Top 10 Best Innovations in Technology

Technology has become a huge part of human life that sometimes we wonder how life was during the primitive era. Our ancestors missed out on a great opportunity to make their lives easy, fun, entertaining and convenient. Granted, life without technology inventions had pros of its own and we, the present generation, can never testify of it. Since today we are all about appreciating innovations in technology, we will not dwell on the ancient life but rather, the present one. What are the ten best innovations in technology? Here is the list.

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10. Digital Cameras

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words and among the technology innovations that enable this to happen is the digital camera. Apart from its ability to capture sentimental and precious moments in life, the digital camera records historical events to be used for different purposes. It also finds use in dealing with criminal activities as it offers solid proof of a certain criminal offence.

9. Remote Controls

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You may not realize their importance but remote controls have become one of the best innovations in technology. Albeit they are not important for human survival, life is quite easy with them. Now you can achieve certain functions such as opening doors, operating toys, switching TV channels at the comfort on your seat, controlling the vacuum cleaner just to mention a few.

8. Digital Music

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Music has come a long way from the time it could not be recorded to the era of cassettes and now we can enjoy digital music in our phones, computers, iPads etc. This is one of the technological innovations that can allow us to share music with ease and have better sound ability.

7. Global Positioning System (GPS)

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Thanks to the U.S. Military, we now have one of the best innovations in technology by the title of GPS. Once you have the app on your smartphone, you can navigate your way around the whole world by just clicking on your phone. Study shows that half of Americans carrying smartphones have the GPS application with a good percentage of them putting it to regular use.

6. The Telescope

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Hans Lippershey, the man behind the creation of the concave eyepiece and the convex lens that paved way for the telescope will forever hold a special place in our hearts. This is among the best innovations in technology that gave us an opportunity to understand the solar system better. Without the telescope, we would probably be clueless about our universe.

5. Elevators

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The Burj Khalifa is famous because it is the tallest and creatively designed building in the world. The building would not have found its way to earth had it not been for elevators. Building skyscrapers would be a mere dream because there would be no way to reach the top floors. These technological innovations made a way where there seemed to be no way and people can move from floor to floor of buildings as tall as 100 floors with relative ease and speed.

4. Cell Phones

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Communication gadgets as a whole revolutionized human relationships but nothing has ever come close to the discovery of cellular phones. It is one of the best innovations in technology that just changed life for the better. The pen and paper method used by ancient people was just too cumbersome to even imagine.

3. Robotics

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Robots are among the greatest innovations in technology that have also shaken the world in a mighty way. There a number of functions humans couldn’t do on their own and robots came in and saved the day. They find use in industries, information technology, movies, at home and many other places. There are reports of some people actually using these technological innovations to wait on customers in restaurants. The robotics future looks very bright; these machines may soon replace human capital completely.

2. The Computer

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Nowadays computers are not as appreciated as they were a little while ago probably because other innovations in technology have to overtaken them. The truth however is that the personal computer is among the best technology innovations ever. We can now print, get on the internet, communicate, store data and process data fast among other functions.

1. The Internet

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The internet is hands down the best innovations in technology since time began. If it wasn’t for the internet, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now. It is the single most efficient tool for passing information, buying and selling goods and services, meeting people from other parts of the world, communicating, socializing, job applications, and many more.

What are some of the greatest innovations in technology you think should have been in the list but are not? We would love to hear your comments on the comments section below. Thank you for reading this article and finding time to share it within your circles. We have other interesting reads on this website so you can catch up with those as well.

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