Top 10 Most Bizarre Alien Abductions

During the entire last century, there have been many instances of alien encounters and alien abductions. While most people think of them as man-made alien abductions stories, some agree that they are true and the facts are hidden from the masses to avoid creating fear unless something concrete is known. Here, we are listing the top ten most bizarre stories of real alien abductions.

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10. Communion Author Whitley Strieber

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While many victims abducted by aliens can recall some part of what happened to them, Whitley Strieber could not remember anything after returning from his abduction. He used the services of a hypnotherapist later to recall the incidents later and wrote a book ‘Communion’ about his experiences. He remembers being probed with a needle in his brain as well as anus for some sort of medical research. He was kidnapped from his room while on vacation and had later found himself in the woods.

9. Allagash Waterway Abduction

Pillsbury Island, Eagle Lake, Maine

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Four friends were abducted by aliens together from their fishing trip in 1976 in Maine. They were fishing at night when they saw some strange light in the sky. They made the mistake of signaling with a flashlight which resulted in their abduction. They later found themselves at the shore and could sense the passage of time because the fire they had started earlier was completely extinguished when they were back. They all recalled the same story using hypnosis and passed lie detector tests. They mainly mentioned aliens and an examination room in their story.

8. Betty Andreasson


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On January 25, 1967, Betty Andreasson faced an electrical shutdown and could see a red light in the sky. The family could see five aliens walking towards them through their kitchen window. Betty was taken and stayed with them for four hours while her family stayed back home in a hibernating state. A colorful UFO was seen and clicked in Dysart, Fife which might have been followed by alien abductions in 2016.

7. Barney and Betty Hillalien-abduction-840551122

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This story goes back to a night in 1961 when Barney and Betty Hill were driving in a car when they saw some strange cigar-shaped object in the sky. They used binoculars to find that the object has windows through which some non-human figures were peeping out. They were a married couple driving back from Canada and were in New Hampshire at that point. Two hours later, they found themselves 35 miles away from the position where they had first spotted the UFO. Their clothes were torn and stopped watches were showing the same time. On hypnosis, they also revealed being examined by some gray creatures. Similar cases of couple alien abductions in 2016 happened where a fetus as also stolen from the female abductee.

6. Jesse Long and his Ten Children


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Jesse Long claims to be abducted several times and has gone through sperm extraction procedures in a space ship. He also got an implant at the age of 5 which was removed at age 34 and was found to be a strange object nobody knew about. He was also abducted along with his car once and claims to have ten mixed children in the alien world.

5. Air Force Sergeant Moody

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Another one of real alien abductions took place on August 13, 1975 in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Air Force Sergeant Charles L. Moody was alone observing a meteor shower at night. He saw a disc-shaped UFO in the sky out of which two aliens came out toward him. He tried to get into his car but it refused to start. He started to feel numb and lost consciousness. On coming back to his senses, he saw the UFO leaving and realized that one and a half hour had passed upon reaching home. He felt pain in his lower back the following day and later recalled several instruments being used on him, using hypnosis.

4. Brazilian Farmer’s Sexual Encounter

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In 1957, a Brazilian farmer, Antonio Villas Boas became a victim of another one of the real alien abductions while plowing his fields. About five feet tall aliens took him forcefully to their spaceship where he was placed in a room. Later the room was filled with some gas, he felt sick and soon a naked alien female approached and raped him. He clearly remembers the female and attributes like her blue eyes, red pubic hair and hair etc. On his return, doctors found burns in his pubic area but he had no recollection of when and how he got them.

3. Australian Pilot Disappearance


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Frederich Valentich was an Australian pilot in training from Melbourne in 1978. He had recently received permission to fly at night and saw an unidentified aircraft with a green light on it. He could not determine the type of aircraft and his engines began to fail. His last words were, “it is not an aircraft”, which were followed by some weird metallic and scraping sounds before the connection dropped. No wrecks of his aircraft were found after the incident.

2. Twin Sisters turned Reproductive Slaves

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Two young twin girls, Audrey and Debbie Hewins, were abducted by aliens together routinely since the age of 5. Though they cannot remember each and everything that happened to them, they do mention being taken to a spacecraft. They see ‘Gray Men’ and also claim to be used as reproductive slaves for them to create human-alien hybrids. They say that the aliens took eggs from their bodies and implanted fetuses too. Doctors have confirmed unexplainable scars on their abdomens where the ovaries are situated.

1. Alien Abduction and the Game of Chess

World Chess President Claims He Was Abducted By Space Aliens -- And They Invented

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One of the most interesting alien abductions stories is of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, former president of the Russian republic of Kalmykia who claims to be abducted in 1997. He does not mention any medical procedures but rather says that he had a friendly conversation with them. He made statements like the game of chess coming from space and that aliens may destroy the earth if we do not get good at chess. His statement was taken as a joke by some while others questioned his ability to govern after this incident. Speculations, on whether he gave away political secrets to them, were also made.

Though most of the stories seem to be a work of fiction, there are many alien abductions stories that have passed all possible tests and could not be proved false. There are many mysteries in the universe that have not been solved and do make an interesting read. There have been some alien abductions in 2016 which will be verified and published soon.

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