Top 10 Biggest Misconceptions People have about themselves and others

We have heard about a number of misconceptions people have about various topics like politics, astronomy, medical health, ethnic groups, food, science, you name it. Today, let us close in a little and highlight the list of common misconceptions the people of the world have about themselves. You may be surprised you fall in some of these categories even if you had no idea you did. Read on and discover the top 10 biggest misconceptions about you.



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10. There’s a special someone for everyone

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We know we have busted your bubble here because you like to rest in the assuring fact that the world of romance is like a big puzzle-there is a specific mate for everybody. This is one of the misconceptions people have about themselves because the truth is that you can find love with quite a number of people. What makes the difference is the decision to settle down and belong to each other then allow the happy ending to follow. This means that a special someone is not necessarily a result of magic or some kind of supernatural power but rather, a decision by two people who enjoy being around each other and share common interests.

9. Rich people are happier


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Many people like to imagine that once you accumulate wealth, your problems fly out of the window. As much as you like to think you are past this idea in the category of the list of common misconceptions, you know you imagine it once in a while. You should realize however that some of the most important things in life comes for free. Do we really need to spell them out? Okay, here we go, cuddles, beautiful friends, mother’s love, watching the sunset, laughing at silly jokes, good health. Enough said.

8. The prettier you are, the easier your life is

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This is yet another one of the biggest misconceptions about you that needs to be de-mystified with immediate effect. The media is entirely to blame on this one. It portrays the pretty people as targets of the best things in life. The truth of the matter is that pretty or not, you can enjoy a great life. Having an easier life is more than a pretty face and great looks; it has to do with what is inside you.

7. Grades are a measure of one’s intelligence

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The society pegs intelligence on school grades which is why every job opportunity or college or tender you apply for requires your transcripts to ascertain your IQ. This is one in the list of common misconceptions that has unfortunately boiled down to individuals where many people now believe they are dumb if their scores are below average. You have to change this perception because it is simply not true.

6. If you are fat, it means you eat a lot

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Albeit, bad diet methods contribute to weight gain, not all fat people necessarily have bad eating habits. We know quite a number of people who eat like elephants but never gain weight. It has to do with genetic hormones as well as metabolism rates obviously in addition to overeating. Like many other misconceptions people have about themselves, great sorrow has been derived from this bad idea. We believe this will change someone’s view from today.

5. You need to be on top of your game always


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Have you met people who are so afraid of failing that they have no time to loosen up in life? Well, this is apparently among the biggest misconceptions about oneself which is detrimental to the emotional wealth. You don’t always have to write down your dreams, goals, aspirations, mistakes, keep second guessing yourself to ensure you are ever right, etc. Find time to play a little and worry about absolutely nothing. That is where true joy lies actually.

4. Love is a myth and not a reality


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Some people have sadly given up on love and therefore find it easy to imagine that the idea of true love is non-existent. This has got to be the craziest of all misconceptions people have about themselves because love is all around us. It is a great feeling that can awaken feelings you had no idea existed within you. The only catch is, you must find it with the right person who is willing to give you his/her love without hurting you.

3. Love at first sight is a thing


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For a number of years, we have been led to believe one idea in the list of common misconceptions that you can fall in love the first time you lay eyes on someone. A recent research conducted at Hamilton University in the US concluded that couples need at least four meetings to fall in love with each other. Again, we know we have busted your bubble here by telling you to term this as among the biggest misconceptions about you.

2. When you meet the right person, everything becomes easy


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It is easy to imagine that some of the great relationships have little or no challenges. We tend to believe that couples in such relationships do not fight or quarrel as often as others do because they found true love. Friends, throw this in the bucket list of misconceptions people have about themselves because as it turns out, a great relationship is a hard work. It is the ability to forgive, compromise, treat each other with respect, love each other unconditionally. If you are not ready to do these things, you might as well forget about true love that overcomes the test of time.

1. Karma is at play in the world

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The silly notion that things happen to people according to their past experiences is the greatest in this list of biggest misconceptions about you. While it may be true that your actions have consequences, you should realize you direct your own life. If you decide to be successful and make things right despite your dark past, you will obviously succeed at this.

So there you have it; the list of common misconceptions people have about themselves. We hope people will come back to the point where they believe nothing but the truth. This can only happen if you share this article in your social media circles. So please find time to do that. Thanks for the read. We have other interesting reads on this website; check those out whenever you can.

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