Top 10 Best Food for Weight Loss and Diet

Nobody will ever count how much paper was covered with descriptions for “guaranteed” diets and other ways how to lose weight and look beautiful. The truth is that there is no miraculous recipe for it, rather than that the quest for a perfect body is always connected with some level of asceticism and hard effort. If you want to lose weight, your diet is of primary importance. You can´t bypass it. You must adjust it, like it or not. As stated above, there is no miraculous food that will make your body perfect overnight but it will help you with achieving your goals. Here is the list of Top 10 best food for weight loss and diet. It is hard to say that it is the best food for weight loss diet as every diet should be based on the individual. But in general, you will not step aside with this food.

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10. Eggs

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You are probably a little bit suspicious now as eggs were not considered to be super-healthy especially because of fears of cholesterol. But sometimes, things are not as they seem… New scientific studies show that eggs neither affect the blood pressure negatively nor do they increase the chance for a heart attack. But not only that eggs do not have negative characteristics, it´s actually better. Eggs are rich in protein and healthy fats and are very nutrient dense with quite a low amount of calories. So, are eggs best food for weight loss diet? They definitely belong to that group.

9. Salmon

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We all probably know that seafood is healthy in general. And salmon is no exception. High-quality proteins, healthy fats, all important nutrients, high amount of iodine (which is very important for the proper function of thyroid). Salmon is definitely a right choice for your today´s dinner!

8. Potatoes

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Potatoes? Really? Yes! Maybe it sounds a little bit surprising but the truth is that potatoes are both healthy and proper for weight loss diet. Not only that potatoes saved Europe several times from famine, potatoes can also save your body shape. Potatoes are rich in potassium which is important for blood pressure control. Potatoes also have the highest “satiety index” of all food. It means that you will feel full after eating the smallest amount of them compared to another food.

7. Beans and Other Legumes

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Legumes like beans, lentils or kidney beans are high in protein and also in fiber. These are the two main components which will ensure your feeling of fullness. They have very good characteristics for your weight loss diet food. The problem can be the preparation of legumes as some people do not tolerate them in most forms.

6. Cottage Cheese

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I think that it won´t be hard to convince you that cottage cheese is one of the best food for weight loss diet. High in protein, low in calories with high satiety. What more do we need? Cottage cheese is really suitable for a light dinner or for a small snack.

5. Nuts

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Maybe you will try to argue that nuts are high in fat and you will be right. But the point is that nuts contain healthy fats in combination with protein and fiber. It was proved by clinical studies that nuts can improve your metabolic health and subsequently cause the desired weight loss. Of course, you should be careful with nuts and not to eat too much of them because of the high amount of calories.

4. Fruit

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Another typical item on our list of best food for weight loss. Fruits have quite low energy density and are, therefore, suitable for a snack or a light dinner. The negative thing about fruits is a high amount of sugar. Fortunately, the fiber prevents too much sugar to be released into the blood. Also, people with fructose intolerance should avoid fruits in their diet.

3. Chia Seeds

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Let´s be honest – chia seeds are among the best food for weight loss diet. With 12 grams of carbohydrate in each ounce, but out of those 11 grams is fiber, chia seeds is maybe the best source of fiber and one of the most nutritious foods. If you have decided to start your weight loss campaign, consider chia seeds for inclusion into your diet.

2. Leafy Greens

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Kale, spinach, collards, swiss chards… these vegetables are full of fiber while low in calories and carbohydrates. They are also full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Leafy greens are also great for optical increasing the volume of your dishes. It sounds like a very cheap trick, but it works!

1. Full-Fat Yogurt

Best Food for Weight Loss

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Yes, full-fat yogurt is really one of the best food for weight loss diet. Big amount of probiotic bacteria in the yogurt will help your gut to work properly. And healthy gut is necessary pre-condition for a successful fight against obesity. If you are asking if a low-fat yogurt is good for you, our answer is that low-fat yogurts contain a huge amount of sugar…

Did we give you some inspiration for your today´s dinner? It would be suitable to stop looking for some absolute list of the best food for weight loss. Rather than that, be sure to follow some general guidelines. This list can be your guide in it.

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