seek or jumping, help children with physical development including motor skills. No matter if they like to jump on a trampoline, shoveling, building sun castles or gardening, if they spend at least 2 hours with nature, they will become more independent and grow up in a much healthier way.

5. Learning New Languages

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Learning languages is one of the most powerful Brain Training Games that benefits your child for the long term. Children who can speak two or more languages, besides their mother tongue, tend to be better at grammar and spelling due to their understanding skills when it comes to patterns and rules of language. Until the age of 6 children are better learners and observers, since they are learning every second from their surrounding environment. The exposure to different languages will develop his learning skills for new thing his entire life due to the fact that both right and left areas of his brain will be activated equally.

4. Board Games


This type of child brain training games develops the ability to plan ahead, teamwork, the concept of rules and the ability to detect patterns. Chess, boggle, snakes, Ludo and ladders are only part of the variety of board games that you can play with your child.

3. Plays and Role Plays

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In the top 3 child brain training games, we find role plays that help them develop imagination until the age of 3. For instance, you can make a thematic birthday party, where your child can choose to be a doctor, a police officer, Superman, a princess or a witch. Let him crash helicopters or planes in order to learn how to handle safety measures in times of crisis. You can also act that you are calling for a rescue team to solve the situation. Doing this regularly you can see an improvement in just a month.

2. Jokes for Children

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Boosting his thinking through funny child brain training games is the most efficient technique to help him relax his brain and boost thinking. Making funny faces, telling jokes or doing something that he likes will be a more pleasant way to spending some quality time together while helping him develop faster and better. For example, use funny words assembling like “Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8(ate) 9.

1. Riddles for Kids

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Kids’ brain development is done easier through riddles. They introduce children to intellectual humor and it is also a great way to increase his vocabulary. Try simple riddles that you can find on the internet, such as: “What has to be broken before you can use it? – An egg!”. These games help them relax, have fun and enjoy learning new words.

In conclusion, the use of games to train the brain of your child is a very efficient and fun way to teach him a lot of new things. This can be very helpful for him and very easy to do for you. Try including at least one of these activities on a daily basis and you will see improvements in a very short period of time. Your child will become more receptive, will wait impatiently for the game time moment and will benefit from this over his entire life.

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