Top 10 Best Cold Dishes

You have friends coming over this evening and you don’t have time for cooking your specialty? Maybe, it’s time to try something new and easy to prepare. You can find a lot of cold dish recipes on the internet, easy to prepare, fast and tasty to surprise your friends. It’s only human that after a long day of work you don’t have time or energy to cook for 10 people but you still want your friends to have something to eat since they also come from work and they are probably starving. Preparing amazing cold food recipes will save you energy and time and will give you the possibility to meet more tastes at once. These top 10 best cold dishes will help you decide what to choose and give you some quick ideas on how to use ingredients that you already have in your kitchen.

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10. Tabbouleh Salad

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This salad is amongst the classic best cold dishes recipes that can be prepared on a hot day of summer. When outside, it is very hot, you can’t even look at the stove, let alone use it to cook and make a sauna out of your kitchen. The main ingredients of this salad are vegetables: tomatoes and cucumbers, next you need to add some parsley and the bulgur. Done, now it is ready to serve to your guests.

9. Watermelon and Feta Salad

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If you are looking for out of the ordinary and amazing cold food recipes then feta and watermelon salad is what you want? Sweet and crisp watermelon and feta cheese is a surprising combination for your tastes. You can add olives and fresh basil and serve it cold in a sec. If some of your friends are looking for a light dinner and a fresh dish then this salad will definitely be the perfect choice.

8. Cantaloupe Salad

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Another one of the best cold dishes is the cantaloupe salad with olives, figs and basil. This is a simple recipe that offers a sweet and salty taste due to the figs and cantaloupe, while olives and fresh basil add savory to the dish. Sometimes, breaking the rules might lead you to pleasant discoveries in life and cooking makes no exception. You would be surprised by the incredible results of mixing extremely different ingredients that you might not consider fit together.

7. Blueberry Basil Soup

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These summers, amazing cold food recipes will inspire you to find a way to eat healthier food and even add some products that have a lot of benefits to your diet. Maybe you don’t like to eat blueberries in their natural form, but you know you should include them in your meals as they provide you energy, vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body. Try mixing them with a fragrance of basil and make a cold blueberry soup. Isn’t it much interesting now to eat them?

6. Greek Pasta Salad

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Greek cuisine is known for their best cold dishes in the world because they are healthy, light and easy to make. It was only natural that this Greek pasta salad is on the 5th place in our top cold recipes. It is a refined recipe of a classic salad by adding lemon vinaigrette, olives, sweet bell peppers, red onion, perfectly ripe tomatoes and cucumbers. Done, the dish is served, have a nice dinner. This can even go as a main course for a busy day at work and a short lunch break.

4. Feta and Chickpea Salad

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Chickpea salads are amongst the best cold dishes recipes due to the fast preparation process. You only need to boil green beans for about 3 minutes in boiling salty water until they become a bit crispy and then put them into ice water. The next step is to boil water again adding barley and let it drain while cooking for 5 minutes the sunflower seeds. At the end only toss chickpeas, dill, feta, sunflower seeds, green beans and lemon juice in a large bowl and add some vinaigrette. Ready!

3. Creamy Caesar Gazpacho


In top 3 best cold dish recipes we find creamy Caesar gazpacho, an Italian dish. For this recipe, you will need vegetables chopped by hand, fresh-flavored tomato juice, peppers and of course the creamy Caesar sauce. This is a different gazpacho recipe, but the chilled soup with Caesar sauce is definitely something to try out at least once.

2. Quinoa Salad

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The best thing about cold dishes recipes that contain quinoa is the delicious taste. In addition, the dish will deliver you a substantial amount of nutrients and vitamins. Quinoa can be cooked like rice or even like pasta, in a pot of water. It is a versatile and healthy ingredient making any salad delicious. For example, this kale salad will be fade without quinoa. Adding feta and cranberries makes it even tastier.

1. Bruschetta

Best Cold Dishes

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Obviously, the best cold dishes are bruschettas. They are tasty, various and nourishing. There are lots amazing cold food recipes, but bruschettas don’t have specific ones as you can use any ingredients that cross your mind, from garlic and tomatoes to salmon and feta. You can choose to make them sweet or salty, with meat or just vegetables in order to satisfy every guest you have at dinner,

To sum up, having friends over will no longer be a problem when it comes to cooking, some best cold dishes recipes can save the evening and make it a blast. Your friends will appreciate the variety of the food and the light and healthy ingredients will definitely be a plus. So, choose fast 2 or 3 recipes or as many as you like, put them on the table and enjoy talking to your guest and drinking a glass of wine.

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