Top 10 Best Ecotourism Itineraries in the World

Eco-tourism is the new the ‘in-thing’. More and more people are looking to travel ‘green’ these days. In 2015 alone, over 53% of American tourists were booked for green travel. Ecotourism Itineraries are therefore one of the highest selling, fun-filled and rewarding tourism experience as of date. Most of the world ecotourism itineraries are located in regions of little man-made influences and they are based on natural surroundings. We have, in traditional style, compiled a list of 10 exclusive, tried and tested Ecotourism Itineraries that are guaranteed to be worth your while and money. If you are, therefore, looking to book an eco-tour itinerary today, you might want to consider the destinations in our list below.

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10. Costa Rica

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This is perhaps one of the most traveled destinations on our list. It is regarded as one of the leading players in world ecotourism itinerates as of date. This is because the country’s tourism focuses on green sustainability. Costa Rica tourism features an abundance of wildlife, mountains and forest vegetation. Also, tours to Costa Rica are often more affordable and of greater experience than most city tours, making it a top eco-tourism destination.

9. Greenland

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Away from the tropics and into the temperate region? Greenland is an eco tour itinerary that is guaranteed to give you a memorable experience. In recent years, discussions have been going on about Greenland and the fact that it is gradually losing its frozen landscape to melting. In response, the nation’s government has focused on sustainable development of the tourism industry. Tourism in Greenland is all about dog-sledding, hiking along glaciers and whale-watching making it one of the top destinations for green travel.

8. Botswana

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South African nations have always been a popular tourist destination but few offer the quality of green travel you can get in Botswana. While many people consider Kenya to be the top African tourist destination, Botswana is not to be overlooked. The country offers wonders and interesting sights that are simply breath-taking. Botswana is home to a large portion of the Kalahari Desert and one of the 7 natural wonders of the world – Okavango Delta. The game reserves are almost as good if not on par with that of Kenya and this makes the country a top green travel destination.

7. Australia

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This is one region that offers multiple Ecotourism Itineraries. The entire country seems to be made of one eco tour itinerary after the other. The Australian experience offers natural landscapes, parks and reserves, ski resorts and so on. Some of the top eco-tour destinations in Australia include Kakadu National Park, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Gondwana Rainforests, Willandra Lakes Region, Fraser Island, The Great Barrier Reef and many others.

6. Kerala, India

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While there are many places to visit in India, we recommend you consider Kerala as a first for Indian Ecotourism Itineraries. The Indian government has invested a great deal toward make the region attain sustainability and it is now regarded as the backbone of local tourism in India. Karela is famous for giving tourists an experience of the Indian tradition and way of life. Karela also boasts of one of the largest eco-friendly “earth” hotels- Banasura Resort- among world ecotourism itineraries.

5. Himalayas, Nepal

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Home to Mount Everest and some of the highest peaks in the world, the Himalayas have been one of the top tourist destinations for many decades. As an eco tour itinerary, Himalayas provide green travelers with top access to the highest mountain peaks, alpine forests, camping treks, the Mount Everest’s basecamp hike and the hike to Annapurna.

4. Borneo, Malaysia

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For green travelers that want something more rugged and adventurous, Borneo provides the perfect option. The Borneo tour features unspoiled jungle travel (with experienced tour guides), Mount Kinabalu which is very accessible and doesn’t even require special climbing gear or skills and a view of exotic wildlife native and exclusive to the region.

3. Sri Lanka

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As one of the top most world ecotourism itineraries, Sri Lanka boasts of multiple ecotourism itineraries that alone can fill your vacation schedule for years. With tourist options like extensive wildlife reserves, exotic beaches, tourist villages and breathtaking landscape, Sri Lanka ensures that you keep visiting for years.

2. Tofino, Canada

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Whoever said North American tourism cannot be green has probably never been on the Tofino eco tour itinerary. This destination is counted as one of the top world ecotourism itineraries and it offers tourist features like surfing, local fishing experience, whale watching, beaches, hot springs and backcountry hiking.

1. Amazon Rain Forest

Ecotourism Itineraries

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Amazon is the world’s largest tropical rain forest and it provides (thanks to intervention by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) ) one of the best places to go for ecotourism. The entire area is committed to eco-tourism in that it is now imbibed in local culture to give the tourists tours that show them the beauty and richness of the Amazon area and culture.

That wraps up our list, so for those looking to travel green, just choose any one from our list of top world ecotourism itineraries and you will be glad you did.

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