Top 10 Biggest Pizzas Ever Made

It seems that the whole world loves pizza. Its history can be traced to ancient Egypt or Rome. The modern type of pizza dates back to 18th century. With its modern roots in Italy and rapid development all around the world, especially in the United States where pizza became very popular, it is one of the most recognized foods all around the world. Because of its popularity, it became a part of popular culture and many events are centered around pizza. Competition for the biggest pizzas ever made is therefore very popular. In the following list, you will find the biggest commercially sold pizzas as well as those made to break records only. This is the quest for biggest pizzas ever made.

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10. Casbah, 30 Inches in Diameter

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For more than 10 years, Casbah Pizza of Fort Colins, Colorado, is offering 30-inch pizzas. The specialty of this Colorado restaurant is the so-called “Mobster“. It is a pizza with pepperoni, Italian sausage, meatballs, and bacon. Delicious! Don´t miss it in Fort Collins!

9. Emilio’s, 34 Inches in Diameter

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Next time you will be in Somer’s Point, New Jersey, don´t forget to visit Emilio’s Pizza. They have a wide variety of products to choose from including pizza slice by slice. Emilio´s flagship is their own pizza with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions and olives. For their 34 inch pizza, you will give 22$.

8. Firehouse´s, 36 Inches in Diameter

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With two restaurants, Firehouse should be your pick when looking for good pizza in Utah. They are good not only in their specialty – southern pulled pork pizza. For 36 inch pizza, you must prepare slightly over 50 dollars (topping included).

7. Schiappa’s, 40 Inches in Diameter

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Schiappa’s brand was founded in 1979 and today, you can find two of their restaurants in O’Fallon and Lebanon, Illinois. If you are not interested in their famous tacos, nachos, and seafood pockets they also serve, pizzas with diameters of 19 inches, 29 inches, 36 inches and especially huge, 40-inch diameter pizza!

6. Randy’s Premier, 48 Inches in Diameter

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48-inch pizza served at Randy’s Premier in Oakdale, Minnesota can feed up to 50 people. It costs around 200$. With pizza challenges and other activities, you won´t be bored in Randy´s Premier Pizzeria. Yes, their pizza is really huge and we are slowly approaching the Top 5.

5. Big Mama And Papa’s, 54 Inches in Diameter

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First opened in 1991, Big Mama And Papa’s now has more than 20 restaurants throughout California. In five of their branches, you can order the flagship of this brand – “The Giant Sicilian”, 54-inch pizza (this pizza is of a square shape, so it is not diameter). You will need a lot of friends to defeat this monster!

4. Big Lou’s, 62 Inches in Diameter

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OK, this is the real beast. It is the biggest commercially available pizza in America, maybe in the world. With its 62-inch in diameter, this is not a business for a single family, you will need at least a battalion of very hungry men to destroy this target. At Big Lou’s in San Antonio, Texas, this challenge is waiting for you and your group.

3. Iowa Falls, 129 ft by 98,6 ft

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Let´s move from huge commercial pizzas to real biggest pizzas ever made. In Iowa Falls, a man named Bill Bahr, assistant manager at Pizza Ranch branch and dozens of his helpers baked the largest rectangular pizza (129 ft x 98,6 ft). Small, 5,000 people city witnessed his successful attempt in 2005.

2. Norwood, 122 ft in Diameter

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This epic pizza was baked back in 1990 at the parking lot of the hypermarket in Norwood in South Africa. 122 feet and 8 inches in diameter, 26,883 pounds, the pizza had 9,920 pounds of flour, 3,960 pounds of cheese, 1 763 pounds of mushrooms, 1,984 pounds of tomato puree, and 1,984 pounds of chopped tomatoes on it. For a long time, it was the largest pizza ever made. But it´s not anymore…

1. Ottavia, 131 ft in Diameter

Biggest Pizzas

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And the title of largest pizza ever made goes to… the pizza nicknamed Ottavia which was baked in 2012. It had 131 ft in diameter and had a total surface area of 13,580.28 ft². The pizza was 100% gluten-free to help to spread the message of health benefits of the gluten-free diet. This notable event. Took place in West Lafayette, Indiana.

It was the list of biggest pizzas ever made. Did we inspire you to left for the nearest pizzeria or at least call for a pizza-go-home? If so, have a good meal! But maybe you are not a pizza-lover and you prefer another type of cuisine. What about the Top 10 Recipes Using Leftover Chicken?

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