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Although the term „classical music“ is well known to all of us, our understanding of that term is rather emotional. The situation will be a little bit more difficult when we will be looking for the exact definition. Sometimes, it is defined on the basis of timeframe and connected with the so-called „classical period“ ranging from 1750 to 1820 (the period bordered by the productive age of Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven). In other cases, it is described as an art music referring to the traditional principles of both secular and liturgical Western music. However, it´s not the purpose of this text to decide what definition of the classical music is the best. Rather than that, we will introduce ten exceptional pieces of music. All of them are considered to fit into the right category and definitely belong to the golden cultural heritage of human race.

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10. Johannes Brahms – Hungarian Dance No. 5

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Inspired by the Hungarian music, Brahm´s series of 21 compositions of one to five-minute length were completed in 1869 and became one of the author´s most popular pieces and sealed its place among famous classical songs.

9. Frédéric Chopin – Nocturne No. 2

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The series of twenty-one Chopin´s compositions usually called „Nocturnes“ was written by the author in the period from 1827 to 1846. Nocturnes are meant to be played by a solo piano and are considered to be the finest example of this type of composition. Within the series, Nocturne No. 2 is usually cited among the best classical songs ever.

8. Bedřich Smetana – My Fatherland, Vltava

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The Vltava is the most famous of the six poems comprising the set named My Fatherland by the Czech composer Bedřich Smetana who wrote his masterpiece between 1874 and 1879. Besides it has its place among the most famous pieces of the classical music, it is also perceived as an expression of the Czech national spirit in the country.

7. Gustav Mahler – Symphony No. 5

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Gustav Mahler composed his best symphony in 1901 and 1902 while he was staying at the Cottage in the Austrian village of Maiernigg. Symphony No. 5 is over one-hour long and it is a very emotional piece of classical music. The best distinguishable part is the trumpet solo at the beginning of the composition.

6. Johann Sebastian Bach – Brandenburg Concerto No. 3

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Johann Sebastian Bach was a German composer whose work marks the start of the „golden era“ of the classical music. Bach´s „The Brandenburg Concertos“ are widely recognized as the best composition for the orchestra in the Baroque era. Full name of concerto No. 3 is „Concerto 3zo tre Viole, a tre Violini, è tre Violoncelli col Basso per il Cembalo

5. Johann Strauss I – Radetzky March

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When „Radetzky March“ was first officially performed in 1848 in Vienna, it quickly became popular among Austrian soldiers as it was inspired by the Field Marshal Radetzky and his victory at the Battle of Custoza. It is still considered as an indispensable item in many famous classical songs charts.

4. Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons

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Antonio Vivaldi was an Italian composer of the Baroque era. His most famous work comprises of the four violin concerts, each of it dedicated to another season of the year. As usual for the best classical songs, it inspired many artists throughout the history including the Celtic Woman, Vanessa Mae or The Piano Guys.

3. Antonín Dvořák – Symphony No. 9 In E Minor, Op. 95

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The Czech composer Antonín Dvořák took his inspiration for his most famous composition during the visit to the United States in 1893, that´s why the composition is usually called „From the New World“. The record of this gem within the famous classical songs was taken by Neil Armstrong to the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

2. Ludwig van Beethoven – Symphony No. 5 In C Minor, Op. 67, “Fate”

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You can bet that there is no list of the Best Classical Songs in which Beethoven’s No. 5 is missing. This tune is known to almost everybody even if he or she doesn´t have a clue that it was composed by Ludwig van Beethoven. The opening phrase is the same as Morse code expression of the letter „V“.

1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Serenade No. 13 In G Major, K. 525, “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”

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The name of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the synonym for the musical genius and many others of Mozart´s famous classical songs would deserve to be included in this list. Mozart composed his Serenade No. 13 in Vienna in 1787 but we know neither the date of the premiere nor the reason why it was written.

So, it was our list of the best pieces of the classical music. Let us know what are your thoughts. Of course, there are a lot of other names which deserve to be there as well – Carl Orff, George Frideric Handel, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Giuseppe Verdi, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Johann Strauss II, Claude Debussy, Richard Wagner and many, many others. But what about now, are you in the mood for another musical Top 10? If so, why not to try our Top 10 Springsteen`s Music Performances to change the genres a bit?

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