Top 10 Biggest Discoveries On Mars About Space

The discovery of the outer space remains to be one of the greatest achievements of the round headed creature also known as “man”. Biggest discoveries on mars speculate on the possibilities of life on other planets. As much as these speculations are not yet fully confirmed, people from all over the world wait in hope for the good news of a possible migration. We listed down the biggest science breakthroughs about Space.

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10. Discovery Of A New Planet

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Biggest discoveries on mars shook the earth immensely. As if that was not enough, recent discoveries on space revealed something more interesting. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) responsible for most of the scientific findings in Space recently discovered a planet called Kepler-452b. This planet is almost equivalent to the earth in size – earth is only 60% bigger in diameter. Scientists have high hopes that this smallest existing planet could be the next habitable planet after Earth.

9. First Comet Landing

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You may take it for granted but one of the greatest milestones in discovery science is the historical moment the Rosetta mission managed to land on a comet in the year 2014. It paved way for the recent discoveries on space. With the objective of gaining more information of how the universe was formed, these big brains are performing tests on what materials constitute this part of the comet. Fingers crossed! We hope something comes out of this.

8. Saturn’s Magic Island

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Saturn which happens to be the largest planet in the galaxy has the largest moon as well referred to as “Titan”. Titan is one of the beautiful wonders of the solar system. It is more or less like Earth with the existence of an atmosphere, geological activities and liquid bodies. New discoveries on space done by the Cassini spacecraft indicate the presence of an Island that keeps appearing and disappearing out of Ligeria Mare Sea.

7. Growth Of Lettuce In Space

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New discoveries on space reveal some wonderful news. Astronauts on board the International Space Station caught a break when the Veggie experiment they had been carrying out bore good fruit. Actually, a vegetable not fruit; but you get the point. The red romaine lettuce they had been trying to grow in space germinated and matured into edible vegetable which they went ahead and cooked with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and consumed them. Apart from the biggest discoveries on mars, this could be another great step towards a great future for humanity.

6. Dwarf Planet

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You have always known there are nine planets in the solar system right? We knew this too! Sigh.

Turns out, new discoveries on space have led to the unearthing of another planet named Eris making the total number to rise to 10. More recent discoveries on space made the situation even more interesting and unpredictable. Both Pluto and Eris were classified in the category of “dwarf planets” making the total number of “true planets” drop to eight.

5. More Bling

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Most giants in the solar system including Saturn are encircled by great-looking rings which are basically wisps of debris. Recent discoveries on space showed that a smaller body by the name Chariklo, a 250km asteroid has a ring system as well. The set of two cosmic rings is full of frozen water that hugs the planet making it appear absurdly beautiful.

4. Age Of The Galaxy


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It is important to realize that before the universe was formed, the galaxies took more than a billion years to cool down from the big bang explosion. A great deal of time passed before even the biggest discoveries on mars were explored. More years went by before the individual components of the solar system came into being. A recent survey using a Subaru telescope conducted in Japan revealed the presence of seven of the original galaxies. These tiny and faint pinpricks prove that before everything became organized, millions of years had passed.

3. Existence Of Black Hole

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The black hole idea has been a myth for a number of centuries now. However, when the Hubble telescope (an extremely strong device for taking clear pictures) was launched into space in 1990, the myth was confirmed to be a fact. The telescope cannot see the black hole but show evidence of it by how some parts of the picture has matter pulled from around it. New discoveries on space speculate that black holes simply start and die from the inside because they fail to sustain their own weight once the gravitational pull overwhelms them.

2. Mars Exploration

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When NASA took on their first successful mission to Mars in 1976, no one had the idea that it would give lots of positive results. The findings caught everyone’s attention. The planet is beautiful with amazing colors. Soil samples were brought back for more analysis. Biggest discoveries on mars show the presence of liquid water found on its surface. Could life really exist in Mars?

1. Ice On Pluto

biggest discoveries on mars

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Like mentioned before, Pluto has been named as a dwarf planet with no potential of achieving much. Recent discoveries on space by the New Horizons Pluto flyby, however, suggest some activity on the surface of the planet. Pluto’s surface was found to contain some unidentified organic material as well as some fresh nitrogen-ice sheets. This information is slowly changing the way scientists view Pluto.

The geek in us cannot wait to hear more about new discoveries on space. If past experience is anything to go by, more intriguing and interesting discoveries are on the way. Like always, our website is where fresh information is discovered so stay close for more of that.

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