Top 10 Best-Sellers that Might Put You to Sleep

Sometimes we, like little ones, need a little help falling asleep. One of the techniques to do this is to read best book sellers before bed, the kind that encourages sleep in a short period of time. The good news is that these best sellers that put you to sleep are available in most local and online stores. Read through as we select ten of the best book sellers for sleep both for you and your baby.

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10. Good Night Thomas (Thomas & Friends) by Rev. W. Awdry

Good Night, Thomas (Thomas & Friends)

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Good Night Thomas, as the name suggests is a great tool for our children. It has all the conditions required for kids to drift away including glowing in the dark and tales that provide a conducive environment for slumber. This top-selling book puts kids to sleep in a matter of minutes and is perfect for little boys aged 2 – 5. Amazon sells it for $5.41.

9. Life on Mars by Tracy K Smith

Life on Mars: Poems

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This is one of the amazing best sellers that put you to sleep easily thanks to its beautiful images and poetry. Tracy just knows how to play with words in this book. For some of you, all you will need to do each night is read one or two poems and drift into the world unknown until the cock crows. Try this read and discover the beauty you have been missing all along. Amazon sells it for $48.83

8. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of the Wind: The Kingkiller Chronicle: Book 1

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Contrary to common belief, sleep sometimes comes when we read best book sellers with medieval fantasy genre. This is one of the examples of best sellers that put you to sleep despite the long narratives of dragon slaying and clashing words. The adventure is awesome and calming for your nerves since the story is beautifully drafted; you almost feel as though you are part of that world. Amazon sells the paperback for $9.24

7. Duck in the Fridge by Jeff Mack

Duck in the Fridge (A Duck in the Fridge Book)

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Jeff Mack’s top-selling book puts kids to sleep in a beautiful manner. The story is simple but quite interesting. It begins with a certain boy who finds a duck in his fridge. Before long, more ducks appear on the fridge with one single purpose; to have fun. This boy fetches some dogs to scare them away but instead, more animals show up and the party begins. Will this boy ever manage to find some rest amidst all this? As you read this bedtime story to your kid, you might also fall asleep, beware. Amazon sells the hardcover for $5.99.

6. Bedtime for Peppa by Scholastic


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This is yet another example of best book sellers guaranteed to put baby to sleep. It is a bedtime story about Peppa and George, two little piggies who refuse to go to bed in spite of the fact that their bedtime is already past. Like all days, these two take a bath, brush their teeth and get ready to fall asleep but not before listening to a bedtime story based on Nick Jr show. This Scholastic’s top-selling book puts kids to sleep with little effort. Amazon sells the paperback for $3.37.

5. Persuasion by Jane Austen


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If you enjoy reading romantic literature, then Persuasion is your number one choice. It is one of the best sellers that put you to sleep through its fantasies and slow-burning romance. Unlike The Name of the Wind, this one is a quiet novel with a great story perfect for sweet dreams. Amazon sells paperback for $7.99.

4. The History of Love by Nicole Krauss

The History of Love (Penguin Essentials)

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Emotional people should find time to read The History of Love because it has one of the best stories ever told. Love isn’t the only feeling captured here; loneliness, family, loss and reconnecting are also included. As expected, the story will make you sad then happy then confused and then just drift you away beautifully. This is without any shadow of doubt among the best book sellers for bedtime. Amazon sells the paperback for $12.87.

3. If Animals Kissed Goodnight by Ann Whitfold Paul

If Animals Kissed Good Night

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This book fulfils kids’ curiosity about how animals kiss goodnight. The story features a young girl who is having a bedtime chat with her mom. She wonders if wolves kiss then howl or if bears kiss their cubs’ then growl afterwards. Ann Paul’s top-selling book puts kids to sleep through its amazing art and playful rhyming verses. Amazon sells the paperback from $ 18.44.

2. Two Cities by John Edgar Whiteman

A Tale of Two Cities

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Rest and relaxation don’t go hand in hand with stress. John shows you in this example of best sellers that put you to sleep that sleep devoid of stress can be achieved by reading before bed. This novel highlights the daily life of an urban community complete with its struggles, redemption, love, peace and compassion. Amazon sells the paperback for $15.95.

1. The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield Martin

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

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From clever and creative to bold, Emily’s top-selling book puts kids to sleep like none other. The story captures all things lovely that caring parents do to their children. It is filled with humor and great illustrations perfect for children of all ages. The message contained in this great book lasts for generations, which is why it is a great gift for baby showers, graduations and birthdays. Amazon sells the hardcover for $10.79.

We hope you have enjoyed reading through our best sellers for your sleep requirements. The secret here is not that they are boring but rather calm and dreamy in a good way. Try reading some of them before bed and discover this amazing experience. Otherwise, we appreciate your time here and look forward to you reading some of our interesting reads on this website.

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